Frequently asked questions

Owners Club is the first of its kind loyalty program for Owners. This has been specifically curated for the owners on NoBroker platform. The user needs to opt in for the program upon receiving an invite

You get various privileges and benefits including access to a dedicated concierge who can help you out with your online orders, access to exclusive discounts from our participating partner brands, and access to exclusive deals and privileges on NoBroker services

No there is no membership fee at all. The Owners Club program if lifetime free membership. All the user has to do is visit the link and join the program, or call our dedicated concierge team to enroll.Note that the User has to be a confirmed owner on the platform to get the benefits of the program.

All registered users of Owners Club can earn NB cash through multiple ways through their activity on NoBroker. Please refer to get detailed information on NB Cash earning

NB cash can be used to get exclusive discounts on NoBroker services and to get exclusive discounts on partner brand services. The higher your tier, the more NB Cash you can redeem to get discounts on NoBroker services.NB cash can be used only through NoBroker. It cannot be used directly on Partner brand websites.

NB Cash is a virtual currency and holds no monetary value. It can be used to get discounts on
NoBroker services / Partner brand vouchers through NoBroker.NB Cash cannot be used elsewhere outside of NoBroker

Just call our concierge at 080-68530333. We’re working on giving you the option to redeem it directly using the NoBroker app / website.

No. You’re free to redeem as many rewards as you would like, provided you have NB Cash in your account

Yes. However, the max discount you can avail is capped. The cap depends on the tier you are in.Please refer to get details on the tiers and benefits.

No. You’re free to earn as much NB Cash as you can.

No. You will only get NB Cash for activity done post joining the Owners Club

The NB Cash will be credited within max 1 day.

The NB cash you earn carries a validity of 1 year

Yes. You will earn NB Cash for every verified referral. For a referral to be verified, the referee will have to sign up to the program and post property. Referee will be given the option to ‘Activate Property later’, but he will have to post the property on NoBroker platform for it to be considered a successful Referral.

NB Cash will be credited only on verified referrals. The Referee will have to sign up for the program and post property for it to be considered as a successful referral.

No. Once the offer is redeemed, we are unable to cancel it.

Yes, we have Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers as part of the program. When you sign up and enter the program, you start off with Bronze and as you earn NB Cash and stars, you make your way to Silver and then Gold tier. Each tier comes with additional privileges and benefits. Please refer to get a detailed understanding of Tiers and privileges

Easiest way to get upgraded is through making referrals. The other alternative is to earn stars. A star can be earned for every 1000 NB Cash you earn. Please refer <> to get a detailed view of tiers eligibility.

Once you enter a tier, you have access to the benefits of that tier for the next 12 months.
To renew Membership, Complete atleast 1 confirmed referral in the preceding 1 year.

Yes, tiers eligibility is based on stars. Stars earned are permanent. You can redeem your NB Cash without losing the stars earned.

No. The membership is tagged to your User ID. You would need to inform us of a change in mobile number / update your profile.

Concierge can help you with online transactions from our partner brands, can help you redeem NB Cash and get the offershey hello you are eligible for as part of being a member of the Owners Club.

No. The role of the Concierge would be limited to partner brands only. But you can let us know the brands you would like to have over here, from our end, we’ll try to onboard them onto Owners Club.

For now, the role of the concierge would be limited to just helping the user out with Owners Club and partner brands transactions and rewards redemptions. It could be a feature we’ll plan for as part of Owners Club going forward

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