Frequently Asked Questions

How does Comfort / Power Plan compare?
Comfort Plan subscriber gets personalized services from dedicated property advisor for up-to 50 qualified seller contacts, while Power plan subscriber can take up-to 25 seller contacts which you can contact on your own.

What If I do not find a house after subscribing to Comfort Plan?
We provide the services to help you find a house as per your legitimate requirement and help you upto 50 different seller properties. Usually, you would not need up-to these many contacts as these are all qualified leads for house searching. However, in case you are not able to find a house; it will be unfortunate and you could modify your requirement for house hunt to avoid the same.

What services do you provide after I subscribe Comfort Plan?
For any Comfort Plan subscriber, we give the following services:
  • Personalized Dedicated property advisor assistance
  • Upto 50 seller contacts
  • New property alerts as per your property requirement
  • Home loan at attractive interest rates

How soon can I get the house after I subscribe to the Comfort Plan?
Usually the timeline to get a house depends on how specific the requirement is, we do try to get you the house asap in case you are a Comfort Plan subscriber, while it can not be guaranteed how soon will you be able to get the house. However, we have seen that usually house hunt is completed within 3 weeks of date of subscription of the plan.

Will you be coming to show the house to me if I am a Comfort Plan customer?
We help our Comfort Plan customer in searching out the properties and speaking with sellers to set the appointment for you. However, we do not visit on site to accompany you for the house visit.

Will you help me negotiating the price?
Price and downpayment amount are on the sole discretion of the sellers. However, we do try to negotiate price for our comfort customers in case there are inconsistencies in price amount in the specific locality.

Can you get me the house in some specific society?
We always have sufficient number of properties at each location of the operating city, but finding a house in specific locality will depend on the inventory we have at that point of time.

How do I give my requirements for the type of house am I looking for?
Once you subscribe to the Comfort Plan, assigned dedicated property advisor will call you and take your requirement over phone and will begin working on the same day itself.

Are there any hidden charges in the subscription plans?
The charges to subscribe the plans mentioned are inclusive of all kind charges and there is no extra cost for the same.

Is It possible that I can pay for Comfort Plan once I find the house?
Unfortunately we have not started that kind of service yet and neither plan for the same. To enjoy the house hunting assistance with the help of personalized property advisor, you need to subscribe the plan first.

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