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What is Smart Door Lock System?



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I had first seen a smart door locking system at a friend’s housewarming party. When I renovated my house, I too got a smart door lock installed. It is genuinely a revolutionary upgrade that redefines home security. Trust me, I have been using it for two years now.

I would say that a smart door lock system is an advanced security solution that replaces the conventional doorknob and key with a digitally controlled locking mechanism. And rightly so, because this innovative system offers many benefits, 

Smart Door Lock Features

Smart door locks are a success because of their enhanced security features. Here are a few features that stood out for me;

  1. Multiple unlocking methods, including fingerprint recognition, smartphone app access, and voice commands. We can literally choose the most secure and convenient option for our needs.

  2. I also feel that smart door locks offer a level of convenience and control that traditional locks simply cannot match. With the ability to grant access remotely, we can let in trusted guests or service providers even when we're not home.

  3. And the best part about smart door locks is that they provide real-time notifications whenever someone enters or exits your home, keeping you informed and in control. This feature is particularly beneficial for monitoring babysitters, pet sitters, or even family members who come and go at different times.

Like me, you can also customize the system to fit your unique needs and preferences, setting access codes, granting temporary permissions, and even scheduling access for specific times.

I hope my answer helps you in getting a grasp of what is a smart door lock.

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There are two basic categories of smart locks. Adapted smart door locks, which use the current lock and only add smart technology, and native smart door locks, which demand the installation of a brand-new lock with smart capabilities. Let me tell you a thing or two about the digital door lock.

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How do smart door lock works?

Smart locks, which don't require a physical key to operate, let you open your door without it. A smartphone app can be used to remotely operate them. Several designs have a lock-mounted numeric keypad where a special access code can be entered. A smart lock can be controlled by a code or smartphone command by connecting to the WiFi network in your home.

Why you should choose a smart lock?

  • Your smartphone serves as both your key and lock with a smart lock. No need to get home quickly to welcome visitors or a delivery person at the door; just log into your app from wherever you are and unlock your front door.

  • You'll enjoy the keyless capability that enables you to unlock your door with a simple code. No key is needed if you've ever stood at your front door while searching through your luggage for your keys.

  • Making duplicates of your key for everyone is no longer necessary with smart locks. Also, this is considerably safer for preventing future thefts than having many copies of your house key lying around.

This is all you need to know about the digital door lock.

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A traditional door lock is an object which is only made for a single key, whereas a smart digital lock can be controlled and managed with other "smarter" technology such as Wifi or Bluetooth. These locks can also connect with other devices such as your smartphone, where you can access the lock's app and manage your home security with ease. Like any other door lock, digital locks also use a latch or a bolt, which runs from the door and the doorframe to prevent access.
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A smart lock is an electronic and mechanical locking system that opens only after authentication. If a smart door lock system is installed in a home an owner of the home can enter the house without a traditional key. They just need to pass the authentication process. To pass the authentication process a smartphone is required. Smart door locks provide security to the home. Nowadays, with modification smart locks are considered the internet of things (IoT). Generally, people use smart locks for main door. This is what is smart door lock system called.

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Now that we know what are smart door lock means, let us learn about the advantages and disadvantages of smart lock for main door


Advantages of smart locks:

  • They easily work with smartphones.

  • No need to take your keys inside your pocket.

  • It is hard for people to break into the house if the smart lock is installed.

  • Smart locks provide security which in turn keeps children safe inside the house.

  • Smart locks offer Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.


  • It will be difficult to enter the house if the smart lock is connected to the electricity of the house if there is a blackout.

  • Smart door locks are vulnerable to hackers.

  • If there is something wrong with the app or the technology the smart door lock can cause inconvenience. 

  • Installation charges of smart locks are higher than normal locks.

I hope you understand the meaning, advantages and disadvantages of smart door lock system now.

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