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The Home Loan EMI calculator is a simple tool designed to compute your Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI), monthly interest, and monthly reducing balance. It relies on inputs such as the principal amount, loan tenure, and interest rate to provide accurate calculations.

Discover your EMI with the HDFC Home Loan Calculator

The EMI, or Equated Monthly Installment, is the monthly payment a borrower makes to repay a loan. It includes both the principal amount and the accrued interest. Utilizing an EMI calculator allows you to easily determine your monthly loan repayments. By entering key loan variables such as principal amount, tenure, and interest rate, the calculator promptly provides the calculated EMI.

Unique Features of HDFC Home Loan

HDFC Home Loans stands as India's premier Mortgage Lender, instrumental in realising homeownership dreams for over 30 lakh families. Highlighting some key features:

  • Exclusive benefit packages
  • Competitive interest rates with daily reducing balance calculation
  • Home Loan offered as an overdraft, allowing optimal utilisation of surplus funds
  • Minimal processing charges with transparency, devoid of hidden costs
  • No Prepayment Penalties, empowering borrowers to reduce interest burden through timely repayments.

How Does an EMI Calculator Work?

While selecting and applying for various loans is straightforward, having a clear understanding of the required loan amount can prevent payment defaults. Timely EMI payments are crucial for maintaining a healthy financial record, making it essential to determine an instalment amount that aligns with your financial capacity.

Utilising an EMI calculator becomes invaluable in this context, providing an online tool to evaluate monthly payment obligations in harmony with your ability to repay the loan.

  • Input Requirements :

    The loan amount, tenure, and interest rate stand as the pivotal trio of a loan, and these elements fluctuate among different loan providers. The EMI associated with a loan is contingent upon these three parameters. Thus, before committing to a specific loan, it is crucial to comprehend these variables and their interplay in determining the loan EMI.
  • Calculation Formula :

    To calculate the Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) for your HDFC Bank home loan, you can use the formula provided:
    • EMI = [P x R x (1+R)^N] / [(1+R)^N-1]
    • Where:
    • P = Loan amount

Benefits of Utilising HDFC EMI Calculator

The main benefit of an EMI calculator for borrowers is that they get to know how much money they will need to pay towards their loan each month so that they do not end up straining themselves financially and end up in financial distress. The loan EMI calculator helps the borrower decide on an EMI amount that can be comfortably repaid over the tenure of the loan.

  • Anytime Access :

    The calculator can be accessed anytime and anywhere. You can use the calculator any number of times at your convenience.
  • Accurate Results :

    The online EMI calculator helps you in making error-free calculations at the click of a button.
  • Aids the Financial Planning Process :

    When you calculate EMI for a loan, you know the amount you will have to pay when you borrow a loan of the specific amount, tenure and interest rate. This helps you plan your finances before taking the loan so that your monthly budget does not take a hit.

Step-by-Step Guide: Using HDFC EMI Calculator

  • Provide the loan amount by inputting the principal amount into the designated field.
  • Specify the annual interest rate by entering it into the designated field.
  • Input the loan tenure into the designated field.
  • Once you've entered all the necessary information, click the 'Calculate' button.
  • You can then review the results, which will include the monthly EMI, total interest payable, and the total amount payable, as displayed by the calculator.

Understanding Amortisation Schedule

A loan amortisation schedule serves as a detailed guide to the loan repayment process, systematically outlining the breakdown of each EMI into principal and interest components. While every loan EMI allocates funds to both principal and interest, the distribution towards the principal amount fluctuates. Initially, a significant portion caters to the interest, gradually shifting as the loan matures.

While an EMI calculator offers approximations, crafting an amortisation schedule involves intricate mathematical computations, providing borrowers with crucial insights for informed decisions on pre-payment or refinancing, and offering a basis for potential tax exemptions.

HDFC Home Loan EMI for Varied Loan Values

Loan Amount (Principal)Monthly EMI (approx)


How can I apply for an HDFC Home Loan?
Prospective clients keen on SBI Home Loans can access the services through multiple channels, including visiting the official website, sending an SMS, or making inquiries via a toll-free number.
What factors affect my EMI?+
EMI is influenced by several crucial factors, including credit score, loan tenure, loan amount, and interest rate.
How can I lower my EMI?+
Regular prepayments or a higher down payment amount can effectively reduce the EMI.

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