How to Remove Texture from Walls?


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    It can be difficult to remove texture from walls, but with the appropriate strategy on how to remove texture from walls and some prior knowledge, it is possible. I've gone through this procedure personally, so I can speak from experience about how to successfully remove texture from walls.

    Methods for Removing Wall Texture:

    1. Scrape it Off

    • To delicately remove texture from walls, use a drywall scraper or a putty knife.

    • Work your way downward starting at the top.

    • Be patient because this strategy calls for some hard work.

    1. Sanding

    • Utilizing a sanding block or orbital sander, lightly sand the surface that has texture.

    • Wear appropriate protection because this method generates a lot of dust despite being less labor-intensive.

    1. Sponge and water:

    • Use a sponge or a spray bottle to wet the wall before removing textured wallpaper.

    • Allowing it to sit will soften the texture.

    • Sand it down or gently scrape it off.

    1. Skim Coating

    • Over the texturing, apply a thin coating of joint compound (mud).

    • Utilizing a drywall knife, smooth it out.

    • When it has dried, sand it for a smooth finish.

    1. Chemical Removers:

    • Make use of a specialized texture or paint remover.

    • Carefully adhere to the manufacturer's directions.

    • Take precautions because this procedure, while potentially beneficial, may entail powerful chemicals.

    1. Using fresh drywall to cover:

    If the texture is really difficult to remove, think about using fresh drywall sheets to cover it.

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