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How to Write a Property Description?

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Did you know that 93% of prospective homeowners look for homes online? I didn’t know this either until my brother told me this backed up with some solid statistics. It was then that I realised that because of this, the real estate listing description is now more important than ever. Writing a fantastic listing will make you appear competent to your client and potential buyers while highlighting the greatest features of the property. But if you do not know how to write a property description for sale, let me tell you that it is simpler than you think to write a compelling listing. You can use these eight pointers to create the best content to write about property description for real estate that sells.

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How do I write a property description for sale?

I am listing a few pointers for you to understand how to write land property description.

Describe the property accurately: Although it might seem obvious, your real estate listing description needs to be accurate. It is dishonest to say the space is "sprawling" if the house is only 900 square feet. A prospective buyer will be put off by witnessing this upon arrival when you describe a home as being in "great condition" when there is water damage throughout the house and the back deck is deteriorating. No one benefits from having irrational expectations.

Instead, acknowledge the house's problems or limitations and provide solutions to improve them. Your potential customers are more inclined to accept the work that has to be done if they know what to anticipate.

Choose adjectives wisely: Be evocative without being excessive in your praise. Keep in mind that when you are trying too hard, others can tell. For instance, everyone is aware that "cosy" is short for "extremely small." Your opportunity to be imaginative and describe your listing in detail is in the real estate listing description. If you use too many extra adjectives, readers will assume you're trying to distort reality.

Include words that add value: There are words that can help a house listing, even though you might wish to avoid the red flag words mentioned above. Immaculate, opulent, and manicured were discovered to help raise sales prices. Therefore, your real estate selling description will undoubtedly be lavish if the master bathroom has a jacuzzi tub.

Highlight unique features: A home's personality can help it sell. Does the master bedroom have a fireplace? Or perhaps the entranceway's original stained glass window? It will at the very least assist prospective buyers in distinguishing your listing from the other dozen that they are browsing.

The correct purchasers will be interested if you mention a few unique elements in your real estate listing description. It might ultimately be what prompts a prospective buyer to arrange a showing.

Take notice of punctuation: Not every phrase needs to end with an exclamation point! Nothing is amazing if everything is! On the other hand, make sure you punctuate your sentences. Information is lost and it is difficult to follow long, winding sentences.

Use entire sentences and the right punctuation while writing your real estate listing description. Readers will respect the time you invested in writing a clear, concise summary.

Leave out super basic info: Other areas of your online ad make the number of beds, bathrooms, stories, and so on visible. This also applies to your contact information, such as your phone number. You ought to include that in your email or on your landing page. Save the juicy facts that will compel potential buyers to schedule a viewing of your real estate listing for the description.

Use great photos: Although you can't write about it, images are a crucial component of your listing. Consumers now want high-quality images and are more tech-savvy than ever. People will go on to the next listing if your photographs are darkly lit, blurry, or too small to see anything.

Smartphones are capable of almost anything, including capturing fairly good pictures. The greatest lighting to use is natural light if you remember nothing else. Get to snapping and open the drapes!

Focusing on your clients: Writing a real estate listing description is only a small portion of the time-consuming process of assisting your clients in buying or selling a home. Time is a scarce resource because there are so many things that need to be done, including showings, inspections, closings, and other activities. Newsletter writing and social media interaction with your network might not even be on the list of things to accomplish.

I hope this explains to you how to write a property description.

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