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1 RK House For Sale In Pallikaranai

Independent House, Rose Avenue, near DR.KAMAKSHI MEMORIAL HOSPITALS
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Not under loan
9.5 Lacs
₹3,519 per sq.ft.
Estimated EMI
270 sqft
1 RK
Apartment Type
Nearby: Chennai One IT Park Chennai One IT SezDr. Kamakshi Memorial HospitalCARNIVAL Family RestaurantAppaswamy Mapleton

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there properties for sale in Velachery without brokerage?
Yes! In Velachery, there are several properties available for sale without the involvement of any brokers. NoBroker specializes in connecting property owners directly with buyers, eliminating the need for a middleman.
Does NoBroker help to buy a property in Velachery?
Certainly! The real estate professionals at NoBroker will assist you in your property search within the Velachery area. They specialize in providing property listings and services that often do not require traditional brokerage involvement. To explore available listings in this area, you can check out
What types of properties are available if I want to buy in Velachery?
Properties available in Velachery could include apartments, villas, plots, and commercial spaces. The variety depends on the area's development and zoning regulations.
What is the price range of properties in Velachery?
To determine property prices in Velachery, you can rely on NoBroker's NB Estimate tool. Just enter your preferred city and locality, and this tool will provide you with up-to-date property price information. This valuable resource offers insights into property trends, empowering you to make informed investment choices.
What are the types of properties for sale in Velachery?
Velachery might offer a range of property types including apartments, houses, penthouses, and more. The availability depends on the local real estate market.
Do properties in Velachery generally have parking spaces?
In many localities, properties often come equipped with parking spaces. However, the availability of parking in Velachery largely depends on the specific property and the general infrastructure of the area. It's recommended to inquire directly about the specific property you're interested in to confirm parking arrangements.
What are the steps to schedule a property visit in Velachery through NoBroker?
To schedule a property visit in Velachery through NoBroker, follow these general steps:
a. Visit the NoBroker website or app.
b. Search for properties in Velachery.
c. Choose the property you're interested in.
d. Click on the "Schedule Visit" option.
e. Choose a suitable date and time for the visit.
f. Wait for a confirmation from the property owner or the representative.