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How to prevent water seepage through walls?


    One structural issue that most Indian house owners face is wall seepage. It causes irreparable damages and needs to be cured every year through repainting. I want to tell you that you can easily avoid all these troubles by taking some effective preventive measures. Here you will read how to prevent water seepage through walls:

    Proper Drainage

    Leaky water tanks can cause in-wall dampness due to moisture, so I suggest you inspect the house drainage system first. Make sure you install durable water pipes and check the joints are properly sealed.

    Fill Up Cracks

    If you want to know how to stop water leakage from wall in India, then this is an important point. You should use waterproof cohesive material and dense mortar to seal the wall cracks. You should use white cement (putty) to fix structural cracks, such as wall tiles or damaged roofs.


    Exterior waterproofing coats are essential for the external walls if you want to prevent seepage.  A waterproof coat helps create a barrier to moisture and rainwater and prevents damp walls in your house.

    Similarly, moisture can seep through the concrete and damage the walls when the paint used for the walls is of poor quality. This is why I recommend you use good-quality water-resistant paints that contain silicon to make the wall extra strong.

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    Things to Keep in Mind While Cooking

    Cookers and pans create a good amount of steam. This is why you should cover pans with a lid to prevent the steam from going out. Plus, do not forget to replace the filter on your cooker hood regularly. It is a great tip if you want to know how to stop water seepage in walls easily.

    I hope you like these tips on how to prevent water seepage through walls!

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