Best Home Painters in Faridabad

Best Home Painters in Faridabad

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House painting service - Faridabad
Revamp your Home
While entering into a new decade of 2020, if you wish to revamp your house and are seeking colour-inspiration, take a seat and let us help you understand the paint colour trends that are likely to make your home more lively. The paint colours you choose say a lot about you as a person and can also transform your home completely. It is important to get professional painters in Faridabad to come and help to paint your house. You can try these colours on your walls to give your home a whole new look and feel. These colours are popular all through the world, all you need to do now is hire the best painters in Faridabad to get the job done.
  1. First Light – A Rosy Pink Hue
    /n Bid bye to the dark red and green, the new decade is all about being subtle and sophisticated. The first light is a rosy pink hue that is set to make your home livelier in tandem with offering a touch of sophistication. You can choose this hue to paint your living room or your kid’s room.
  2. White Heron – An Orange Hue
    Take your desire for a simple home to the next level with white heron. The hue gives a cool and clean definition to your house. To add to that, the touch of light orange makes it look spacious. You can choose this orange hue for your balcony and store-room to make it look less messy and brighter.
  3. Oxford Grey – A Blue Hue
    Home is meant to unwind and relax, so why not give it the colour that is known to be relaxing? Oxford grey makes sure that you get a warm and comfortable feeling at your home with its carefree vibe. You can choose this blue hue for your drawing room and your bedroom.
  4. Cushing Green – A Green Hue
    What if you could wake up to the sight of nature? It would have been wonderful, but given the increasing industrialisation in Faridabad, nature is going extinct. Fret Not! With a stroke of cushing green on the walls of your house, you can bring nature home. The hue gives an earthy feel, thereby taking over the entire aura of the house. You can opt for this green hue to paint the walls of your kitchen to make cooking more interesting and eating more satisfying.
  5. Crystalline – A Silver Hue
    Feeling like you own the world? Then crystalline colour is going to be your colour with its silver hue. The colour brings to the fore your true vigour from your core. Let your home bring out the real hero hidden in you with its invigorating silver feel. You can select crystalline for Gym and study room in your house.
Are Professional Painters required?
Now that you know which colour you want on which wall; it is time that you call for a professional painter. Though the mere thought of renovating your house may seem exciting at first, let us put forward an ugly reality-check for you. Painting a house is not only decorating your walls; it is to keep your house safe from water and sunlight. Professional painters know the types of paints available in the market, and can help you select the best-suited one for your home’s need. This is only one occasion where you fall short of the required expertise. You don’t have the required painting tools and equipment that can make the painting job easy. If you decide to buy these tools, they can turn expensive and you may not use them for next three years. By the time your home again requires painting, the tools may already be worn out. So, it is better to opt for a professional painter. Let’s get on the mess directly. Painting on your own may be good for your budget, but it is definitely not good for your floors. When you decide to paint, you need proper covers that can protect floors, sofas, chairs, and other household equipment from staining. All these hassles are not worth your efforts, especially when you can hire a trusted painter in your own Faridabad city with just a few taps. You are only required to download the NoBroker app or simply go to the NoBroker website.
How to hire a professional, trusted painter in Faridabad?
If you are wondering how to hire a professional painter in Faridabad using NoBroker, you only need to follow these three steps:
  • Post your requirements: Tell us what exactly are your painting needs. You can tell us about the colour you want, the number of rooms to be painted, etc.
  • Schedule a free investigation: Before confirming to the service, our professional painters make sure to give an exact quote for time and material required for painting service. For this, they require to survey your house. You can select a time and date for the survey as per your availability.
  • Get served: Once the survey is done, our professional painters come with materials and covers to paint your house while ensuring that your floor and other equipment are protected.
What Cost Range Should You Look at for Painting Services?
The cost of painting a house depends on its size. Bigger the size of the house, higher is the cost to paint a house. Besides this, you have to let the painting contractors know the type of service you require—rental, fresh, or repainting. For example, paint cost in Faridabad can cost Rs. 15/square feet to Rs. 25/square feet. If you have a house of 1500 square feet, the cost could range from Rs. 28,000 to Rs. 33,000. You can use an online calculator to calculate the cost of materials required. However, it is always better to know the exact quote for your specific requirement rather to delve into the estimations. With the help of NoBroker, you receive background-verified professionals, who give you an exact quote after taking a tour to your house. We also offer you coverage of any type of damage done to your house during the service. Get ready for a dust- and hassle-free experience with painting contractors of NoBroker.


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