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How to Transport Bike from One State to Another ?



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It can be difficult to move bike from one state to another or a new state because numerous steps in the process could result in legal problems.

How to Shift Bike from One State to Another: Challenges and Considerations 

  • Packing and Transportation option

  • Depending on your destination, you might need to transfer your bike registration and update insurance coverage.

  • In addition to checking the brakes and other safety elements, adjust tyre pressure based on the mode of transportation.

  • Schedule a thorough bike service to address any existing issues and ensure its travelworthiness.

How to Send Bike to Another City?

If you want to transfer a bike from one state to another, you have to go through a lot of formalities and provide other paperwork. The RC (Registration Certificate) transfer is the most important stage among them.

  • Obtain NOC from RTO:

You must file for a new registration with the RTO of the new state and get a No Objection Certificate from the RTO where your vehicle was registered if you intend to relocate permanently or for a duration longer than a year.

  • Obtain NOC from Traffic Police:

This is to make sure you don't have any unpaid challenges that need to be paid. Moving from one RTO to another will require you to pay off all outstanding debts.

  • Obtain NOC from the Police Station:

Additionally, you must have an NOC from the local police department. This is to make sure that the car is not associated with any open cases. This could also be seen as a security precaution to stop illicit activity.

  • Re-registration:

You will need to submit an application to register your vehicle with the new RTO when you have obtained all of your NOCs.

  • Bike Insurance Policy:

Even if bike/car insurance coverage is valid throughout India, you should let your two- or four-wheeler insurance provider know that you are moving. When determining an insurance rate for a car or bike, insurance firms consider your location, whether you drive a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler.

I hope this helps!

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If you are wondering, how to transport scooty from one city to another, I’d like to say that Indian Railways offer two forms of bike transportation. You can do these through either luggage transportation or parcel transportation. The former refers to a process whereby you carry your item while travelling. On the other hand, the latter refers to transporting your item as a parcel to your desired city.

How to parcel bike from one state to another?

Luggage Transportation:
  • Visit the luggage reservation office a few days before your departure. Ask if it is possible to bring a bike on a specific train as luggage.

  • Fill out the form and pay the necessary fees. Carry approximately 1-2 copies of the necessary documentation for your bike after booking it as luggage.

  • Upon payment of the fees, you will obtain an endorsed luggage ticket.

  • Arrive at the station at least 30 minutes before the scheduled train time. Once you have inspected the accommodations, send your two-wheeler aboard the chosen train.

  • To receive delivery of your bike at the destination, present the rail officials with your original ticket and luggage endorsement.

Parcel transportation:
  • Visit the parcel office one to two days prior to when you plan to ship your package. Bring along any necessary bike-related paperwork.

  • To effectively pack your bike, work with professional packers.

  • Fill out the parcel booking form with all the information about your bike, and then pay the fees for a bike parcel on a train.

  • For simple identification during delivery, create an identity mark on your two-wheeler. Wait for the delivery of your bike from the courier service after that.

  • To find out the delivery schedule, date, and time, visit the parcel company's website and follow the progress and transition.

  • When receiving delivery of your bike, carry the parcel reservation receipt.

Now that you know how to courier bike from one state to another, you should be aware of some guidelines. There is no strict deadline for making reservations for bike shipment as luggage. You can go to the railroad and reserve a spot for your luggage. However, parcel businesses have significant time constraints when it comes to reserving a parcel. It's best to do it between 10 AM and 5 PM. In order to transport the two-wheeler, your reservation must be finalised at least two days in advance.

I hope this helps you with how to transport scooty from one city to another.

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Transferring your bike won't be simple, but it's not as difficult as it seems if you pick the right mode of transportation. I moved to Bangalore from my hometown Udaipur and I transported my bike just last month. I will tell you a few options of how to transport bike from one city to another.

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How to send bike from one state to another?

There are a variety of ways to move your bike, including hiring a professional moving business, using a train, or using a truck.

But these are the repercussions you'll experience if you don't select the ideal method for shifting your beloved bike:

  • Your bike may completely disappear or be stolen.

  • Any component could break.

  • It might sustain scratches.

  • It may take longer to transport it.

  • Finally, it might be very expensive.

Best way to transport bike from one state to another

I will share with you 3 ways in which you can transport your bike from one city to another.


The railway network is connected by local and express trains from every small town, city, and megacity. Therefore, everyone selects the railway network over alternative options for transporting two-wheelers between cities, such as the bike, scooty, etc.

Besides it is much more affordable because the cost of transportation is far lower than that of other options like buses and roads. You can easily move your two-wheelers because India has the fourth-largest railway network in the world.

Two alternatives exist for bringing your bike aboard a train.

As a luggage: When being transported, luggage must be carried by the owner on the same train. The owner must be present at the luggage office at the booking station at least 30 minutes before the departure time of the train, per the railway system. Two-wheelers can be transported as luggage by train.

As a parcel: A thing or group of objects that are covered or wrapped in paper and packed, weighed, packaged, and labelled as a parcel for train transportation, is called a parcel. Following are the benefits of sending your bike as a parcel.

  • It will be a more economical method.

  • Within a week, your two-wheeler will be delivered to the location of your choice.

  • Given that it serves as the backbone of the logistics industry, Indian Railways provides fantastic parcel delivery.

  • You can utilise the website of the Indian Railways Government for a two-wheeler parcel service.

  • You must select a station from the list of railroad parcel service locations.

Bike Transport Service

There is another incredible option to transport your bike from one city or state to another if you don't want to use the railroad network which is a Dedicated Bike Transport Service. In India, there are numerous reputable transportation firms in every state that offer door-to-door delivery at an incredible price in addition to safe transportation.

Benefits of transporting your bike by movers companies

  • Easy and rapid tour booking and delivery to your door.

  • Safe bike shifting on national and international levels.

  • Four-wheeler and two-wheeler transferring

  • Copper should be packaged using premium materials such as stretch wrap, bubble wrap, and corrugated sheets.

  • Transporting with large vehicles.

What Are The Best Bike Transport Services In India?




Enclosed Truck

Although the solutions listed above are dependable, there is no way to guarantee complete security and fulfilment. So, what is the most secure method, the one that eliminates any risk of damage or scratches? The enclosed truck is the solution.

So, now you know how to transport bike from one city to another and you can choose any one of these 3 methods to do so.

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Hello there ! Ever since I was young, I really wanted to get a bike. When I got to college, I got the bike of my choice. I had to move from Delhi to Mumbai because of personal reasons. I did not want to leave my bike behind. I did ample amount of research on how to transport bike from one state to another.

How to ship bike from one state to another ?

I will share two methods to transport bikes from one state to another.

1. Movers and Packers:

You can contact a trusted movers and packers service provider to transport your bike. They will quote you a price depending on the method of transportation, distance between locations etc.

2. Friends :

If you know some friends of yours who are planning to travel, they can ask them to take bike transport from one state to another. They can take your bike along on a road trip. This can be a fun activity for everyone. 

How to transport scooty from one state to another ?

The process of transporting scooty will be the same as transporting the bike.

Get your scooty or bike relocated with maximum safety. Check out NoBroker Movers and Packers Service Providers. 

I hope all your doubts about how to transport bike from one state to another have been cleared.

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