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Where to keep gas cylinder in kitchen?



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Although keeping a gas cylinder in the kitchen is not recommended, if you are in a space constraint then you might think about where to keep gas cylinder in kitchen. I would be able to answer this one for you. I have conquered this situation. I would like to believe that. Here are a few suggestions for you. Place to keep gas cylinder in kitchen
  • You should place your cylinder nowhere to close to your gas burner 
  • Keep your gas cylinders in well ventilated and cool area
  • There should not be any combustible materials near or around your kitchen or gas cylinder
  • If you have no space in the kitchen, and have a cupboard dedicated to place your cylinder. Keep your cylinder there. Just ensure that you have leakage detector 
Where to keep gas cylinder in modular kitchen? Honestly, you should keep your cylinder outside the kitchen. Maybe on the balcony. But if you have a bigger kitchen then you can dedicate a storage cabinet to it away from the gas stove and burner. Check out NoBroker Home Services to get everything you need This should help you figure out where to keep gas cylinder in kitchen. Read more: How to clean gas stove burners? How to clean gas stove top? How to remove gas pipe from regulator?

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