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How can a Provisional Member Become an Owner of a Property?


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Wondering how can a provisional member become an owner of a property? When it comes to property ownership transfer, there are several ways a provisional member (such as a nominee or legal heir) can become the owner of a property. Let’s explore some options:

  1. Nomination and Provisional Membership:

    • If the original flat owner has nominated someone (e.g., a family member) in the Nomination Form, the nominee becomes a provisional member.

    • Required documents for provisional membership:

      • Original Nomination Form in Appendix No. 14, filled by the deceased flat owner in the name of the nominee.

      • Nominator’s (deceased flat owner’s) copy of the death certificate.

      • Membership application (Appendix 15) by the nominee.

      • Provisional Membership entrance fee (usually Rs. 100/-).

      • Xerox copies of the nominee’s Aadhar Card and Pan Card.

    • The provisional member has limited rights (e.g., attending General Body meetings) but cannot contest the Managing Committee Election of the Society.

  2. Transfer of Ownership:

    • To become the absolute owner, the provisional member needs:

      • Flat owner’s will’s probate or succession certificate of the deceased flat owner.

      • Alternatively, a “Release Deed” on Rs. 500/- Non-Judicial Stamp paper can transfer ownership without costly court documents.

    • Consult your society to understand their specific process.

I hope you found this answer helpful.

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