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What are the reviews of Prestige High Fields, Hyderabad?



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You will find this answer on Prestige High Fields review helpful if you are looking to invest in this project. Prestige High Fields is located at the rear side of Continental Hospital, financial district, Nanakaramguda, Hyderabad. You will find various shopping malls, recreation centers, and educational institutes (colleges and schools) nearby. Plus, Financial District ensures good connectivity to Infosys, Microsoft, Wipro, and many other famous IT companies, which makes it suitable for salaried individuals. Best of all, International Airport is just 20 minutes away from this project. This is all on Prestige High Fields Gachibowli reviews. Explore Spacious Apartments in Prestige High Fields on NoBroker
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My friend has recently bought an apartment in Prestige High Fields and this is his Prestige High Fields review: Prestige High Fields Gachibowli Reviews He told me that the residential apartments of this project are well-ventilated and are blessed with adequate fresh air and sunlight. The 2BHK apartments are available with sizes ranging between 1283 square feet and 1492 square feet while the 3BHK apartments measure from 1742 square feet to 1993 square feet. The deluxe 4BHK apartments vary from 2713 square feet to 2848 square feet. I hope you like this Prestige High Fields Hyderabad Group Review.
I have been looking to buy an apartment in Prestige High Fields, so I can give you my  Prestige High Fields review. Let me tell you about the modern amenities this beautiful project offers. The amenities include a yoga room, swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, jogging track, pharmacy, badminton court, health club, squash court, boutique, salon, mini theatre, party hall, table tennis, clubhouse and so much more to ensure a balanced living. To make it even better, each apartment has been provided with an intercom facility to ensure 24x7 safety. Find Beautiful Apartments in Prestige High Fields on NoBroker I hope these Prestige High Fields Gachibowli reviews help you make a better decision.
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I have done some research about the Prestige High Fields project, so I can give a Prestige High Fields review. What really impressed me about this project is that it has received approval from the RERA (the authority that safeguards and defends buyers). The prices of apartments are also reasonable ranging from 84.68 lacs to 1.79 crores. Overall, this project is great for everyone from families to students. I hope you find my answer on Prestige High Fields Hyderabad review helpful.
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Hi Buddy, Prestige High Fields is probably one of the most beautiful residential communities I've ever seen in Hyderabad. I came here as a visitor since I was looking for a spot to buy a flat but they were all taken. Many of my Bangalore friends have talked about Prestige Group, however, after visiting this location, I believe Prestige merits all the hype and accolades. High Fields is a gated home neighbourhood with world-class amenities inspired by Disney. For all occupants, the geographical location of all towers is a major asset. Their clubhouse is incredible, along with its swimming pool. Overall, the Prestige group is fantastic, and the inhabitants are quite fortunate!! Buy/Rent residential plots in Prestige High Fields Gachibowli at best prices through NoBroker
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Hi Buddy, I visited the project and in this Prestige High Fields review, I would like to mention both the pros and cons, which I think are worth mentioning. PROS: 
  • Decent clubhouse, comparable to premium buildings. Almost everything has been included.
  • Excellent location: one of the best.
CONS:  I expected it to be equally good like the other top 3 builders of Hyderabad, such as Aparna, My Home, and Rajpushpa, but was disappointed to see the project:
  • Not appropriate for the children:
Although the project is themed after Disney, it is not appropriate for children. Cars and bicycles can access any part of the project. At the very least, there should be a vehicle-free zone around the inside circle.
  • Tiny play area: 
Just look at the number of kids in the apartments and the children's area, it matches nowhere
  • Less greenery: 
Greenery is only offered in the corners. Also, I noticed that the condition of the park does not make it worth visiting for a stroll
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Hi Buddy, Last weekend, I paid a visit to this project. I'd like to make a list of everything I've noticed in this Prestige High Fields Gachibowli reviews. Overall, I had a pleasant time. It's a high-rise gated neighbourhood on the outskirts of the Financial District, on the rear of the Continental Hospitals. With the surrounding plantations, this is a very pleasant area to live. The approach road measures 100 feet wide. Nearby software companies include Amazon, Waverock, Cyient, ICICI, and a slew of other small-to-medium-sized IT and BFSI firms.  Shriram, Futurekids, Keystone International, Vidyalok, Radcliffe, and other schools in the PHF area. Prestige is now constructing a corporate commercial building next to PHF residential. There are flats available in sizes ranging from 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 bedrooms. There are ten towers in all, each with 33 stories. Medical emergency helipad parking is also there on the terrace. I am happy with the project. As I have recently relocated to Hyderabad, I am planning to book an apartment here because as I mentioned it is very near to the Amazon office where I work and also I was planning to enrol my son in the Future Kids school. So this project will be an ideal for us to reside.
Hi Buddy, When I went to this project to rent out a flat, before writing this Prestige High Fields Hyderabad review. I was startled to discover that the unit had no utility area. It is surprising that such a large builder fails to meet such simple criteria. In the metropolis, there is a slew of new neighbourhoods sprouting up. I'm not sure what makes this special, or why someone would spend crores on a flat that doesn't meet basic needs. Other faults in this society include power fluctuations and security lapses. The project's amenities appear to be high-end, but are they adequate for 2300 apartments? Low-cost basketball, tennis, and skating courts are composed of inexpensive plastic rather than turf or synthetic materials.
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Hey there, We shifted to Hyderabad after my husband was transferred here. He works for Apple and we also have two little kids. We were looking for a home close to the Apple office which also had good schools in close proximity for our children. After quite a hunt, we came across Prestige High Fields review on the internet. The reviews said that the project is located very close to many IT companies including Apple. It was also a good opportunity for me to apply and go for walk-in interviews at many IT companies. On top of that, some of the Prestige High Fields Gachibowli reviews said that many good schools like Delhi Public School, Oakridge, Srinidhi International School, and Indus International School are just 10 minutes away from this project. So, we decided to invest in this project. If you have similar criteria, you can also go through the Prestige High Fields Hyderabad review and invest in this project.
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Hi, I wanted to invest in Prestige High Fields because I wanted to have good returns on it. But after my research on the project, I came across many Prestige High Fields review that said the construction quality of the project is not up to the mark and hence investment made in the project would not bear good returns in the long run. I also read in some Prestige High Fields Gachibowli reviews that the management team is poor in providing good services and they are mostly unresponsive. But a few good things I could find about the project after my visit was that Gachibowli is a good tourist spot and there are many IT companies located in close proximity which might cause a good appreciation of the property in the future. So from an investment point of view, I am waiting for a few more Prestige High Fields Hyderabad review, before I come to a final decision. Check out the detailed pricing, floor plans, and brochure of Prestige High Fields on NoBroker, here.
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Hi there, I recently shifted to Hyderabad and I was looking for a place near Gachibowli since my office is located nearby. I am a single mother so my main priority was a safe place for my kids with all the modern amenities. I heard about Prestige High Fields from my colleagues so I started my research on this project. I read many Prestige High Fields review which explained the amenities provided by the project. So I visited the property to see everything myself. Through my visit, I could make out that all the Prestige High Fields Gachibowli reviews that I read were true and that the project specialises in amenities like a clubhouse, recreation rooms, gyms, an outdoor sports court, play area for small kids, and many more. I also interacted with the residents who gave their own Prestige High Fields Hyderabad review and said that there is amazing security at the parks in the community and there is regular police patrolling done. This was when I realised I had found the property of my dreams. In my opinion, you can securely invest in the project, as I did.
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My brother-in-law lives in Prestige High Fields so let me give you an idea about the Prestige High Fields floor plans first. It has 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments of various sizes ranging from 1283 to 4070 sq ft. The price of the apartments starts here from Rs 64 lakhs onwards and goes up to Rs 2.03 crore. You need not worry about the Prestige High Fields construction status at all. It has been able to complete the construction of all the apartments last year only and now all of them are ready to move in anytime. The Prestige High Fields possession date was from August 2020 and if you are really interested to live here, visit the project and book your dream apartment before all of them get booked.    I personally love his apartments and let me also tell you that the Prestige High Fields resale value is going to be great in the future. They have spent a lot of money to provide the best to their customers. The apartments have
  • RCC framed structures
  • Irtrified and premium quality tiles are used for flooring
  • Anti-skid tiles are here in toilets and balconies so you are safe
  • Main door is about 8 feet tall and made of a wooden frame
  • Internal doors are 7 feet high 
  • Granite counter is there in the master toilet along with ceramic wash basin
  • EWCs and Chrome plated fittings are used
  I will rate this project 4/ 5. Get a detailed brochure and floor plan of Prestige High Fields here listed on NoBroker
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I don’t think the Prestige High Fields resale value is going to be great. I am living here for only one year and am totally fed up. By looking at the Prestige High Fields address you might feel it is well-connected with the rest of the city but you will face a dozen of internal problems here like
  • No 24*7 electricity or security. You will see unknown people roaming around quite often, especially in the basement area
  • Stray dogs have made our lives bitter. I cannot let my 5-year-old kid play around for them and there is no one to take care of this issue
  • There is no utility area which is unimaginable
  • Their sales team is extremely rude and not at all cooperative
  • Balconies are like matchboxes. Too small
  • No food court, or parking area.
  I rate this project 1/ 5. I am giving 1 just because of the scenic view only.   Looking for an apartment in Prestige High Fields? Book it now through NoBroker Get an affordable apartment in Hyderabad within your budget through NoBroker

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