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Sofa and Cushion cleaning
7k bookings near you

starts from ₹ 699 ₹ 359
  • Shampooing of sofa seats
  • Dry and wet vacuuming
  • Cushions not included
11 options

starts from ₹ 399 ₹ 179
  • Shampooing and dr vaccuming
2 options
Carpet cleaning
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starts from ₹ 699 ₹ 349
  • Removal of accumulated dust particles, dirt, debris
  • Application of foam based shampoo on the carpet using a sponge
  • Vacuuming & wiping the shampoo using a microfibre cloth
5 options
Best Sofa Cleaning in Bangalore: Upto 60% OFF - NoBroker
Learn everything there is to know about sofa cleaning in Bangalore and how Nobroker provides Sofa Cleaning in Bangalore by reading this comprehensive blog post.
Sofa Cleaning Services In Bangalore
Everything To Know About It
Bangalore city is a dream city for countless people today. Every person here is either hustling for jobs or making a mark with their business. The houses sometimes suffer amidst this hustle because there is no time for buying cleaning resources or for cleaning the house. Just like the sofa cleaning in Bangalore goes in the direction of dusting, but there is nothing more you can do about it. After all, neither the weather nor the time is suitable for cleaning. Not to worry, Nobroker brings you a qualified sofa cleaning service that will certainly make everything very easy. Get a hassle-free solution to all your sofa cleaning problems with our sofa cleaning services for your home in Bangalore.
How Is a Professional Sofa Cleaning In Bangalore Better Than Regular Cleaning?
Professional Cleaning For More Plush
  • Do you always limit your sofa stain removal process to dusting, or cleaning with detergents? If so, it would be wise to check out other methods of cleaning. Specialised cleaning methods including sofa deep cleaning are worth considering.
  • Professional cleaners with their specific tools, accessories, cleaning agents, and trained staff can deliver a fast,stress-free, effective cleaning of the sofa, helping you get back the shine of a new sofa that can only be dreamed of using traditional brooms and vacuum cleaners. So, if you are looking for a more effectively cleaned sofa, then professional couch cleaning is worth a try.
Our Services Of Sofa Cleaning At Home In Bangalore
After analysing how professional cleaning is way different from a regular one, here is everything included in Nobroker's sofa cleaning services in Bangalore.
Dust Extraction:
  • A vacuum cleaner is by far the best way to remove dust.
  • Professional vacuum cleaners take this a step further with way more power than a usual vacuum cleaner. Dust extraction is more efficient and so cleaning upholstery becomes much easier.
  • Such vacuum cleaners extract dust even from the inner layers. The surface of the sofa will stay clean for a very long time.
Scrubbing Of Fabric:
  • Cleaning stains from a sofa is tedious. We’ve all been there; Scrubbing the stains with detergent, expecting the stains to turn lighter.
  • Disappointingly so, the stains stay. NoBroker’s sofa stain removal methods and deep cleaning are powerful in this. We also provide sofa shampooing services that work wonders with adamant stains.
  • There are no stains left and scrubbing helps to enhance the original colour of the furniture.
Moisture Extraction:
  • Moisture inside the furniture is a very common problem in Bangalore because of the weather.
  • Our sofa and mattress cleaning services can solve any problematic moisture accumulation inside the fabric.
  • You do not need to rely on sunlight anymore to get rid of the fabric moisture because our heavy-duty machinery is enough to help this out.
Reconditioning Of Surface:
  • The last step of Sofa cleaning is the reconditioning of the surface intended to revamp the sofa.
  • If it is a fabric sofa, then plush tools are used for cleaning furniture fabric.
  • On the other hand, if it is a leather sofa then wax cleaning methods are used, for shining the upper surface and reconditioning it by scaling every unusual mark from the leather surface.
  • Reconditioning helps in renewing the surface layer and getting back the original shine.
Why Choose Us For Cleaning Upholstery In Bangalore?
Choosing NoBroker for sofa deep cleaning services brings you closer to several other perks. Here are the advantages that you will find only at Nobroker:
Trained And Experienced Staff:
  • NoBroker employs a team of trained and experienced staff for your sofa deep cleaning services.
  • The team members receive intense training so that they can indulge in deep cleaning of the furniture.
  • They are trained with the usage of professional cleaning agents and heavy machinery for deep sofa cleaning.
  • The personnel are background-verified top-of-the-line experts.
Timely Service:
  • You can reach out to NoBroker with a convenient date and time and we will make sure that we are there to assist you.
  • For this, you can choose the time at our online portal for your convenience.
  • Also, you can reschedule the dates without paying anything above or lacking anything below the price.
Lowest Prices:
  • We guarantee the best market rates for our sofa cleaning costs with uncompromising quality.
  • Additionally, the discounts that we give along with deals and offers mean that you receive a fantastic price.
  • There are no chances of hidden costs and surprising prices too because we provide our fair quotations beforehand.
Hygienic Protection:
  • Diligent hygiene measures are taken by the NoBroker Cleaning Services staff at every stage of the cleaning process.
  • We use a proper sanitation kit of masks, gloves, and caps.
  • We always end our cleaning with sanitization to keep your sofa clean and germ-free for the long run by using disinfectants on it.
What Type Of Cleaners Do We Use For Sofa Washing Services In Bangalore?
Professional Cleaners For You
  • For deep sofa cleaning at your home, we provide you with a high-end solution. We use medically prescribed and government-authorised cleaners for scrubbing and stain removal. This lightens the stain to quite a huge extent and enhances the original colour of the sofa too.
  • We also have heavy-duty mechanised equipment for instant dust removal and deep cleaning. Also, sofa shampooing is done through efficient cleaners for plush and quality-driven cleaning. These can only be used in the hands of expert cleaners who are trained for their usage. Thus, enjoy a long-lasting and leisurely sofa at your home with our top-notch services.
How To Book Your Sofa Cleaning Service In Bangalore?
Follow these simple steps to book a consultation for the best sofa cleaning services.
  • Step 1: Download the application or visit the website for the service.
  • Step 2: Select the service out of all the available options.
  • Step 3: Choose the date and time according to your convenience.
  • Step 4: Choose the mode of payment.
  • Step 5: Enjoy our hassle-free and quick delivery of services.
Which Types Of Sofas Do We Clean For Our Sofa Cleaning Services?
Every Sofa Under Our Guidance
Our couch cleaning service is available for all kinds of sofas. We provide
  • Leather Sofa Cleaning Service
  • Steam Clean Upholstery
  • Suede Couches Cleaning
  • Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services
  • Professional Velvet Sofa Cleaning
These are among the highly professional cleaning services that we provide to our customers. Reach out today for an instant query.
How Can I Clean My Fabric Sofa?
You must have used the traditional methods so far for sofa cleaning with detergents and shampoos. Instead, you can clean the fabric sofa professionally with our sofa cleaning services. Professional sofa cleaning services help in detailed cleaning of the furniture with removal of stains, extraction of dirt and moisture and complete cleaning for healthy and good looking sofa furniture.
How Much Does It Cost To Get Couches Cleaned?
We give you the best price quotations for sofa cleaning services. Book NoBroker Sofa cleaning services using the NoBroker mobile app and get your sofa cleaned for the cheapest price. Our price range starts from just Rs. 339 to reach out to Rs. 1019.
Is It Worth Cleaning A Sofa Professionally?
Indeed it is because we do in-depth cleaning with our equipment and ensure long-lasting cleanliness that is hard to be found in regular cleaning. We follow a complete procedure of sofa cleaning inclusive of dirt and moisture extraction, removal of stains, polishing and refurbishing of the sofa to improve the shine and texture of the sofa.
What Do The Professionals Use To Clean A Sofa?
Professionals use clinically approved and government-authorised cleaning agents for deep and complete cleaning of the sofa. With this, we also use heavy-duty cleaners for intense cleaning of both fabric and leather sofas. It helps to extract deep dust and particles for deep sofa cleaning. This also leads to long-term cleanliness of the furniture.
How Can I Book A Sofa Cleaning Session?
You can download the official app or visit it online. Next, you must choose the service and book it with the calendar to choose the date and time. Then you need to choose the method for payment and complete the order for sofa cleaning. With this, your sofa cleaning session will be confirmed and we will reach out to you on the soonest date possible.
How long do you take for sofa cleaning?
We take minimum 20 minutes to maximum 60 minutes depending upon the size and material of the sofa to clean it completely.