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2 ton AC covers how many square feet?


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    I have bought a new AC for my room just a couple of weeks ago. Just like you, I did not know “2 ton AC covers how many square feet” so I asked my elder brother about the same. He told me that you need to first determine what capacity you require to buy an energy-efficient room AC. This is essential for 2 reasons:

    • An undersized AC would not cool adequately in super hot summers.
    • An oversized AC can also affect your comfort as you may have to switch it on and off too frequently and it would consume more energy than required.

    So, 2 Ton AC unit Covers How Many Square Feet?

    He told me about an easy way to arrive at the right AC capacity and enjoy a cool summer. First, calculate the area of your room. After that, just divide that number by 600 to get the basic capacity.

    For example, if your room is 600 square feet, the basic AC capacity needed would be 1 ton (600/600). Now, you are required to add 0.5 tons to the basic capacity for every 5 people in the room.

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    AC Capacity as per the Size of the Room

    Room Size AC Capacity
    Upto 100 square feet 0.8 tons
    Upto 150 square feet 1.0 tons
    Upto 250 square feet 1.5 tons
    Upto 400 square feet 2.0 tons

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    Now you know that 2 ton air conditioner covers many square feet.

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    I hope I cleared all your doubts regarding 2 ton AC covers how many square feet. Let me know if you have any other queries.


    The size of the room where the AC will be installed should be taken into account before making a purchase. Various online calculation tools measure the needed tonnage (or cooling capacity) for an AC based on room size. The simplest technique is to multiply the length by the width of a room (in feet), take the square root of the result and divide it by 10. So I will be guiding you here about 2 ton AC room size.

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    What is 2 ton AC coverage area?

    The room size for 2 ton AC will be around 200 to 240 square feet. However, the figure will be between 180 and 200 if the space is a cooling facility for equipment or an electrical panel room. This is the 2 ton AC cooling capacity you must know.

    What factors influence the choice of air conditioner capacity?

    Size of the room

    The capacity of an AC unit directly relates to the size of a room. A room’s size will determine how powerful of an AC it needs to be. If you have rooms that are between 100 and 130 square feet in size, then you should choose a 1-ton Voltas AC. Larger rooms are best served by 1.5-tonne or 2-ton air conditioners. For a better understanding, you can refer to the following chart:

    • 1 tonne AC – 130 square feet or smaller in size.
    • Rooms between 130 and 150 square feet can use a 1.5-tonne air conditioner.
    • 2-ton AC – covers greater than 150 sq. ft. area.

    I hope you understood the 2 ton AC room size.

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    As the temperature in Delhi during summer reached another level, my father decided to buy a 2 ton air conditioner for our bedroom. However, he was unsure whether a 2 ton AC would be sufficient. So, he asked me to check 2 ton AC unit square footage. I did a lot of research online and found that, for my 250 square feet study room, it will be enough. However, a 2-ton air conditioner covering area might change depending on factors like insulation, ceiling height, and location. 

    How much area does a 2 ton AC cover?

    It is critical for you to know that while a 2-ton AC has a sizable cooling capability, it won’t be sufficient for larger or poorly insulated spaces. The effective cooling area can be reduced by aspects like high ceilings, numerous windows, and heat input. The air conditioner may struggle to maintain the required temperature if the cooling demand exceeds the unit’s capacity, resulting in insufficient cooling and higher energy use. Let’s check out the below table to know the AC ton if the ceiling height in your room is 10 feet:

    Area (sq ft) Cooling Requirement Recommended AC Tonnage
    100 0.9 tons 1 ton AC
    120 1.0 tons 1 ton AC
    150 1.3 tons 1.5 ton AC
    200 1.7 tons 2 ton AC
    250 2.1 tons 2 ton AC

    You can contact to a professional HVAC expert available on NoBroker to ascertain the exact coverage area of a 2-ton AC unit. I hope the above table helps you to get an idea of 2 ton AC for how many sq ft is required.

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