What Is The Cost Of Whitewash Cost For 2 BHK
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What Is Cost Of Whitewashing House?

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Hello Priya. I would like to share the white wash price for a house based on my experience of whitewashing our house last month.

What is the Cost of White Washing the Walls in India?

Distemper paints are used for whitewashing purposes. These paints are comparatively more affordable than other paints. The cost of the distemper paint starts at Rs. 28 per litre. 

If I talk about the range of house whitewashing cost per square foot, it lies between Rs. 10 to Rs. 25 per square foot. So, this tells you that the area to be whitewashed is another factor which you must know to calculate the cost of whitewashing your place. 

I read Mr. Raju’s answer, who has shared the formula for calculating the area of a single room. You can go through that to find the approximate rate of whitewashing. However, there would still be additional factors which will increase the cost. These include the labour cost, the painter you choose and the market rate at your place.

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Hi, after the construction of my house a few months ago, I was looking for whitewashing services following that. I contacted some of the local painting service providers in my area and learned that the price was Rs. 10 per square feet. While doing my research, I also learned that various factors can affect the whitewash cost for 2 BHK. 

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Whitewashing House?

Size And Type Of House:

The cost of whitewashing can vary depending on the size and type of your house. For example, the cost of whitewashing an apartment will be lower than that of a villa. 

Number Of Coats

Cost of White wash changes depending on the number of coats. At least 2 coats are necessary for whitewashing. 

Surface Condition

If the surface is damaged too much, then the overall cost can change drastically. 

To calculate the whitewashing, you can follow the method provided below; 

Let's assume that the length, breadth, and height of a room are 5 m, 4 m, and 3 m, respectively. 

So, the surface area of 5 faces will be equal to the area of 4 walls and the ceiling, which is 

Total Surface Area

= lb + 2(l + b)h.

=  {(5 × 4) + 2 × (5 + 4) × 3} m²

= {20 + 2 × 9 × 3} m²

= {20 +54} m²

= 74 m²

Now, calculate the total cost by multiplying the whitewash rate per square feet to the total surface area.

Total House White Wash Cost

= 74 m² x Rs. 10 / m²

        = Rs. 740. 

Now, if you have a 2 BHK, you just need to multiply the total cost by 2, which will make it Rs. 1480. I hope this information about the Whitewash cost for 2 BHK will be of help to you. 

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