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NoBroker Team

NoBroker has been founded by a team of IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad graduates. The entire motivation to find something like NoBroker was that all of us while searching for properties had this bad experience with brokers who would try to force a bad house down our throat, charge exorbitant brokerage (not to mention coming back next year and creating a big scene to get more money for no value addition) and the hassle of seeing too many houses which we would have not selected anyway.

When we started speaking to more people whom we knew, this problem was an endemic. Everyone faced that and no one was trying to solve it. Even other real estate portals were more focused on making brokers more efficient and not solving the inherent information asymmetry.

As someone said, Necessity is the mother of all inventions. So, here we have made a solution for everyone who feels pinched by the brokers and the exorbitant brokerage for the information asymmetry that exists. Our vision is to make sure that entire world becomes a more efficient and information symmetric market where there is no role for brokers.