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How to Shift Luggage from One Place to Another?

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Hi Buddy,

I recently relocated from Hyderabad to Gurgaon, because of a change in my job. But since I was travelling to Gurgaon with my complete family and had extra luggage, I was worried about how to ship it to another state in India. During this time, my friend Arvind urged me to choose the luggage movers service offered by NoBroker. Thanks to him for suggesting NoBroker, which offered hassle-free luggage shipment within India.

How to shift luggage from one place to another:

I would like to share with you my experience of shifting luggage. I downloaded the NoBroker app from the Google Play store, logged up, and asked a question regarding packers and movers through their live chat feature.

With the assistance of the NoBroker packers and movers service, relocate without worry.

I entered my specifications. I chose the pick-up and drop-off location, and they gave me a quote based on my choice. I chose a slot at the end and made the token payment for confirmation.

I received a personal move manager from them. He handled every aspect of the shipment of my luggage, so I was stress-free. As part of their travel bonanza, a 30% discount was also given to me. There was no additional fee.

The move manager assigned to me was excellent. He ensured no delay in the shipment of bags. I would surely recommend you guys to opt for the NoBroker packers and movers service so that you can transfer luggage from one city to another in a hassle-free way.

Finally, my bags arrived on schedule. I felt ecstatic and relieved. I want to express my gratitude to the NoBroker team.

Do you intend to move? To find a new house in a new city, go to the NoBroker home page.

I would like to conclude my discussion about luggage movers here. I hope this helps:)

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What is Packers and Movers? How to join NoBroker’s packers and movers service?
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It is better to avail of a reliable packers and movers service to transport luggage from one city to another. I had availed of the NoBroker packers and movers service as I had several goods to transport, including luggage so I can share how you can avail of their services easily. Just a few steps need to be followed so let me share them here.

How to Send Luggage from One City to Another?

There is a simple process you need to follow to transport your luggage from one city to another. Choose your packers and movers service, schedule the date and book it. Here is how to send luggage from one city to another via NoBroker:

  • Visit NoBroker

    Packers and Movers


  • Choose the option Between City

  • Select the two locations

  • Select the date

  • Select the goods you want to transport

  • Check the price 

  • Pay the nominal booking amount and your transit request will be registered

You will be contacted soon by their team and shared every detail about it. I found their service to be very affordable and hassle-free. Their moving manager was also good; hence, I will highly recommend you go with them. If you want to avail of some other service, follow the same steps and get your luggage transported.

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How to Transport Household Goods?

Hey, don’t worry I am here to guide you with the process of house luggage shifting from one place to another. I have done this with the help of my family when we shifted from Kolkata to Bangalore last year. You can begin by categorising your household items. Keep them in separate boxes and label them correctly. This is just a small overview of the entire process. I have shared the complete

house luggage shifting process

below for you.

How to Shift Luggage from One City to Another?

Here is how you can shift your luggage.

  1. To begin, gather all your household items and separate them into different categories. You can do this by separating by use. Keep kitchen items together, bedding together, and so on. 

  2. Once you have made the categories, secure the items by covering them with bubble wrap and styrofoam boxes. If you don’t know about styrofoam boxes, they are made up of thermocol, which you must have seen being used in cutlery or other items we purchase. You can buy them from a package supply shop.

  3. Then, place these items inside cardboard boxes and mark each box accordingly. Also, for fragile items, mark the box as fragile. 

  4. Seal the boxes well with the packaging tape. You may have to overlap the tape till you feel the box is securely sealed.

  5. Carefully load the items in the transport vehicle and ensure when you place the boxes, they come in contact with the surface softly. 

  6. You can tie around ropes to add extra safety while moving the items for home luggage shifting.

  7. Lock the gate of the vehicle where the items are stored. I would recommend you have a person at the back where the items are stored to ensure everything remains safe.

  8. Lastly, you are now good to travel to the new location. 

So, this is how you can do house luggage shifting. I hope this helps you.

[inline-text-PNM text ="Get your goods delivered with secure packaging through NoBroker!"]

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