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Interior Designers in Mumbai

We spend an immense amount of our hard-earned money buying our dream home. Then we go to the Interiors, which costs a lot again. However, there is a risk of handing over the responsibility of designing the Interiors to the wrong designer. Except for the decor, every other part of the Interiors remains unchanged for a long time. Hence, a bad design would mean additional expenses if it needs to be remodelled. Else, we must compromise and learn to live with it.

What one needs to look for in a good Interior designer is experience, dedication, loyalty, reasonable charges, customizing their plans to suit our needs, and completing work on time. Where can we find an Interior designer who fits the bill?

NoBroker is one such source that can help you get the industry’s best interior designers in Mumbai to design your home. If you’re looking for an Interior designer in a big and posh city like Mumbai, think no more and go for NoBroker’s Interiors service. Using NoBroker, every phase of modelling your house, starting from getting in touch with the design team to complete the project and making the payments, will be a cakewalk for you.

NoBroker's Interior designers are experienced, and can help with:

Interior Design for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK Flats in Mumbai

If you have a small house with a single bedroom in city like Mumbai, you would want smart Interiors to make the house look more prominent and as spacious as possible. This would require particular decors and colours on the walls. Some would like their homes to be adorned with plants, while some others prefer antiques. Some would want a big Pooja room, while some would want it small. Your Interior designers in Mumbai should be capable of adjusting to your needs and the size of the house. NoBroker’s Interior designers in Mumbai can do that perfectly, thanks to their experience working on a wide variety of home projects of 1, 2, 3 BHK sizes and more.

Bungalows / House Interior Design

With an increase in space, you’ll find immense possibilities for utilizing the space. Here, the concern is the bungalow should not look too empty nor too cluttered. NoBroker’s Interior designers in Mumbai know how to match your needs and wishes with the size of the house. A bungalow’s beauty lies not just with its size & indoor look but also with its outdoor spaces. NoBroker’s interior designers can model the Interiors of the house and the gardens, parking spaces, and the pathways outside. If you wish to have a comfortable lounge-like home theatre space, we can do that too.

Bathroom Interior Design

Bathrooms for an adult, or a kid, or for the elderly, Our Interior designers in Mumbai know what each of these people needs in terms of size, decor, functionality, and colours. A kid’s bathroom would require low-height cupboards, a low sink, and toilet paper within their reach. An older person would need a bathroom with a door that is easy to open and close, flooring that is not slippery, and a phone for emergency purposes. An ideal bathroom should not just be functional, but it should also look good. NoBroker’s Interior designers in Mumbai can correctly model bathrooms for just anyone keeping in mind both the visual appeal and the utility.

Apartment Design

An apartment may vary significantly in terms of space and functionality. It can be used as an ordinary house, a corporate space, or a house with a small office. Each of these functional spaces requires a superior design to give you the right feeling regarding the area’s environment. Our Interior designers in Mumbai have worked on housing projects, and projects related to offices, pubs, and function halls will give you the best combination of decor and furniture. Our Interior designing team handles all the work from scratch, be it tiling, flooring, plumbing, or electrical works.

Hall / Living Room Interior Design

The most visited part of a house is the living room. The living room is where we spend most of our free time chatting with our families and watching TV. It is also the place where guests sit when they visit us. Having a well-decorated living room is essential to make an excellent first impression of the house and its Interiors. Rugs, couch, lights, plants, tables, and photo frames are some of the most common living room accessories. Our team of Interior designing experts in Mumbai can advise you on the right combination of these accessories in your living room to give it a relaxing atmosphere.

Bedroom Interior Design

A bedroom’s Interiors should have a pleasant look at the eyes and the mood of a person. The Interiors of a bedroom again depend on who’s occupying it, children, a baby, an adult, or an older person. A kid would want cartoon posters and bunk beds, and a baby would need a spacious room with toys around and little or no furniture. But a crib and a much older person would expect a phone fixed to the wall, doors that can be opened and closed without much effort, ample lighting, good airflow, and an attached bathroom. All these requirements will be correctly taken care of by our interior designing team.

Interior Designer Kitchens

For an excellent culinary experience, it is vital to have a spacious kitchen. Depending on your kitchen layout, L-shaped, G-shaped, Straight, Open, or Parallel, Our interior designers team in Mumbai will model the kitchen appropriately to make it as spacious and comfortable as possible.

Why should I opt for NoBroker Interior design services in Mumbai?

NoBroker offers value for money. We picks up only the best, and our Interior designers have years of experience in the field, having worked on various types of projects. We offers the least quotation in the market, and if any other company provides a quote lower than that of us, then, NoBroker will match the price for you. Agreements between customers and designers are done safely and legally.

We finish the projects assigned on time and make sure that our customers experience a hassle-free move in. The payment process is also made easy for the customers, and you have to pay only 5% of the fee beforehand to book their services, that is only if you like their designs. Rest 95% is asked for only after completion of the work. Therefore, NoBroker is an ideal platform for your housing needs.

NoBroker's Goal

Our aim is to see happy and satisfied customers. We believes in doing work of the best quality, and the materials used in our decors and furnishing are of top-notch quality. The material which we use is branded companies like Hettich, Ebco, Century ply, Green ply, and Merino Laminates. As such, their materials have a warranty of up to 15 years, the least warranty period being ten years.

At NoBroker, our team make sure work is completed before the due date, and there is never a delay, whatsoever the situation. We have catered our customers even during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our believes in keeping customers stress-free. Hence, we involve our customers as little as possible in work. Our dedicated team of Interior designers is unique with their designs and services and respects the customer’s wish for customization.