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What is Difference Between Judicial and Non Judicial Stamp Paper?


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Judicial vs non judicial stamp paper are two different types of stamp paper used for various legal and financial transactions in India. 

The main difference between these two types of stamp papers is in their purpose, usage, and the transactions they are associated with. The differences between them are:

Judicial stamp paper is used for various legal documents and agreements. These stamp papers are used for documents that have legal significance, such as affidavits, agreements, contracts, powers of attorney, and court-related documents.

Whereas non-judicial stamp paper is used for a wide range of transactions that do not involve legal proceedings or court matters. These stamp papers are used for financial transactions, agreements, contracts, deeds, leases, conveyances, and various other non-legal documents.

Non judicial stamp paper vs judicial stamp paper:

  1. Usage and Purpose: Judicial Stamp Papers are used for legal documents and court-related matters whereas non-Judicial Stamp Papers are used for non-legal financial and commercial transactions.

  2. Transactions: Judicial Stamp Papers are related to legal agreements, affidavits, court documents, and similar matters whereas non-Judicial Stamp Papers are related to deeds, contracts, leases, agreements, and various non-legal transactions.

  3. Stamp Duty: The stamp duty for judicial stamp papers is generally higher, as these papers are used for legal documents whereas the stamp duty for non-judicial stamp papers varies based on the type of transaction and the state's stamp duty rates.

  4. Validation and Legal Weight: Judicial Stamp Paper has legal validity and weight to the documents it is affixed to whereas Non-Judicial Stamp Paper denotes payment of stamp duty but does not have legal validity.

This is the

difference between judicial stamp and non judicial stamp paper

. Make sure to use a suitable stamp paper for the specific transaction to ensure its validity and compliance with legal requirements.

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Before beginning our discussion about what is judicial and non judicial stamp paper meaning, let us understand the meaning of a stamp. A4 (foolscap) sheets of paper with a revenue stamp printed on them are known as stamp papers. According to the Indian Stamp Act, a stamp is any mark, seal, or endorsement made by an entity or individual who has been officially authorised by the State Government. 

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Where to get judicial stamp paper?

There are 14 different kinds of stamp paper in 10 different denominations. Stamp paper can be purchased from any licensed stamp vendor. It is available through stationers, attorneys’ offices, post offices, and courts in accordance with local requirements.

Non judicial stamp paper vs judicial stamp paper:

I want to thank Swati for her thorough explanation of the differences between the two. However, I'd want to share my understanding of the topic that I learned through her response and from my research;

Judicial stamp paper Non judicial stamp paper

used for legal purposes. For example, it can be applied to ongoing legal processes or court proceedings.

used for essential agreements including mortgages, loan security deeds, sale deeds, rent agreements, affidavits, and transfers of immovable property like buildings and land.

Documents required to be stamped as per the "court fee act" are judicial.

Documents required to be stamped, according to the "stamp act" are non-judicial

This is the basic judicial stamp paper and non judicial stamp paper difference. The state uses stamp papers, both judicial and non-judicial, to collect duties from its citizens.

Non judicial stamp paper validity:

There is no mention of an expiration date for the use of stamp paper in the Indian Stamp Act of 1899. According to the Supreme Court, a non-judicial stamp paper's use is not subject to a time limit that would invalidate its legitimacy.

I’d like to conclude here as I believe this suffices your query about what is judicial and non judicial stamp paper meaning, along with their differences. I hope this helps:)

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We have seen this in the past when revenue has been paid on stamp-required papers like rentals, contracts, invoices, court papers, and many more using stamped paper. The documents are purchased blank and are accessible through stationers, law firms, post offices, and courts in accordance with regional standards, apart from the pre-printed stamp. So, I believe it is crucial for us to know the difference between judicial and non judicial stamp paper.

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Judicial vs non judicial stamp paper

If one transfers the title of their properties to another person, they will be assessed property stamp duty. For the paperwork necessary to register the property, the state government levies this fee. State-to-state differences exist in stamp duties and registration costs. According to Section 3 of the Indian Stamp Act, of 1899, stamp duty must be paid when registering a piece of property.

In India, the stamp duty varies from state to state.

City Stamp Duty Charges Registration Charges



1% of property value



1% of deal value



1% of property value



1-4% of property value



1% of property value



1% of property value



1% of property value



1% of property value

What is difference between judicial and non judicial stamp paper? 

Judicial stamp paper is the type of stamp used in courts to pay court costs, etc. Non-judicial stamp papers are those that would be used to execute documents.

Judicial papers and stamps are something associated with the administration of justice that is employed. Non-judicial stamp papers are utilized for things like commercial agreements, powers of attorney, and property transfers.

Court fee stamp paper is another name for judicial stamps. Now, you must pay court fees that are equivalent to the value of your claim when you file a civil plaint or petition under the Negotiable Instruments Act. Currently, the clerks cannot be relied upon with money beyond 3 lakhs. Therefore, court official stamp papers are made, on which the case number, names of the parties, and signatures of the advocates are written, and they are affixed to the end of the counterclaim in order to prevent this monetary transaction.

The Indian Stamp Act of 1899 governs the payment of stamp duty on non-judicial stamp paper, whereas the Court Fees Act of 1870 governs the payment of stamp duty on judicial stamp paper.

This can be said as the difference between judicial and non judicial stamp paper.

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