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How to download TDS certificate?



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I have addressed this question a lot many times for my friends. Let me help you understand how to download TDS certificates. To download your TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) certificate, follow these steps based on the relevant platform: TRACES (Tax Information Network):

TRACES is the official portal for tax payers to view and correct their tax details in Form 26AS.


TDS certificate download online process

, follow these steps:

  • Register as a new user or login with your existing credentials on

    TRACES portal


  • Use the latest utility versions of the utilities provided on the TRACES website.

  • Navigate through the TCS/TDS Certificate download option.

  • Provide details such as financial year, PAN number and request number

  • Once you enter the details, you will see the option to download TDS Certificate.

This is how to get the TDS certificate on TRACES website.

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Almost everyone knows that you must routinely pay taxes as an Indian citizen. Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) is one such sort of tax. It essentially refers to the tax deducted from payments such as interest, rent, commission, salaries, and so on. TDS certificates are given out by the deductor to the person whose payment is taxed. Let’s find out the process for TDS certificate download from TRACES.

Where to download TDS certificate?

It is simple to download a TDS certificate, ensuring that you can easily obtain it and maintain track of your tax deductions. Amit and Sambit have already mentioned the process to download the tax certificate from TRACES portal. I have shared the steps to download the TDS certificate 26AS:

  • Go to


  • Enter your User ID such as PAN card number or Aadhar number, and so on.

  • Tap the Continue button.

  • Click the "Continue" button again after entering your password.

  • Once you've logged in successfully, choose "My Account" and then tap on "View Form 26AS" from the dropdown menu.

  • After reading the disclaimer and selecting "Confirm," you will be taken to the TDS-CPC Portal.

  • Accept the terms of usage on the TDS-CPC Portal. Tap on Proceed.

  • Select “View Tax Credit (Form 26AS).”

  • Choose an “Assessment Year” and a “View Type” (HTML, Text, or PDF).

  • Tap on View/ Download.

I hope you got an idea of

how to download TDS certificate from Income Tax Portal.

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A TDS certificate is a document that is issued by deductor to the deductee. Any individual who is required to deduct tax at source and has deducted TDS must issue this certificate. It helps the assessee to claim the applicable tax credit along with the applicable refund. 

Let me share how to do the TDS certificate download by PAN No from the TRACES portal. Amit has already stated the process, and that is the only process following which you can download the certificate. Let me state the steps to help you understand the TDS certificate download process again.

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How to download TDS certificate online?

To download the certificate, (Deductor’s Download),
  • Visit the TRACES portal or click on

  • Login to the portal by entering your user ID, password, TAN, or PAN

  • Go to download the 197/206 certificate

  • Provide your financial year, deductee PAN, or request number

  • Click on "Download."

I hope this answers how to get TDS certificate from income tax website.

  To download the certificate (Deductor’s Inbox),
  • Visit the TRACES portal or click on

  • Login using your credentials

  • Go to Communications and click on Inbox

  • Select the category of communication ‘Certificate u/s 197/206C‘

  • Click on Go

  • You will be shown the details of the TDS return and the details of the certificate

  • Select Issuance of Certificate

  • Click on View

  • Click on Download certificate

These steps must be enough to help you know how to download TDS certificate from income tax site.

Just visit the TRACES portal once and get done with the certificate download.


I hope these answers are enough to help you know how to do the TDS certificate download.

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Form 16/16A is the certificate of TDS or Tax deducted at source. This certificate issues the deduction of tax by the employer on behalf of the employees. The certificate has all the information on TDS regarding various transactions between deductor and deducted. Every taxpayers must issue the TDS certificate. So how to download TDS certificate? I will share with you a step by step process on how to download TDS certificate from TRACES.

To download the TDS certificate you need to visit the TRACES web portal. TRACES is the online platform created to help users with  TDS returns, corrections of TDS Returns, downloading TDS documents. 

How to download the TDS certificate?

  • Visit the TRACES website.

  • Login using your user id, password, TAN/PAN.

  • Enter the captcha.

  • Navigate to Downloads> Form 16A

  • Choose the Financial year and PAN. Hit on 'Go'. You can request Form 16A by using the 'Search PAN' or 'Bulk PAN' option.

  • You can access the information of the authorized person. The details will be printed on Form 16A. Hit on submit.

  • Choose either KYC validation using DSC or KYC validation without using DSC as per your convenience.

  • After the KYC details validation, two unique requests will be generated for Form 16 A. Go to "Downloads'.

  • Fill in the Request Number or Request Date or view all. See if the status is 'Available'. Tap on the download button.

  • Tap on the HTTP download button. Go to Downloads > Requested Downloads. Tap on the 'Click here' button.

  • After entering the verification code tap on TRACES PDF Converter 1.4L .

  • After extracting the zip file, open the JAR file.

  • Choose the zip file of Form 16A.

  • Fill in the TAN as the password.

  • Choose the folder to save the output pdf file.

  • Choose the digital certificate to digitally sign the PDF files although this is not mandatory.

  • The details will be generated under the certificate store.

  • Hit on the 'Proceed' button.

  • The pdf file of Form 16A will be saved in the folder you selected.

  • You can open the folder using the TAN Number in capital letters. For example ABCD12345R.

This was the process of how to download TDS certificate.

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