Arch Door Designs- When Modern Architecture Revisits the Past

In any house, the doors are always the focal point that sets the tone for the rest of the house interiors. Interestingly enough, arch doors are like a blast from the past. Ancient Romans first used arched entrances for all the right reasons! After all, some soft curves in the doorways provide that much-needed softness to your interior design and prevent the predictability of straight lines. However, modern arch designs have evolved into an elegant style statement for your interiors.

You are spoilt with choice when it comes to styling doors as you can adapt from classic Roman and Gothic arches or stay closer to home with some Moroccan and Turkish inspired architecture. From concrete to steel to wood to glass to mixed material designs- arch door design materials have also come a long way! Whether you wish for an arch design for the main door or some pooja room door arch designs, some gentle curves are a great way to bring some classic elegance to any space. We bring you the latest trends in arched doors. Take your pick!

Home front door arch designs- How trendy are they?

Arch Door Design
The beauty of this French-style doorway is further highlighted by the concrete front door arch design

A look into the recent trends will reveal the most significant discovery of the year- that flat edges are out, curves are in! Arches are cropping up in almost every house, especially in the front door area. This is because curves naturally add charm and grandeur and make even the smallest of entrances feel spacious.
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Surprised how arches suddenly made a comeback in the interior design scene? That is because they never really left the stage! Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, arches in doorways and hallways were seen in suburban homes, though they never really stood out as an outstanding design element. But, in the modern interior design scenario, arched doorways have attained cult status due to their universal appeal. No matter what type of interior you choose, you can never go wrong with an arched door in the front house. It is evident as you can frequently spot various Indian main door designs with arch. And no, inspiration does not always have to be foreign. You can also experiment with Rajasthani architecture and structures on your door archways. They look equally magnificent and lend an ethnic appeal to your home exteriors.

Make a statement with these stunning arch door designs

Arch Door Design
This sliding single wooden arch door design with pottery barn wood is aesthetically pleasing

Arches have been making a splash in hallways and kitchen entrances as well, in addition to front doors. Technically, an arch can be defined as a curved structure that supports the top wall as well as the profile of the arch. If you have high ceilings, arches highlight that thus lending a spacious feel to your interiors. Add to that the fact that arch designs elevate the elegance quotient of your rooms; you can understand why they are so popular!
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1 A Roman Inspired Passageway with multiple arches

Arch Door Design
Experiment with uniform arches for your doors and windows

Look at this design, and you will be reminded of ancient Rome. The giant domes and arches made of stone and wood have been an inspiration here. The only difference is that the arches are constructed with bricks and plaster, but it looks equally regal. Also, note that the arch design window and door are all of uniform height and dimensions to provide asymmetry to this space and allow lots of natural light, which illuminates this foyer area.

2 Install Gothic-style doorways in your bathroom

Arch Door Design
These doorways are ideal for installation anywhere in the house

These arches are sharpened at their apex and are eye-catching design elements for any modern home. This distinctive three-point arch design reinstates the Gothic vibe in this bathroom. The window is designed to keep it in perfect balance with the dimensions and shape of the archway. You can experiment with an open three-pointed or pinched arch design.

3 Make a statement with pillars and arches

Arch Door Design
Asymmetrical archways can make for spectacular art pieces themselves

Both pillars and arches are known for their supporting strength and their various aesthetics. Now it’s time to combine these two design elements and produce an asymmetrical arch door design. This art nouveau style arch helps connect the door and the side window to make for an exciting art piece. The concrete pillar design, as well as the wrought-iron grill design on the glass, is what makes this front house stand out!

4 Neutralise low ceilings with Tudor style arches

Arch Door Design
Tudor style arch door design is perfect for houses with lower ceilings

There is an arch for every type of house, as the saying goes. Low ceilings do not mean the world’s end is near, at least design-wise! The arches here seem shallow and compressed but don’t look out of place due to the rustic brick wall design of the front house. These arch designs are much more comprehensive than taller ones and look elegant as they successfully avoid the roof beams.

5 Pop door arch designs in white to brighten your space

Arch Door Design
Colour your arches in white to brighten up your interiors

Victorian style pop arch designs have made a comeback in modern interiors and how! The wrought iron design at the top, coupled with the faux wall arch, makes a statement here. In addition to perfectly connecting the inner house with the foyer/staircase area, the bright white contrasts beautifully with the soft mustard hues of the walls. 

6 Highlight your door arch design with stained glass

Arch Door Design
Double door arch designs like these make for excellent front door entrances

Glass is evergreen, but you can take it up another notch with stained glass paintings like this. The narrow dome-like arch is white, contrasting beautifully with the surrounding grey walls. The stained-glass double door design makes this door archway stand out.

7 Bring in a bit of the yesteryear with French-style doorways

Arch Door Design
Heavy wrought iron detailing increases the beauty of this modern arch door design

Simple pop arch designs for the main door might be okay for some, but it might seem a bit too bland for others. So, what to do? Beautify this area by adding some glass panes and top it off with heavily ornate designs. This arch door grill design is what sets this entrance apart from others. Some gold finishes on this charcoal painted door design finishes the look.

8 Play around with dual kitchen arch designs

Arch Door Design
If you have a lot of space to spare, double kitchen arches are the way to go!

This beautiful two-toned kitchen looks more radiant and spacious with the introduction of a dual kitchen arch design. While one arch serves its obvious purpose as the doorway, another pop arch design supports the kitchen worktop while also providing an unhindered view of the house for the person cooking. Extra points for a thoughtful arrangement!

9 Play up the drama factor with gigantic Roman-style arches

Arch Door Design
Concrete arches lined by wooden beams are at the heart of this magnificent arch design

A simple glass and wooden door with an elevated arch design might be okay for a contemporary home in the city. But imagine a luxury abode amid the mountains. A rustic retreat vibe has been recreated in this foyer area with multiple Roman-style concrete arches supported by natural stone pillars. Each arch is further lined with wooden beams on all sides, while the overall beige and deep brown colour scheme perfectly plays up the rustic vibe.

10 Indian style arch designs for the puja room

Arch Door Design
Playing around with a lot of spiritual emblems and designs helps differentiate your puja area from the rest of the house

This gold finish arch against polished wood looks beautiful even at first glance. Traditional ethnic and spiritual Hindu carvings have been blended well onto this conventional wooden door. The arch design somewhat resembles the entrance of a mandir giving a distinct vibe to this doorway design.

11 Usher in an opulent Mediterranean style kitchen with wooden arches

Arch Door Design
Stick with wooden furnishings for your kitchen if you want a rustic-chic vibe in your kitchen

How can we forget the quintessential wood for arch door designs? How can we forget the ideal wood? As we have often emphasised, nothing is more versatile and durable than wood. But yes, they do come at a price. However, if budget is not a concern, then take a look at this Victorian-style wooden arch design which effortlessly connects the living room with the kitchen. The high ceilings allow you to build as much storage space as you want!

12 Stay ahead of the trends with Moroccan style arched doors and windows

Arch Door Design
Islamic influence is very evident in Middle Eastern-style door archways

Gothic arches that open into the garden outside are heavily influenced by mosque architecture. Gold painted wrought iron filigree is done over the glass panes, which adds to the beauty of this tall arch design. Try this arch door design if you have a lot of space in the foyer area.

13 A countryside cottage style entrance with natural stone slats

Arch Door Design
Bring in some Spanish vibe with these natural stone slats

How do you make a simple country door stand out? Focus on creating a statement door arch design! The natural stone arch design complements the bright green door beautifully. Add a few flowers and greens here and there, and you have the perfect dreamy countryside entrance!

14 Get inspired by Rajasthani Havelis

Arch Door Design
Jaipuri architecture is an excellent choice for a distinct door arch design

Adding some Indian touch to your entrances can never go out of style! Have a paved pathway leading to your door? Then this decorative arched door design is perfect for you! The Rajasthani haveli style arch is supported by elaborate pillars on both sides, while the small gaps in the walls are ideal for illuminating the entrance during the evening.

15 Tuscan inspired dining area with glass door arch design

Arch Door Design
The glass doors further accentuate this double door arch design

Thanks to the glass doors that allow natural light inside, this dining area seems spacious. But what catches the eye here is the faux brick wall on which a wide door arch has been designed. You can also experiment with a combination of arched doors and windows against the brick walls.

We are sure you have many ideas on the perfect arch door designs for your home. They come in various styles and aesthetics and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Want to know more about interior design tips? Visit our blog section. If you are stuck designing your interiors, then NoBroker interior designers are always ready to help! You can consult them for possible design options in your budget and preference. So, when can we expect a call?


Q1- How to include Moroccan and Turkish style arches in my interiors?

A1- These arches are Gothic style and look better in slightly spacious areas. These styles usually involve a lot of architecture and intricate details, so a larger space may be necessary to highlight the beauty of this design.

Q2- What Indian style arches can be installed inside the house?

A1- You can choose the Haveli style mandala arches or simple arches with intricate ethnic motifs and spiritual emblems. You can also use door arch designs for your puja room.

Q3- Can I go with multiple door and window arch designs for the home?

A3- Sure, go ahead if you have a lot of space to share. Be it in the living room or the passageway, having so many windows and doors will help brighten up your space instantly.

Q4- Is a pop simple arch design a good idea?

A4- Of course. They are aesthetically pleasing and can be made after inspiration from various design trends.

Q5- Why are main door arch designs so much in demand nowadays

A5- Door arches look great and are pretty versatile style-wise. You can create a variety of aesthetics by simply playing around with materials, arch designs and, of course, the door itself.

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