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Top questions
Do I need to visit any government office?
Not even once. We will conduct the whole process for you online / at your home.
How much will it cost?
Please click here to know the charges. Apart from our convenience fee, the charges typically include stamp duty, registration charges, etc.
Landlord and tenant are in different locations?
NoBroker can arrange visits by our field executives at both locations. (extra charges apply).
Is Aadhar e-sign valid?
Yes, Aadhaar eSign based digital signatures are a legally accepted and secure manner of electronically signing documents, under effect of Gazette Notification No. 2015 Jan -GSR 61(E) Electronic Signature or Electronic Authentication Technique and Procedure Rules, 2015.
Which documents are required?
Our form will help with the process step-by-step. Please login and create your agreement.
Renting a Property in Pune? Here’s What you Should Know Before Doing So
You have postponed your plans to own a house, as you do not want to welcome the hassles to pay the EMI every month. However, when you decide to rent a place, the way is not an easy one, especially when you look at the rental agreement in Pune.
  • Firstly, you have to get your landlord/tenant on the same page, when it comes to the clauses.
  • Next, you have to take all the time in the world to draft an agreement.
  • Find a biometric verification person, and then, go to the office to get the agreement.

All this, to register your rental agreement, means spending a a lot of money and time. When you are renting a property for the first time, you may be confused with the process and the legal terms. To bring in clarity, here is a guide to help you understand the whats and hows of rental agreement in Pune.
What are the Documents Required for the Creation of Rental Agreement in Pune?
Whether you are a resident of Pune or are from outside of it, you will need the following legal documents as per your designation:
Following documents are to be presented by the landlord for the creation of the rental agreement:
  • Electricity Bill
  • Pan Card
  • Aadhaar Card

Following documents are to be presented by the tenant for the creation of the rental agreement (Indian Citizen):
  • Aadhaar Card (If not, the receipt of Aadhaar card)
  • Pan Card

Following documents are to be presented by the tenant for the creation of the rental agreement (Foreigner):
  • Original Passport
  • Pan Card

Following documents are to be presented by the two witnesses for the creation of the rental agreement:
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Pan Card

Once you ensure that you have these documents in place, you can proceed to the next step. If you don’t have an Aadhaar card, it is recommended to register for one, so as to enjoy easy and quick processing.
What is the Cost for Stamp Duty for the Registration of Rental Agreement in Pune?
Typically, the rental agreement is created for 11 months to avoid spending a lot of money and legal repercussions. When the rental tenure extends that of the 11-month time bracket, registration of the rental property becomes must as per Section 17 of the Registration Act of 1908.
Besides this, when the tenure reaches a period of 12 months, a number of laws come into play. This makes registration necessary by paying stamp duty and other charges. Usually, a stamp paper of Rs. 20 – Rs. 100 can suffice for the rental agreement in Pune for 11 months.
Is Aadhaar Card Important for the Registration of the Rental Agreement in Pune?
Aadhaar card holds supreme importance among the other identity proofs, as it can suffice the need of address proof, identity proof, and it is biometrically verified. However, an Aadhaar card is not mandatory for the registration of the rental agreement.
When you are taking the offline route, you can use other identity proofs such as Pan card or an election card. However, if you wish to register the tenancy agreement online in Pune, you will need an Aadhaar card number.
Do you need to Go to the Registration Office in Pune?
The government of India has taken ample care to ensure utmost convenience for citizens by taking the process online. You can hire a lawyer to take care of the draft or appoint a company for the registration of the rental agreement, you do not have to visit the registration office.
In most of the cases, you can get your rental agreement at your home through courier service. Besides this, there’s no need process of police verification, which further adds to the convenience, when it comes to the registration of the rental agreement in Pune.
Is it Possible for the Tenant or the Landlord to Create a Rental Document without Any Professional Help?
If you simply look for the service providers of rental agreements in Pune, you will get an overwhelmingly big list. Now, you will have to sort out the reliable rental agreement service providers in Pune out of this list. Next, you will interview them to test their genuineness. Then comes the tough part—the cost aspect.
Registration of the rental agreement is a simple task, and yet many companies charge excessively. In such a case, it is obvious to take up the task to create a rental agreement on your own.
It is definitely possible to create a rental document without any professional help. All you need to do is gather all the required documents from the tenant/landlord and fill the form. It is recommended that you use an online portal for the creation of the rental agreement, which will make it convenient for you. However, ensure that all the parties have an Aadhaar card for the process.
What are Some of the Important Clauses to Be Added to the Rental Agreement?
A rental agreement is a gateway to avoid any type of conflict during the tenant’s stay period. Below are some of the important clauses that you need to discuss with your landlord/tenant before creating a draft:
  1. What will be the Rent if the Tenant Overstays the Rent Period?
    If a tenant does not move out, even after the agreed period is over, you need to decide whether the tenant will continue to pay the rent on the monthly, weekly, or daily basis. Besides this, since the lock-in period is over, the landlord may increase the rent. In such a case, it is crucial for the tenant to know the scenario after the agreed period is over.
  2. What will be the Lock-in Period?
    If the term lock-in period sounds Greek to you, let’s help you understand it. A lock-in period is the one wherein neither the tenant nor the landlord can terminate the rental agreement.
  3. Are Pets Allowed in the Property?
    A number of landlords do not like tenants with pets. In such cases, it is crucial for you, as a tenant, to discuss if the pets can stay in the premise. If the landlord and tenant are living in the same property and the owner owns a pet, the tenant has the right to ask the owner to keep the pet away from his boundary. Thus, mutual grounds can be reached before the creation of the rental agreement to avoid any conflict in future.
  4. What about the Painting, Maintenance, and Repair Work?
    You may move into the flat and your geyser may stop working abruptly. In such a case, when you ask your owner to reimburse the cost, he may shy away from paying it, if the same is not mentioned in the rental agreement. In such a case, you should take this aspect seriously and discuss the same.
  5. Is there a Penalty for Late Payment?
    Some tenants take the due date for granted and miss out on paying the rent on the decided upon date. In such a case, an owner may charge late fees for the same. However, to avoid any discrepancy, it is crucial to discuss the late payment beforehand, and the same can be included in the list of clauses.
  6. Is there a Fuss About Food Habits and Drinking?
    Many landlords take food very seriously and do not like foreign food habits. For example, your owner may be a vegetarian and may not like the kitchen being used to cook non-vegetarian meals. In some cases, he may allow the preparation of eggs but not meat. Besides this, you may also be prohibited from bringing alcohol to the property. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to discuss your food habits with the property owner.
  7. Are guests of the other gender allowed to the flat?
    This applies to you if you are a bachelor. Some owners may not like the arrival of another gender to the property. In such a case, you have to discuss it with your owner prior to the creation of the rental agreement.
  8. What if the Landlord/Tenant Breaks a Rule?
    The clauses will be written on the stamp paper. In such a case, it should be made clear about the worst-case scenarios. The tenant and the landlord should discuss the repercussions when one of them breaks any clause.
    Having all these aspects discussed will help you in the long run. Now that you are clear on what you should add to the rental agreement, you should create one as soon as possible. If you want to save the cost and time, you can simply decide to seek professional help from branded service providers.
    We, at NoBroker, can assist you in the creation of the rental agreement. You can simply visit and fill the required details. Once done, you can schedule an appointment for biometric verification and you will receive your tenancy agreement in your mail box.


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