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How to Sell My Property Fast?

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Buying property needs due diligence and a lot of hard work from the buyer. Similarly, selling a property at the right price at the right time takes a good amount of effort too. If you are someone who is thinking "I want to sell my flat immediately", I would like to tell you that like everything else selling your property is a process too. Some of the things that you need to keep in mind if you want to sell your property fast in India are:

1. Understand the Market Trends.

Before selling your property, it's good to understand what are the current real estate prices in your locality. Have the prices gone up or down in the last one year? Market Conditions help you to negotiate the prices as per your terms. Understand how is the demand and the supply of the properties in your locality.  What is the profile of the buyer? If a buyer has a lot of options to choose from in your locality, it's better to keep the price competitive as much negotiation is not possible. Sell your Property Fast. Post a Property Ad now !

2. Quote the right price for the property

Do not sell the property in haste and regret later for selling it at the lower prices. So be aware of what price is being quoted by other sellers in the locality. Also, do a good analysis of your property condition, are there any unique selling points of the property that sets it apart from the rest and will help you get a good price. Buyers are willing to pay a good price if the property is located in a good location, connectivity is good and infrastructure in and around the property is great. Another thing that matters is the condition of the property. Before putting the property out for sale, ensure that it is dented, painted and is in spic and span condition. It will help you quote a higher price.

3. BHK type of the property plays an important role

While selling the size of your property matters a lot. 2BHK properties have higher resalability. While purchasing the property you should have a foresight - whether you are planning to sell it in the near future or rent it out or you are purchasing it for self use. 2BHK flats go on rent faster, they also get sold out faster as compared to 3BHK flats.

4. List your property online to reach large audience

Post your property ad where you are sure to find genuine buyers of your property. Real Estate Websites likes NoBroker, Magicbricks, 99Acres are some good options to advertise your property online. There are some things that you must keep in mind if you wondering how to sell my house fast: Tips to post a good advertisement of your property to sell it online:
1. Share details about the house
  • Are you selling a flat/independent house/villa,
  • What is your BHK type (1BHK, 2BHK etc.)
  • Which Floor your flat is located?
  • Age of the house.
  • Carpet area of the house
  • The direction of the house (East Facing)
  • Good quality pictures of the house.
2. Give the details about the locality
  • Location of the house can be used to determine how well developed is the area, hows is the infrastructure, road connectivity in the area, has government announced any major development projects in the vicinity. All these factors give a boost to real estate prices. Mention the Locality & the street address well
  • Mention any landmark close to the property.
3. What is the deal that you are providing?
  • What is your expected price?
  • Is it house furnished or semi-furnished or unfurnished?
  • Is there an existing loan taken on the house?
4. Give an overview about the Amenities available
Nowadays many people want to look for properties which have good amenities in and around. Sporting facilities, swimming pools, 24/7 power backup etc are significant among those. 1.How many bathrooms are there in the house?
  • Are there any balconies or a terrace or a garden?
  • Mention all the amenities the building society has to offer, like 24/7 power backup, 24/7 security, swimming pool, clubhouse, lift, indoor and outdoor games, fire safety and so on. Give a brief description of the house explaining special features if any.
  • How many parking slots does the house have for - 2 wheeler, 4 wheeler?
5. List of property documents to keep handy
As soon as you find a good buyer who is ready to offer the right price, you should be ready with the documents needed for selling the property:
  • Sale Deed
  • Is the property tax paid?
  • Occupation Certificate of the flat.
  • Do mention the best time to contact you.
I used these fastest ways to sell my house.  
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Hi. If you want to sell your property fast you need to advertise it on social media. I hope I replied you the quick and best answer.  
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Hello. I came across your query asking how to sell a property faster and I can help you with the same. Last year, I sold a property after my friend suggested posting an ad on a real estate website. I got a good response and was able to

I Want to Sell My House Urgently in India How to Do It?

Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Visit the

    Post Your Property page of the NoBroker website.
  2. Choose your city, select the property ad as resale, the property type as residential and click on the red button.

  3. On the next page, fill in the details regarding your property, like the name of the apartment, BHK, area and more.

  4. You’ll be asked for more details like the locality, resale, amenities, images and videos of the property, and more.

  5. After filling in all the details, you have to schedule the date for the resale. Save the ad in the end to make your ad run live on the website.

You can then take things ahead with the buyer of your liking and complete the selling process. For any additional information, you can check out the other answers. I hope you now know how to sell my house fast for cash.

Get Verified Buyers for your House Quickly Via NoBroker Seller Plans! Some related information:

5 Tips on How to Negotiate Price as a Seller? 

Reading all the answers written on the Forum enlightened me a lot today. I remember that last year my aunt needed to move to the USA and she urgently needed to sell her property. She came up to my father and said ‘

I want to sell my house urgently, how can I do it?’. 

She wanted to sell her property immediately and asked me too to help her out in this matter. I immediately posted about the property on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram.

Read my complete answer to learn

how to sell my flat quickly.


How to sell flat?

I mentioned everything about my aunt’s property to ensure they attract buyers as fast as possible. 

  • It is situated near important IT Hubs such as Wipro, Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs.

  • The apartment had all the luxurious facilities such as a swimming pool, parks, club, library, and meditation centre.

  • The Bus Stop was also nearby.

  • He mentioned a price which was decent so he instantly got connected to people who were interested in purchasing the property.

  • He posted some videos and pictures as well.

I didn’t miss the opportunity to post my aunt’s property on legit real estate platforms such as NoBroker.

Post your property on NoBroker for FREE!

I was able to find a genuine buyer from NoBroker who counter-offered us with a price my aunt could not refuse. Within 2 weeks I was able to sell my aunt’s house by pitching her property on NoBroker.

This is the magic of the real estate platform that surprises us nowadays.

I wanted to tell this story about how to sell a property. I hope you like it.

You can follow the tips mentioned in all the answers related to how to sell property fast in India. I am sure all the answers will help you in some ways.

Choose the seller plan to get unlimited buyer contacts on NoBroker Read More: Can My Father Sell His Property Without My Consent? Can Power of Attorney Holder Sell Property to Himself? How to Sell a Joint Ownership Property?
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I'm moving to the USA, so I need to sell my house asap. I've done some research, and I've found a few tips that should help me with the query of how to sell house quickly.

What is the fastest way to sell my house?

  • Set a realistic price:

Your home will remain on the market for a very long time if you overprice it. You will lose money if you set the pricing too low. Research comparable properties in your neighbourhood to see what they are selling for.

  • Stage your property:

Making your home appear its best for potential buyers entails this. Make repairs, tidy up, and reduce clutter. Additionally, you might wish to enlist the aid of a professional stager.

  • Get professional photos:

For your property to sell, you must have high-quality pictures. They ought to be legible, well-lit, and showcase your house's finest qualities.

  • Market your property online:

Ensure that your listing is present on all of the main real estate portals. You might also think about running social media ads.

  • Be responsive to potential buyers:

When someone shows interest in your property, be sure to respond to their inquiries promptly. This will show them that you're serious about selling.

  • Be prepared to negotiate:

Most buyers will try to negotiate the price of your property. Be prepared to go down a little bit, but don't sell yourself short.

  • Hire a real estate agent:

You can sell your property quickly with the aid of a good real estate agent. They are able to attract suitable buyers to your house thanks to their network and experience.

Check out NoBroker SELLER PLANS and Sell Your Properties Hassle-free 

I'm following these tips on how to sell house quickly, and I'm confident that I'll be able to sell my property fast. I hope these tips help you sell your property fast too! I've also found that it's helpful to be patient and persistent. Selling a property can take time, but if you're patient and persistent, you'll eventually find a buyer.

Sell your Property Fast. Post a Property Ad now!

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Can I Sell Property without Mutation? How to sell a joint ownership property?
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When you sell a property, you may be subject to capital gains tax on any profit you make from the sale. However, there are a few strategies you can use to potentially reduce or even eliminate your tax liability.
  1. Take advantage of the primary residence exemption: If you sell a property that has been your primary residence for at least two of the past five years, you may be eligible for the primary residence exemption. This allows you to exclude up to $250,000 of capital gains (or $500,000 for married couples filing jointly) from your taxable income.
  2. Time your sale strategically: If you're planning to sell a property and you have other investments that have lost value, you may be able to offset your capital gains by selling those investments and realizing the losses. Additionally, if you expect to have a lower income in a future tax year, you may be able to defer the sale until that year to reduce your tax liability.
  3. Consider a 1031 exchange: If you're selling a rental property or investment property, you may be able to defer paying capital gains tax by using a 1031 exchange. This allows you to sell your property and reinvest the proceeds in a similar property, without recognizing the capital gains from the sale.
  4. Maximize your deductions: If you have any expenses related to the sale of your property, such as real estate commissions, legal fees, or property improvements, you may be able to deduct them from your taxable income.
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Property selling has become easier with digital India. Gone are the days when you needed to post property ads in newspapers or hire some brokers to do it. These methods were costlier and not at all reliable. I wanted to sell my home in 2019 and hired a broker for it. It was decided that he would take 5% of the sale price, but he could never bring us, buyers. Later, we discovered that he was asking buyers to pay more than the selling price so that he could profit from it as well. We hence cancelled the plan of selling property through a broker and opted for some digital platforms.

Avail NoBroker’s Seller Assist Plans to get buyers and a good price for your property

Post property details online to get buyers and a good price for your property 

How to sale property fast?

To sell a property fast you will have to chalk out a plan and set things right. Here are some methods that can help you out-

  Set the right price

I told my uncle that- I want to sell my property fast in India since I really needed money and learned that setting the right price for the property is the foremost and most important step that needs to be taken. You have to set a price that seems justified. Suppose you want to sell a 2 BHK for Rs 60 lakhs, knowing that the properties in the locality cost way less than it. If the other properties are within Rs 40 lakhs, do you think buyers will buy our property? No, they won’t. Hence, you should evaluate property prices in your neighbourhood and then set a justified price for your property.

  Highlight the positive factors

Always highlight the positive aspects of your property like

  • Its design or style

  • Quality of materials used

  • How investing in your property can be beneficial for the buyer or whether it will have a good resale value in the future or not and more

  Clean, renovate, or repair your property

Do not just get rid of your property. If you really want a good price for it, renovate, repair, and clean it up first before selling it. These methods can increase the chance of selling your property and also help you get a good sum of money for it.

  Make the property legal or free of dispute

No buyer will invest in a property whose taxes are not paid, if the property is in dispute, or for other similar reasons. Try to sort these issues out first. A legal property gets sold very easily, but a property in dispute will take years to attract customers.

There are several other methods by which you can sell your property but I hope these methods have been able to give you a basic idea on how to sell your property fast. 

Opting for a real estate agent to help you sell your property and even evaluate its price will also be a smart move. In fact, that is what I did. I availed of NoBroker’s Buyers Plans. Their property expert will help you get buyers within a short period of time and also without any brokerage fee. They will also

  • Promote your property online on their website on your behalf

  • You will get an expert relationship manager for super fast closure

  • You will either get guaranteed buyers or 100% money back

I assure you that property selling through NoBroker is super easy, so you can try them out. 

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Amazing information! I really enjoyed this thread and discussions by the people. If someone who is looking for real estate development services and benefits. We can discuss here. I'm available.
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If you're looking to sell your property quickly, here are some steps you can take:
  1. Price it right: Set a realistic asking price that is in line with comparable properties in your area. Overpricing your property can deter potential buyers and prolong the sales process.
  2. Prepare your property for sale: Make any necessary repairs and clean and declutter your property to make it more attractive to buyers. Consider hiring a professional stager to help showcase your property's best features.
  3. Market your property effectively: Use a variety of marketing techniques to reach potential buyers, including online listings, open houses, and professional photography. Make sure your property is listed on popular real estate websites and take advantage of social media platforms to spread the word about your property.
  4. Work with a real estate agent: A professional real estate agent can help you navigate the sales process and give you access to their network of potential buyers. They can also help you price your property correctly, negotiate offers, and handle any legal and administrative tasks associated with the sale.
  5. Be flexible: Be open to offers and consider alternative forms of financing, such as lease-to-own or rent-to-own arrangements.
  6. Consider selling to an investor: If you're in a rush to sell, consider working with a real estate investor who can make a cash offer for your property and close the sale quickly.
By taking these steps, you can increase your chances of selling your property quickly and efficiently. here is Best Real Estate Company 
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How to Sell My House Fast
  1. Clean and declutter.
  2. Pick a selling strategy.
  3. Set an attractive price.
  4. Invest in minor repairs.
  5. Stage and add curb appeal.
  6. Use professional photography.
  7. Create a listing strategy.
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What about having a strong online presence where people start buying process for a property? Like,
  1.  Listing your service on Google My Business.
  2.  Having a website that captured leads.
  3. Advertising online.
  4. Good grip on local SEO
And many more.

Post your property details on NoBroker without spending any money

I,m telling you to focus online because 90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying processes.  
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impress the buyer
  1. Enhance the curb appeal of your property.
  2. Perform essential repairs for a higher resale value.
  3. Spruce up the walls with a fresh coat of paint
  4. Fix creaking floors and rusted fixtures.

    Get your house renovated by NoBroker to get a better selling value in the future

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Having our own property or home is really a proud thing. There are various circumstances because of which we can plan to sell our property. Buying a property is quite easier than selling it. While selling your property you have to be very clear with your property-related information and market trends. I would like to share one idea here that will help anyone to sell their property faster. By adding a solar water heating system to your home you can increase your property evaluation as compared to market competitors. As it is an eco-friendly initiative towards an environment that will help you to save your property faster.
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Selling a property or rent an apartment is just became easy nowadays with the help of social media. And looking to get a more reasonable rate then strongly suggested to find the real estate expert that make a best deal.

Avail NoBroker Seller Plans and let their experts do the buyer hunting for you

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Choose the Right Broker Choosing the right broker is crucial to selling your home. Do not settle for the first broker you come across. Ask at least three brokers to assess your home and show you some comparable houses they sold recently. Try speaking to their past clients. If possible, inspect the properties they deal in. Moreover, ensure that the broker you close on has an easy-to-navigate website and utilizes the services of all available property portals.

Avail the best seller service. Avail NoBroker Seller Plans to sell your property in no time

  Regards Toshni Sharna (Wooden Street- Dining Tables)
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  1. Find the Right Real Estate Agent
  If you want to sell your home fast, then the first step is to hire a real estate agent. The ideal person will know the local market and have a sales record that proves they know how to sell. Keep in mind that a real estate agent will help with the entire process, from hiring a professional photographer who will take top-notch photos of your home to negotiating for the best price. They also will write up a real estate listing that sells, schedule and host showings, and market your property to get it seen.  
  1. Price It to Sell
  One of the most effective ways to sell your home fast is to price it competitively. If you price it too high, then your home will spend more time on the market. Also, if your home is overpriced, then you may end up selling it for less eventually—it will just take a lot longer. Your real estate agent will research comparable homes (aka “comps”) in your area to set a realistic price. If you really need to sell fast, then consider pricing your home a little lower to attract interest (and maybe even spark a bidding war). If you haven’t received any offers by a certain date, knock the price down.  
  1. Clean, Declutter, and Depersonalize
  Buyers need to be able to picture themselves in the space, but they won’t be able to if your house is a mess. Give your home a thorough cleaning from top to bottom, get rid of clutter, and hide the family photos and other personal items. While you’re at it, rearrange the furniture so your home looks inviting and so buyers can move through your home without bumping into anything. If necessary, put bulky items in storage. A crowded room looks like a small room.  
  1. Boost Your Curb Appeal
  If you want to sell quickly, then it’s essential to make a good first impression. And the first thing a buyer sees is a home’s exterior and how it fits into the surrounding neighborhood. To boost your home’s curb appeal:
  • Paint the front door
  • Plant flowers
  • Sweep away any spiderwebs and debris from windows, eaves, and porches
  • Wash the windows
  • Fix broken light fixtures and mailboxes
  • Make sure the trees, shrubs, and lawn are nicely manicured
Keep in mind that a tidy exterior not only looks nice but also signals to potential buyers that you’ve taken good care of the place.  
  1. Take Care of Quick Repairs
  You won’t have time for any major renovations, so focus on quick repairs to address things that could deter potential buyers. Survey the house and take care of the easy fixes: Depending on how much time and money you want to spend getting the home ready, you might also want to update fixtures, buy new appliances, install new hardware on the cabinets, and give the interior a fresh coat of (neutral) paint.  
  1. Sweeten the Deal
  Another way to make the home and deal more attractive is to offer something to sweeten the pot. You could offer, for example, to pay some or all of the closing costs. Buyers are looking for a deal, particularly in a down market, so do your best to make them feel that they get one. Another tip is to offer a transferable home warranty, which provides discounted repair and replacement services for household appliances and systems. A potential buyer may feel more at ease knowing that the home is protected, which could make your home more attractive than a competing home.
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Listen, if you are someone like me who likes to take charge of everything on ‘my’ own then please read it through. I had a fun time selling my property and it was definitely a learning experience. 

Here’s my story (I will try to keep it short, I promise :P)

Back in 2016 I wanted to sell my property fast. It was a 1 BHK apartment in Delhi at a decent location. Since I knew if I went to an agent, he would have asked for a percentage of the profit, I decided to do it on my own. Before going out and about, I decided to spend a couple of thousands on a few repairs, noting every detail down in a notepad about my property. I went around my neighbourhood and clicked pictures of the locality. 

Once all of that was done, I proceeded to search for real estate websites. I was aware of NoBroker since I saw an ad on TV, apart from this website I found a couple of more websites including 99acres, and magicbricks. I swear I researched a lot about these portals just to make sure they are genuine and none of my details will be leaked online. This is how my journey of

‘I want to sell my property fast’ began.

Next, came the fun part. I started listing my property. 

I started by posting FREE ad on NoBroker platform

The process was smooth, I registered on the platform using my mobile number and OTP and then clicked on Post Property Ad option. Here is the list of information I gave in the ad

  • Address, Location and positioning of the property

  • Particulars such as Number of bedrooms, balconies, bathrooms, etc.

  • Details of furnishing

  • Electricity and water supply details

  • Amenities around the property

  • Security arrangements, etc.

  • Photos of property and neighbouring areas. 

I followed the similar process for other platforms. Yes I didn’t stop at one. 

Next I know, I started getting calls from many interested people. They inquired about my property and we set up a meeting for them to have a look at my property. Finally after 37 days of posting my ad, I was able to finalize the deal with a gentleman who was looking for a house to settle her divorced sister and her children. 

It was a thrilling experience as I was new to all the paperwork involved but I managed to get through. 

If you feel it is way too strenuous process, you can simply avail seller assist plans and sell your property quickly without any hassle.

I hope my experience struck a chord with you. Now don’t hesitate to take the lead if you are determined and tell yourself that I want to

sell my property fast.

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“Selling property is a tedious process. It takes a lot of time to find the right buyer and the right price.” Someone said these words to me when I was selling my house a few years ago and I was scared. I kept thinking to myself, “how to sell my property fast?” I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it. But then I went online and searched how to sell house quickly. While I got some numbers off the internet to contact some brokers, I came across various online portals which gave me an option to sell my property online. I took my chances and went ahead. I checked out various websites and decided to list my property on these platforms:
  1. NoBroker
  2. Magicbricks
  3. 99 acres
After careful consideration I decided to take up the NoBroker Money Back Seller Plan. They offered various facilities such as property promotion on the website and social media, a dedicated relationship manager to filter out the right set of buyers and most importantly, my contact details were protected so that I don’t get spammed by calls from brokers or agents. My relationship manager suggested that I add details of the location of my property, its size and dimensions, it was a 2 BHK flat so I mentioned that as well. I clicked nice pictures of my property and its surroundings too and put them up on his advice. I saw that many people had mentioned their expected price. So I did that too. Anyway, all of it helped me and I started getting many queries. My relationship manager helped me to shortlist prospective buyers and connected me with them. Thankfully, I closed the deal within 3 months of listing my property. Check out NoBroker Seller Plans It may take 6 months to a year to sell off a property offline. But online websites help you connect with interested people at a much faster rate. Some companies like NoBroker, have seller assist plans, where you need to pay nominal amounts and they assign you a relationship manager to handle calls on your behalf and pass on only the right prospects to you. NoBroker Seller assist plans ensure that your property ad comes at the top and is visible to a large number of buyers. These days more and more people are doing property transactions online. Click here to Read: Most asked Real Estate questions on NoBroker Forum. 
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The tax liability after selling the property is calculated in accordance with the short-term capital gains and long-term capital gains. 

Get Buyers as soon as possible. Avail NoBroker Buyer Plans Now

Short-term capital gains are the profits gained on a property sold before completing the holding tenure of 24 months. Such gains are taxable, no exemption provided for them. Whereas, long-term capital gains are the profits gained on property sold after 24 months holding period. 

The computation of long-term capital gains is done by deducting the indexed cost of the house from the net sale price. The capital gains calculated thereby are taxable at a rate of 20.80% irrespective of your tax slab. If you are in a fix about how to save tax after selling the property, I will tell you 3 ways to do it.

Buy another residential property

You can claim exemption from the taxes easily if you invest your long-term capital gains in a ready-to-move within 2 years after the date of sale. You can also invest your long-term capital gains in the construction of a house within 3 years of the date of sale, this includes booking an under-construction project.

Purchase Capital Gains Bonds

You can also purchase capital gains bonds to save tax after the sale of residential property. However, you cannot invest more than Rs 50 lakhs in capital gains. You have to invest your entire long-term capital gains in these bonds and there will be a lock-in period of 5 years. You won’t be able to transfer or sell these bonds to anyone. It is a good way to save tax if you are not planning to purchase a new residential property.

Investing in Capital Gains Accounts Scheme

For temporary relief, while searching for a new residential property, you can invest your long-term capital gains in the Capital Gains Account Scheme. You can claim tax exemptions for the amount invested in capital gains accounts in approved banks.

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