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Interior designers in Chennai

Getting the interiors of your house done is a time-consuming and painful process. It requires constant monitoring of the work in progress, buying materials, coming up with designs and more. There could be wastage of materials, poor finish, usage of materials of inferior quality, and extra expenses. We don’t even know if the Interior designers in Chennai are reliable. To solve all these problems, NoBroker offers you Interior designing services in Chennai that let you relax while a team of professionals undertakes the complete responsibility of beautifying your house.

With top-notch work, reliable agreements between parties, on-time completion of work, and reasonable charges, your work of home interior design will be done in a comfortable and stress-free way. If you are looking for Interior designers in Chennai, NoBroker is the best option for it.

NoBroker Interior designers in Chennai can help you with the following:

1, 2, 3 BHK

Whether it’s a one-bedroom, two bedrooms, or three-bedroom house, interior designing varies based on the size of the house. To assess the kind of furniture, wall paint, and decor needed for homes of different sizes, one needs to hire a professional interior designer in Chennai who has years of experience in the field and a proven record of accomplishment. We ensure that the interior designers sent to your home are well qualified and can cater to your different needs. Bungalow Bungalows are large, and as such, there is enormous scope for rich Interiors. Some people prefer modern interiors, while others prefer traditional interiors for their bungalows. Some want their bungalows to look spacious and straightforward while some others prefer them well managed with plants, showpieces, antiques, photo frames, and toys. NoBroker team of Interior designers can work accurately as per your needs. They are highly talented and flexible to accommodate any sort of preference in their work.


Though a bathroom seems sealed away from the rest of the house, owners still expect it to be well adorned with accessories. The mirrors, shower room, glass partitions, cupboard, sink, windows, exhaust fan, taps, tiles of the floor, and walls all require special attention. NoBroker Interior designers in Chennai work towards making a bathroom look and feel spacious, appealing, and comfortable to use. Our interior designing team also plans the bathroom for kids according to their age, gender, and color preferences.


Apartments differ in size, some small and some big. Some apartments are used as houses while some of them are used as offices. The Interiors of apartments need to be designed based on their functionality. NoBroker interior designers in Chennai know exactly how each functional space needs to be modelled. They can give a house the homely look it needs, and an office the corporate look it needs. Apart from working on the standard rooms, NoBroker Interior designers in Chennai also work on Pooja units, gardens, balconies, and roofs.

Suppose you have an old person in the house. In that case, NoBroker’s Interior designers in Chennai can support you in making the apartment elderly-friendly by fixing unique knobs, providing support for quickly walking up and down the stairs, and placing tiles on the non-slippery floors. The Interior designers will also guide you in choosing furniture and doors with a matte and glossy finish.

Living Rooms

When we think of Interiors for a house, the first thing that comes to our mind is the living room. It is the section of the house that is utilized for leisure activities and seating guests. This is the room that every owner of a house expects to have a decent and impressive look. Most decors of a house find their place in the living room. Our team of Interior designers in Chennai understand the priorities of our customers and work on the sets and furnishing accordingly. Our team knows what colors and wallpapers the living room needs, what kind of showpieces look good on the shelves, the lighting needs of the room, and where and how to position the sofas and the TV.


Good sleep enhances one’s mood, so does the Interiors of a bedroom. When designing the Interiors of a bedroom, the main focus lies on the beds, the color of the walls, curtains, wardrobes, and the dressing table. Our team of Interior designers in Chennai can work efficiently to give your bedroom the perfect ambience.

If you have kids, they would want their room to be filled with posters and wallpapers of cartoon figures. Their beds, wardrobes, and study tables need to be built according to their height.

Our team of Interior designers in Chennai design Interiors carefully considering the age of the occupants of the bedroom.


A good cook also loves a good kitchen. The ambience of a kitchen determines the mood of the cook and the taste of the food. A nice countertop, crockery, shelves, a decently sized washbasin, and enough space to move around are some of the qualities of an ideal kitchen. Our team of Interior designers in Chennai know exactly how to model your kitchen to enhance your cooking experience.

Our Interior designing team in Chennai takes the complete responsibility of ordering and installing the furniture and decor in their projects. The materials used are bought from the best companies in the market, like Centuryply, Greenply, Merino Laminates, Hafele, Hettich, and Ebco.

Home Services such as plumbing, electrical works, painting, We do provide tiling, false ceiling, and flooring as well.

Why should one opt for NoBroker interior designers in Chennai?

Opting for NoBroker’s Interior designing services pose the following advantages: - We offer end-to-end Interior designing services in Chennai. You will be involved in the process only when discussing customization options for the house, finalizing choices, and making payments for the services. Our Interior designing team in Chennai is punctual, and finishes projects assigned within the estimated date. - We ensure our customers get a quotation that is similar or lowest in the market. - Our Interior designers in Chennai are professionals at what they do. - The materials used by our team of Interior designers in Chennai are of high quality, and a warranty of up to 15 years is guaranteed. - After the work is completed, the house is handed over neatly to the owner. - You can get your Interiors comfortably done even if you are living far away from your house. - NRIs are provided special, hassle-free services by us considering their distance from the country. - Our team of Interior designers in Chennai can effectively function in any situation.

To know better about our work of Interior designing in Chennai, you can book a free design consultation by leaving your name and address on the form at the top.