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Can a Landlord have a Spare Key?



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In 2020 after the outbreak of COVID I came back to Kolkata leaving my rented apartment in Bangalore for about 8 months. The next year, in 2021 when I went to Bangalore I saw that the door to my apartment lacked a lock. I luckily had no such valuable things apart from my clothes but the incident angered me. I confronted the landlord and asked can a landlord have a spare key and if yes, why didn’t you tell me before? He said that his daughter got infected by the virus at that time and he needed an extra room to keep her alone hence used my apartment. I was very unhappy but I could understand the crisis and hence took no serious steps against him. 

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Can a landlord keep a spare key

Once the rent agreement is done and the landowner hands over the property keys to you, he has no right to keep a spare with himself/herself or enter the property without your permission. Now if there is a case a serious emergency like

  • A fire breaks out

  • Flood

  • Earthquake

  • Theft or more such serious incidents, he can break into your apartment and save his property.

  What to do if the tenant’s security gets threatened by the landlord?

A landlord cannot keep a spare key. If the landlord does so, he/she must mention that forehand in the rent agreement and inform the tenant. If you ever think your security or privacy is getting threatened by the landlord, lodge a complaint against the landlord at the Police station and they will look after the matter.


I hope you have now understood

can a landlord have a spare key or not.

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Can my landlord enter the property without my permission?

It might be challenging sometimes for you to rent a place. My colleagues attempted to convince me about the potential danger I was likely to face when I moved to Hyderabad. They shared a number of incidents about their roommates and owners. We can't really predict the people we'll face along this journey. One of the most dreadful things could be landlord having non-consented access to your flat. I am assuming you are already facing a similar issue hence asking can a landlord have a spare key. Well let me help you out.

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Can a landlord keep a spare key?

In my opinion, you must be a little conscious while renting and interacting with landlords. It can be challenging to verify whether what owners are claiming is true legally. You are free to put in your own lock, but if you do, you must provide the owner with a duplicate key. It's also possible that your lease contains a clause requiring you to provide the owner with a key. There are regulations that mandate you provide your landlord's entry to your flat so they can repair and display it to potential new renters.

What will happen if you don’t provide the landlord with key?

You risk losing your flat if you refuse to give your owner a key when they request one. Additionally, it is a smart idea to provide easy access for the landlord in case of an emergency like a flood or a fire. You can be held responsible for any damage if the owner needs access because of urgency and you declined to provide him with a key. 

Let me tell you a fact: you must give your landlord a duplicate of your key. But don't take this to mean that they have the authority to enter your house without your consent unless it is an emergency. You are still allowed to be secure and unworried in your own house. You can always consult a tenant lawyer if you believe that your landlord is misusing their position of authority.

I hope this helped you understand can a landlord have a spare key.

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Hello, I would like to share my views on can landlord keep spare key in India or not. The answer to this actually varies based on the landlord and the terms and conditions laid out in the rent agreement.

However, in general I’ve seen that landlords do have a spare key to the house. But, there are a set of conditions which protect the tenant’s right to privacy and safety. I’ll share those with you here.

What are the Conditions to Can Landlord Keep Copy of Keys?

I have lived in three rental properties in Bangalore in the past two years and all of the landlords had the spare key to the house.

However, I made sure that my right to privacy and safety were protected. Once the registration of the rent agreement is completed, the landlords cannot just barge into the house whenever they feel like it. They need to share their arrival a day prior to the tenant and seek their approval before visiting the house. 

Only in case of an emergency such as a flood or fire, the landlord can enter the rented property on their own. So, keep all of these things in mind if you’re going to move into a rented property or currently live there. 

This is all from end. I hope this will help.

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