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2020 Real Estate Insights

Did the year 2020 change how India Lives?

This year’s report from NoBroker will show you how the tumultuous year 2020 changed the way Indians buy, sell, and rent homes, and what remains the same.The insights were derived based on a survey conducted with over 17,652 customers across Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad, as well as with data that was captured from the search and transaction behaviour of more than 10 million customers on NoBroker.

Top insights from the report are –

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The comprehensive real estate report carries trends in real estate in rental as well as buy/sell space. It is representative of the humongous data that NoBroker receives year on year from its database of 7.5 million as well as a survey it conducted across cities with over 14000 participants.

It carries key trends that run across cities plus trends specific to property renting, buying, & selling in each city.

Top insights from the report are mentioned below –

– 64% of tenants are looking to purchase a property in 2020

–  85% consumers prefer ready-to-move in properties

– 71% consumers are looking to buy a house within the budget of INR 60 lakhs

– Home-loan rate cuts have ushered in positive sentiment among potential buyers

– 73% consumers check Vastu before buying a property

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