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Kitchen Cleaning
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tagMove-In Kitchen Cleaning
starts from ₹ 1,199 ₹ 999
  • Oil deposits and stain removal from Gas stove, tiles, slab, sink, exhaust fan etc.
  • Cleaning of walls, floor, windows and ceiling including cobweb removal
  • External cleaning of appliances, chimney and cabinet/trolleys
  • Does not Include Utensil removal and replacement
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tagFull Kitchen Cleaning
starts from ₹ 1,699 ₹ 1,399
  • Includes all of Move-in kitchen cleaning
  • Utensil removal and replacement is included
  • Deep cleaning of cabinets/trolleys from inside is included
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Think Kitchen Cleaning is a Challenge? Not Anymore!
All that you need to know about Kitchen cleaning in Bangalore and also about the differences that deep cleaning of your kitchen can bring to your home kitchen.
Kitchen Cleaning Services In Bangalore: An Easy way to a Clean Kitchen
The struggles of kitchen cleaning in Bangalore are something you will easily relate to. A kitchen takes way longer than any other room to be cleaned. For many of us in Bangalore, weekends are spent in the kitchen deep cleaning. This is where Nobroker comes into the frame with amazing kitchen's deep cleaning service to switch fro regular cleaning to ultra cleaning. From decent to heavy cleaning, deep kitchen cleaning services will set kitchen goals for you, and here is how.
How Do Professionals Assist For Kitchen Deep Cleaning In Bangalore?
Many people think that professional kitchen cleaning services are in vain as it will not make much difference to the kitchen. But this is not so. These advises are based on misconceptions. There is no point in struggling with the kitchen and spending hours when you can make it easy by hiring a professional cleaning service. With kitchen cleaning services, you can get rid of the most rigid oil stains and end up with the original texture of the kitchen. From cleaning the kitchen sink drain to cleaning kitchen cabinets, professional cleaners will make it their responsibility to clean every nook and cranny of your kitchen. Make a difference in your home kitchen with this kitchen cleaning method.
Our Way Of Providing Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services
We provide you with deep kitchen cleaning services in Bangalore in several ways. Here is everything included in the kitchen cleaning service.
Window & Exhaust Fan Cleaning:
  • Putting on an exhaust fan seems to take all your pains away. You do not have to worry about sneezing, itching, or the smell of burns, because the exhaust fan is functional in this regard.
  • But, the real tension arrives with exhaust fan cleaning because the fan is loaded with grease, oil, dirt, and even small cobwebs.
  • Our kitchen exhaust fan cleaning service solves such problems by pursuing a thorough cleaning strategy for exhaust fans. Every bit of dirt is removed to give back the original silver color that you bought long back.
Wiping Of Appliances From Outside:
  • Wiping off kitchen appliances will never feel this easy when cleaning will be done with the right tools and accessories.
  • Be it cleaning the gas stove top, deep cleaning the dishwasher or deep cleaning the microwave, it is all done completely by professional cleaners.
  • This helps to eliminate every kind of dirt and stain from the accessories.
  • It is also useful for cooking appliances like cleaning the air fryer. Our cleaning agents help you in in-depth cleaning of every appliance from its outer cover.
Cabinets Cleaning:
  • The next step is with in and out cleaning cupboards and cabinets. This is certainly the most demanded cleaning as every cabinet has leftover stains of oil, spices, or sauces.
  • These remain for a long time until it appears to be permanent. This is where cleaning kitchen cabinets and their service comes into the frame for cleaning the most uncertain and unbelievable stains.
  • Also, cabinet cleanliness is done from the outside and inside for complete cleaning.
Kitchen Platform Cleaning:
  • People often choose dark colours of granite because of the myth that it stains less. But this is not true. You will see the appearance of white stains turning yellow.
  • For this, we give service for cleaning granite countertops through which all the impossible stains are turned into possibly clean countertops.
  • If you seem to fail at cleaning the granite tops with regular cleaning, then this service is meant for you.
Cobwebs Removal:
  • Cobwebs can last for a long time in the most unusual of corners and can make the home dirty even in those spaces which are cleaned daily.
  • It is most commonly found on inaccessible spots like greasy chimney tops. For this reason, it is better to switch to professional help for the removal of cobwebs.
  • NoBroker Cleaning service professionals use a range of equipment for cleaning difficult-to-access corners like the back of the refrigerator or for say, exhaust fan cleaning. This leads to proper cleaning of every patch in the kitchen.
Dry Dusting Of Walls And Ceiling:
  • Our professional kitchen cleaning service uses the best methods for cleaning the kitchen.
  • Dry dusting too plays a crucial role in getting rid of dust equipped on the walls and cleaning. And, we understand that it needs to be cleaned peculiarly because dirt and dust accumulation can affect the quality of kitchen accessories and food items. Considering this, professional care is very important.
Floor Scrubbing:
  • Floor scrubbing comes into the picture for the adamant stains from oil and food spills appearing on the marble and tile floors.
  • We tackle such stains by cleaning kitchen floor tiles scientifically and thoroughly making sure that the space is spotlessly clean all the while following proper protocols for sanitation.
Advanced Policies For Kitchen Cleaning In Bangalore By Nobroker
We follow several policies to give an amazing experience to our users. Here is what we take care of.
Provide Timely Service:
  • You get to choose your schedule for availing of the service and we make sure that you are never late for your kitchen cleaning service.
  • You can also change the duration in case you wish to reschedule it. This does not cost you any additional charges.
Give You Quality Experience:
  • For your kitchen deep cleaning services we have a trained staff of people who will reach out to you whenever you need it.
  • Our team is trained with experienced people who undergo several tests and sessions.
  • This is how they are eligible to use heavy-duty mechanical cleaners and chemicals for cleaning the kitchen professionally.
  • Also, we do a background check of the personnel for added security.
Everything At An Affordable Price:
  • Our kitchen deep cleaning service is delivered at an extremely reasonable price so that you don't have to worry about going broke with cleaning the kitchen.
  • Enjoy uncompromising services at budget-friendly prices.
Hygiene And Sanitation:
  • We use sanitisers and cleaners for keeping up the sanitation of the kitchens.
  • With this, our team also uses masks, gloves, and sanitary wear for the hygienic cleaning of the kitchen.
  • This ensures germ-free and protective kitchen for a very long run.
What Type Of Cleaners Do We Use For Sofa Washing Services In Bangalore?
Professional Cleaners For You
  • For deep sofa cleaning at your home, we provide you with a high-end solution. We use medically prescribed and government-authorised cleaners for scrubbing and stain removal. This lightens the stain to quite a huge extent and enhances the original colour of the sofa too.
  • We also have heavy-duty mechanised equipment for instant dust removal and deep cleaning. Also, sofa shampooing is done through efficient cleaners for plush and quality-driven cleaning. These can only be used in the hands of expert cleaners who are trained for their usage. Thus, enjoy a long-lasting and leisurely sofa at your home with our top-notch services.
Steps To Book Kitchen Cleaning Services Near Me
To book kitchen cleaning services near me you must follow these steps.
  • Step 1: Log in to the website or download the app to create an ID.
  • Step 2: Select the service of kitchen cleaning out of all the available options.
  • Step 3: Book your consultation by selecting the date and time.
Our Cleaning Tools For Kitchen Cleaning Services In Bangalore
We use professional cleaning agents for kitchen deep cleaning services. Each of our cleaners is government authorized and we choose approved cleaning chemicals to deliver a hygienic cleaning service. Heavy-duty machinery helps in the complete cleaning of the kitchen marvelously. Moreover, our team is trained professionally and incorrect usage of all the cleaning tools and equipment. So, if you want to see a brighter cooking space for yourself, then this is where you have to be. Book your exclusive kitchen cleaning service online today.
What cleaning solutions do you use?
Our cleaning agents are not regular cleaners, instead we use professional cleaning agents that are authorized by the government and medically available. With this, the types of equipments are technically advanced and heavy-duty mechanisms for stronger and long-lasting cleanliness
What are the cleaning services offered by you?
We provide full home cleaning services which include bathroom and toilet deep cleaning services, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning and bedroom cleaning. You can choose the service according to your 1BHK, 2BHK or 3BHK flat services to get the price quotation accordingly
How can I book a bathroom cleaning session?
To book your bathroom cleaning services online you need to download the app or register online. Select the services you want and pick the date and time accordingly. Lastly, choose the payment method and confirm your order for the service.
What is included in the bathroom cleaning service?
Our deep bathroom cleaning services include toilet cleaning service, wash basin cleaning, wash basin clog remover, bathroom sink cleaner, shower head cleaner, faucet cleaning, bathroom floor tiles cleaning, wall cleaning, mirror and glass cleaning, cobweb removal and cleaning of bathroom cabinets.
How long will it take to complete a bathroom cleaning session?
Bathroom cleaning services can be booked on a day convenient to you. NoBroker’s deep cleaning services also allow you to reschedule for free in case of change of plans or emergencies.
How will I benefit from using nobroker services?
You will get professional cleaning services for all the spaces and everything is available at an extremely affordable price.
How often should a bathroom be cleaned?
A bathroom must be cleaned at least twice a week.
How do you estimate the price of cleaning?
The price of cleaning will appear right on the screen after choosing the service. This makes estimation rather easy.
How do I find the right bathroom for deep cleaning services near me?
Finding out the right place for bathroom deep cleaning is not a rocket science as it can now be found online. Gone are the days of taking help from old cleaning services with traditional cleaning methods. Book the service online and get advanced cleaning of the bathroom that will stay for a long time.