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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to visit any government office?
Not even once. We will conduct the whole process for you online / at your home.
How much will it cost?
Please click here to know the charges. Apart from our convenience fee, the charges typically include stamp duty, registration charges, etc.
Landlord and tenant are in different locations?
You can use the Aadhar eSign based digital signature service.
Is Aadhar e-sign valid?
Yes, Aadhaar eSign based digital signatures are a legally accepted and secure manner of electronically signing documents, under effect of Gazette Notification No. 2015 Jan -GSR 61(E) Electronic Signature or Electronic Authentication Technique and Procedure Rules, 2015.
Which documents are required?
Our form will help with the process step-by-step. Please login and create your agreement.
Will I receive a hard copy?
Yes, a hard copy of the agreement will be delivered to your address.

Is it Necessary to Register a Rental Agreement, if you are Staying in a Town (Faridabad)?

Escaping the legal procedure and yet living a life of dignity may be the dream of many criminals. However, if you do not want to be deemed a criminal, you need to register a rental agreement in Faridabad. Failure to do so can land you in jail for not providing proper information to the authorities about your tenant. In the worst cases, when a tenant is a criminal, which you find out after some time, you may have to face the consequences of providing shelter to a criminal. Hence, it is a good idea to register a rental agreement in Faridabad to keep yourself under the protection of the Constitution.

What Rights Can a Tenant and an Owner Enjoy with and Without a Rental Agreement in Faridabad?

There are some rights that only a rental agreement provides to the owners and the tenants. However, the tenants and the owners are eligible to receive some rights even without a rental agreement.
Below is a separate list of rights that both parties can possess with and without the registration of the rental agreement:
Rights of an Owner without a Rental Agreement:

  • An owner of a registered rental property, though without a rental agreement, is eligible for receive the monthly rent from the tenant.
  • An owner has the property to claim possession of the property after the tenant vacates the flat.
  • A landlord can ask the tenant to pay the security deposit, which he intends to pay after the tenant vacates the rental property.
  • A landlord has the right to form the dos and don’ts for the property he rents, and the tenant has to abide by the property rules set by him.
  • A landlord holds the right to transfer the property to someone else and to put the same in his will.

Rights of an Owner with a Rental Agreement:

  • An owner can ask the tenant to move out of the rental property at any point in time. He has to provide the tenant with a notice period of at least 30 days to vacate the flat and look for a new property. However, in case the tenant is found to be breaching any clause of the registered rental agreement or involved in any illegal activities, the owner may not even give him notice and terminate the agreement immediately.
  • The landlord possesses the right to hold the security deposit, in case the tenant fails to pay the rent on time. On the exhaustion of the security deposit, the owner may ask the tenant to either pay the rent or move out of the rental period, once the grace period is over. However, before doing so, the owner must ensure that he has mentioned about the subletting clause and payment delay clause in the rental agreement. Otherwise, the notice period clause and the security deposit clause can work against the owner.
  • An owner can choose what appliances and facilities he wants to provide to the tenant, and the same have to be in writing in the rental agreement, printed on a stamp paper. This will empower the owner to ask the tenant not to make use of utilities that are not listed in the rental property agreement.
  • A rental agreement proves that the tenant is staying for a short period of time, and the tenant, at any point in time, cannot claim possession of the property. There are two witnesses present during the registration process, who can speak in favour of the owner, in case the tenant tries to claim possession of the rental property.
  • Once the agreement is expired, the tenant has the right to terminate the contract and not renew it. In such a case, the tenant has to abide by the rules and serve the notice period.
  • The owner can use the security rent when the owner fails to pay the due rent of a month or to recover some kind of loss incurred by the tenant within the rental premises.

Rights of a Tenant without a Rental Agreement:
A tenant is more vulnerable when he does not have a registered rental agreement. This is because his security deposit is at stake. Below are some of the limited rights that a tenant holds without a rental agreement:

  • A tenant can use the rental property and the appliances provided by the owner.
  • A tenant is eligible to receive his due privacy, while he is paying the rent for the rental property he is residing in.
  • A tenant is eligible to receive the rent when he has completely served the notice period and maintained good behaviour.
  • A tenant can ask for a grace period, in case he is not able to pay the rent for the first time.
  • A tenant has the right to get reimbursed for any type of payment he has made for the repair and maintenance work of the rental agreement. However, he has to discuss the same with the owner prior to taking the services.

Rights of a Tenant on Registration of a Rental Agreement:
Undoubtedly, a tenant enjoys more rights when he has a registered rental agreement working in his favour. Below are some of the rights that a tenant holds during the lock-in period:

  • A tenant is eligible to receive his security deposit in full when he has served the entire notice period. An owner has to give proper justification in case he thinks there is any type of damage during his stay in the rental property.
  • A homeowner cannot terminate the contract and ask the tenant to evict the rental property without any prior intimation, especially when a tenant does not have anything to do in this case. A homeowner has to give a period of at least 30 days to the tenant to move out of the flat, and he has to release the security deposit of the tenant.
  • A tenant has the right to ask for privacy from the homeowner. An owner cannot enter the rental premise without prior permission from the tenant.
  • A tenant is eligible to receive a copy of the rental agreement. He holds the right to use the rental property as an address proof, while within the lock-in period.
  • A tenant has the right to receive compensation from his employer, in case the company policy is such that it offers benefits to people staying on rent.

Now that you have understood the many rights that a rental agreement offers to you upon registration, how about creating one for yourself?

How Much Time Does it Take to Create a Rental Agreement in Faridabad?

As opposed to the popular belief that legal processing is slow, you can register your rental agreement in a week’s time. The registration process has become fast-tracked. No longer do the tenant, and the homeowner has to go to the registrar’s office for the registration of the rental agreement. It can be done at the very comfort of your home if you choose the right rental agreement service provider.
Typically, if you take up the responsibility to register the rental agreement, the first three steps—filling in the details, gathering the documents, and drafting the rental agreement—may keep you occupied for at least a week. After that, you may ask for a biometric verification service by considering the availability of your tenant/owner and the witnesses. Once this is done, you will need another 4-5 days to receive the rental agreement.
So, considering every step and the challenges that you may encounter at each point, you might take at least two weeks to complete the entire registration process.

What is the Best Way to Go About the Registration of a Rental Agreement in Faridabad?

An ideal way to go about for the creation and registration of a rental agreement in Faridabad is to hire experienced professionals, who have been operating in the industry for quite some time now. These professionals have experienced all types of lawsuits and can provide you with the best guidance on the inclusion and exclusion of the clauses, thereby making the entire registration process reliant.
What’s more?
These service providers take all the processes online, and you do not have to make several trips by taking leaves from your work or college.

Who should you Partner with for the Registration of a Rental Agreement in Faridabad?

Given the ease that the digitalization offers, myriads of service providers have entered the rental agreement industry. However, not all of these can offer you the right guidance, when it comes to drafting the clauses.
Clauses are something that only an experienced service provider can help you with. As a result, you should always trust a brand when you want to register a rental agreement in Faridabad. You can choose NoBroker service providers, who can help you get through the rental agreement registration process easily.
All you have to do is, register your mobile number on the portal, fill in the required details, and schedule the biometric verification process. Our experts will take the registration process further from hereon, and you can expect the same within 3 to 4 business days.


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