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Welcome to NoBroker!

NoBroker is a disruptive real-estate platform that makes it possible to buy/sell/rent a house without paying any brokerage

NoBroker was started because all of us believed that paying hefty brokerage can not be the only option to find a new home. As tenants, we have been paying these brokerages year on year without seeing any advantage of the broker. The only reason he existed was that there was a huge information asymmetry in the market. NoBroker is a platform that removes this information asymmetry and provides a marketplace for free exchange of this information that used to cost 1-2 months of rent as brokerage.

We have done 2 things to help you find that perfect home:

  • Firstly, we have painstakingly verified each listing and made sure that these are direct owners or shared accommodation parties and there are no middlemen or brokers. We use lot of heuristics and techniques to ensure that you get a totally broker free list.

  • Secondly, we have also tried to ensure that maximum information is available to you in as easy to use format. This ensures that you get a very good idea of the property even before you visit it. Thus, you can shortlist flats sitting at the comfort of your home without actually traveling all the good and bad properties. This saves your time and effort and with a quick shortlist of 4-5 properties you can actually get a house in few hours!

If you are a landlord interested in posting your apartments to NoBroker, please email us at hello@nobroker.in and we will get in touch to help you list the property.

And tenants, happy hunting and get in touch with us to let us know how else we can help!

Additional Services

NoBroker provides you a one-stop shop for all paperwork and documentation processing, relating to lease agreement registration, bank franking, police verification and society approvals.

We have a network of real-estate executives who will assist you in completing a hassle-free transaction at the cost of a small service fee. This service can be availed both by the owners or the lessee by dropping us a note at: hello@nobroker.in

We will do following on your behalf:

  1. Prepare draft of Leave & License agreement between both the parties as per legal requirements

  2. After approval from both parties, get the document stamped

  3. Execute the agreement between both parties

  4. Enter the agreement details online for registration

  5. Book an appointment on your behalf

  6. Complete the process on registration day with you.

Basically we will ensure that you get the rental agreement registered without any hassle

To create your rental agreement online in 5 minutes, click on

Create Rental Agreement

Why you should list with us?

NoBroker rental platform lets you find tenants without any broker acting as a middleman. Apart from the fact that this can be much more convenient and safe (you don't have to handover keys to an unknown person) it will help you save time and money.

Most brokers don't filter people and end up showing houses randomly. This would mean that only when you meet the tenants you would come to know if that person would not fit in the society rules. This leads to lot of inconvenience and wastage of time. Also, brokers hoard the information and create the information asymmetry. They decide who should not see your house because there is another landlord who may give him little extra brokerage. While in case of NoBroker, you would be speaking to the potential tenant before you actually show him the house. Even the key can be kept with the society secretary if you do not want to go to the house every time the tenant wants to see. Many landlords also fix up a day and time when they are there and all tenants can come and see the house in that time.

Also, you end up saving on brokerage that is anywhere between 15 days to 2 month's rent. Some brokers also charge this every year. When both you and tenant are not paying the brokerage, tenants are also willing to pay a little higher rent. So, you can expect to get 2-4% higher rent as compared to what brokers may get you. It's a win-win for both the landlord and tenant.

The listing is very simple and intuitive. It would take less than 5 minutes and post that we just verify to make sure that no broker is listing. We also use innovative and easy technology like whatsapp to help you list your property. If at any stage you need any guidance, you can always speak to our customer service manager. We also make sure that any person listing as tenant is not a broker, and thus you do not get any of those pesky calls. Once the listing is done, you would start getting enquiries from genuine tenants.

If you have a property to list you can click on "Post Your Property" button on top right corner of the page or email us at hello@nobroker.in

How to list using Whatsapp?

NoBroker understands that not everyone has time & expertise to use computer to list a property. To solve this problem, we have made the listing even simpler.

You just need to send us the information on WhatsApp on +91-92417-00-000 and we will create your login for you! No need of a computer or calling anyone. Our Customer Service Representative will call you and take whatever info is required. Nothing can be simpler and quicker than this!

Benefits of NoBroker.in

NoBroker rental platform lets you find your dream house without any broker acting as a middleman. This is the most convenient way of finding your house without paying hefty brokerage.

NoBroker helps you in 3 ways:

  1. We make sure that each property is verified and directly from owner. So, you can save on the brokerage that varies from 15 days to 2 month's rent. And most brokers charge this every year even if you are renewing the same property.

  2. All the information is available in a well-organized manner with photographs and a detailed analysis if the surroundings. You can locate where is the nearest school, grocery shop, ATM etc. This information will help you shortlist the property without taking an effort to visit the actual site. In case of brokers, they just want to make sure that the property goes out fast. They would therefore show you properties without even thinking if it would suit your requirements. It would mean that you would end up visiting lot more properties and realizing as soon as you reach there that this is not what you would want. With NoBroker, this convenience comes at no cost and saves you lot of time and effort

  3. Brokers hoard information and create information asymmetry in the market. They would ideally want that the not-so-good houses should go first as the good houses would anyway have lot of takers. Therefore, they would always show you bad houses first and only when you reject all of them would they start showing you better houses. In NoBroker, there is no information asymmetry. All houses inventory is available for you to pick and choose. It is on first-come-first-serve basis. This is a big advantage that makes the market transparent and efficient.

So, forget your old broker and find your dream house with NoBroker. Click here to search for houses

No Broker Team

NoBroker has been founded by a team of IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad graduates. The entire motivation to find something like NoBroker was that all of us while searching for properties had this bad experience with brokers who would try to force a bad house down our throat, charge exorbitant brokerage (not to mention coming back next year and creating a big scene to get more money for no value addition) and the hassle of seeing too many houses which we would have not selected anyway.

When we started speaking to more people whom we knew, this problem was an endemic. Everyone faced that and no one was trying to solve it. Even other real estate portals were more focused on making brokers more efficient and not solving the inherent information asymmetry.

As someone said, Necessity is the mother of all inventions. So, here we have made a solution for everyone who feels pinched by the brokers and the exorbitant brokerage for the information asymmetry that exists. Our vision is to make sure that entire world becomes a more efficient and information symmetric market where there is no role for brokers.

Frequenty Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a verified account to use NoBroker.in services?

    At NoBroker.in our main aim is to eliminate brokers from whole rental scene. In order to achieve that we verify each owner/tenant's account and activate it after verifying that the user is genuine.

  • How long does it take for email verification?

    Email verification is very simple. As soon as you register you will receive a mail with link to verify your email. It hardly takes a couple of minutes.

  • How long does it take for mobile number verification?

    Our CSR's work tirelessly to verify your account asap. Generally a mobile number verification happens in less than 4 hours.

  • How will I know if my account is verified?

    You will be notified about the account verification via email and sms.

  • Is it safe to use login via facebook & Google (social network)?
    1. At NoBroker customer satisfaction is our main aim and we don't post anything on your social network for cheap publicity
    2. We don't ask for any extra information when you login with your social account
    3. If you use your social account, you will not have to remember one more cryptic password :)
    4. And Your email will be automatically verified
    5. If you are registering with social account, please make sure that your provide your mobile number at profile page after login
  • Can I list my property until my account is verified?

    Yes, you can list your property without worrying about the account verification. As part of property verification we will verify your account as well.

  • Why is my property listing not visible?

    Every listing on NoBroker.in is verified for its content, photo, location and genuine broker free ownership. Property is made active (visible for all) after these verifications.

  • I made a change to my property listing & now it is not visible in search?

    Any changes to the property listing after activation will go through scrutinization process to maintain the quality of listing on sites. Don't worry! Our CSRs will make it active within no time if all details are acceptable.

  • How do I list using WhatsApp?

    To help the owners who don't have a computer or a laptop, we allow you to list your property by sending us details of your property along with photos on 92417-00-000 through WhatsApp.

  • Any recommendations for property owners while listing a property?

    As we make the word broker free, we seek your cooperation by following below guidelines:

    1. Provide accurate details while listing your property
    2. Provide exact location of your property on the map
    3. Please do not include your phone/email number in description of property
    4. Add at least one photos of each room, kitchen, hall etc. to make your listing more attractive
    5. We have kept the listing process simple. A novice user can complete a listing in less than 5 minutes
  • I received a SMS stating that my property listing was rejected, Can you explain why?

    Our main aim at NoBroker.in is to eliminate brokers from the rental scene and if we find a property listing by a user who is a broker or suspected to be a broker, we reject the listing. While doing so we may end up rejecting genuine listings sometimes. For such cases, please contact us at hello@nobroker.in

  • Why do I need wait for my account to be validated to see owner details?

    After your registration on NoBroker.in your details such as name, email address & mobile number are used to verify that it is not associated with a broker. After successful verification, you can contact owners directly. This extra step has been added to eliminate the brokers completely

  • Can I view properties until my account is verified?

    Yes, you can search and shortlist the properties with an un-verified account. But to receive owner's email & phone number you will have to wait for the account verification to complete.

  • I am new to city, how can I use NoBroker to find a suitable house for me?

    To help new migrants to the city, we have map search feature which provides the exact location of the property on the map. You can also look for details such as nearby schools, hospital etc. on the map on the detail page of the property

  • I didn't find property for my requirement, what should i do?

    Please post your requirements using "Post your Requirement" button on top right corner of the page and our system will recommend a property as soon as it finds something matching your requirement.

  • How can I register/signup as it does not take any ISD number?

    You can simply register by putting any Indian number that you have (be it active/inactive)and your email address.

  • How will my Relationship Manager contact me once I pay for the special NRI plan and also for any updates in future?

    Your Relationship Manager will contact your over mail, whatsapp call and message.

  • How can NoBroker help me in preparing Rental Agreement for my property?

    We will prepare the rental agreement on a stamp paper and email it to the tenant. The owner can do the digital signature, once the tenant sends a scanned copy of the agreement and the Rental agreement will be registered. For properties in Mumbai & Pune, we will send a biometric machine to your address abroad and get the biometrics done for both you and tenant who is in India. The Owner must have Pan and Aadhar Card for the agreement to be prepared.

  • Will you send me a soft copy of the rental agreement?

    Yes, we will send you a soft copy of the agreement prepared over e-mail.

  • What happens once I list the property?

    NoBroker team will check your property and verify all the details once you post your advert, they will then activate the advert and will be live on our website. Any tenant interested in your property will directly contact you through mail.

  • What if I don?t get tenants through your special NRI owner plan, Will it be refundable?

    There is a very slim possibility of you not getting tenants through us as daily one lakh tenants visit our website. Moreover your property will be premium listed to make sure we get more inquiries for your property so that we can finalise the tenants of your choice.

  • I have certain preferences of tenants for my property, Will I get good tenants for my property?

    Yes, your Relationship Manager searches tenants for your property according to your requirements only. We will get you tenants of your choice for your property.

  • What's the rent that I can get for my property?

    Relationship Manager has city level knowledge of rents in various localities, He will provide the rent consultation and inform you about the correct rent to be quoted for your property.

  • What If I do not find a house after subscribing to NRI relax plan?

    We provide services to help you find a house as per your requirement and help you with up to 50 different owner properties. It is a very rare case, that we are not able to find a suitable property for any one of our customers as 50 owner contacts are more than enough.

  • How will my relationship manager help me negotiate the rent?

    Your Relationship Manager tries to negotiate for rent in case there are inconsistencies in rent amount as per the market standard in the specific locality. However, rent and deposit amount are on the sole discretion of the owners.

  • How soon can I get the house after I subscribe to the plan?

    Usually the timeline to get a house depends on how specific the requirements are, we do try to get you a house as soon as possible. However, we have seen that usually the whole process can take up to a maximum of 3 weeks from the date of subscription.

  • Will Relationship Manager be present during the house visit?

    We help our customers shortlist properties and speak with owners on their behalf to set up meeting appointments. Hence, there is no need to get on the field. Once the appointment is fixed all that you would have to do is to visit the property and we will finalise the deal.

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