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Looking for Property Management in Pune for your Rental Home?

From Finding Tenants in Pune to House Maintenance, we take care of everything and promise you guaranteed monthly rent

From Rental Agreement in Pune to Rental Guarantee, we make renting your home a breeze.

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Property Management Service in Pune

When NoBroker handles everything for you, it becomes easy to forget you have an apartment in India. Except, when the rent gets credited.

Free Tenant Search

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Total Properties Onboarded: 5000+

Total Rent Processed: Rs 80Cr +

Total Clients Handled : 9000+

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Our executive will share a detailed inspection report of your property. Rest assured we will take care of your property on your behalf.

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We provide you the best services Other Property Management Services in Pune
Rent Collection
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Free Home Inpsection every time before tenant move in or move out, to ensure smooth deposit settlement


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Getting the right selection of tenants or buyers might be the most important decision you make. Really happy with the service

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Property management in Pune

Ravi and his wife Swati were living the dream, they had just bought a house in Pune, after leaving the chaos of Mumbai behind. They loved Mumbai, they had their family there, but they decided Pune was going to be their new home. With a child on the way, they wanted a house with space, one that would be within their budget. They bought a beautiful 2BHK in Pune, in the heart of Hinjewadi. 5 years go by peacefully when all of a sudden Ravi gets an offer from his company, to move to the US for a project. This 2-year project is stressful for them, Swati decides to stay back to take care of the house and their child. Ravi is lonely in the US and Swati is struggling to manage things on her own. 6 months into the project they decide to move the whole family to the US and lock up the house. The 2-year project is a success, the company asks Ravi to stay back, give him an offer he can’t refuse. He shares the good news with Swati. The opportunity to move permanently to the US is something that Swati and Ravi never thought of. Is this their new life/home? What about India? What about their families and house? They are both on the fence, but they think of their daughter and realise that she has settled well, has friends and amazing opportunities in the US. They decide to stay back after much thought and consideration. What happens to the house in India? Remember, they moved from Mumbai to Pune. They have no close relative in Pune, nor do they have close friends who they can impose on to check the house. Ravi wants to sell it, Swati refuses. It was their first purchase together as a couple, it holds great sentimental value and, she wishes to go back ‘home’ someday. They decide to keep it. They manage to make trips to India at least every year to see their family and the house. As time progresses, the visits are fewer, and the house is getting in bad condition. Pipes are rusting, paint is chipping, dust and grime, make the house look almost unlivable. Is there a solution? During their visits to India, between meeting friends and family in Mumbai and then travelling to Pune, they just have a few days they can spend in their home. This is not enough time to fix all the damage that has taken place, not even enough time to give the house a coat of paint. They can’t leave the keys with the neighbours as they are busy and not very helpful. Just when they thought all hope was lost, Swati’s friend tells them about property management services in Pune.

What is property management?

Property management companies in Pune, and elsewhere, deal with maintaining and managing residential, commercial, and industrial real estate. This means they take care of your property, just like you would, in your absence. Property management helps to maintain or even increase the value of your property by maintaining it and getting repairs/cleaning etc. done regularly.

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