Best Home Painters in Ghaziabad

Best Home Painters in Ghaziabad

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House painting service - Ghaziabad
The Importance Of Choosing The Right Painters in Ghaziabad
Waking up early in the morning and leaving the very comfort of a house may not sound like a good idea. However, waking up to a beautiful home, with all the rooms painted well, may leave you stunned and enticed by the beauty, which could eventually turn into an energy booster for you. As colours and textures are said to affect your mood, you need a colourful home that is a place of joy. If you feel like giving your house a makeover, we have got you covered with some of the best colours that you can use for your home:
  1. Light Lilac:
    The lavender tinge can help you decorate your home while giving a modest yet classy look. The energy that this colour offers to your home is a peaceful one. When you use this shade to colour the walls of your home, you can choose contrast colours for your furniture and other decorative elements.
  2. Khaki Green
    If you are a nature person, you can opt for Khaki green shade for your home. This will create a soothing aura, leaving you more focused and relaxed. As green colour goes with all the shades, you can design your furniture with any colour of your choice. Ensure that you use bright colours for your furniture.
  3. Blush Pink
    Hello Beautiful! Pink colour may sound girly to you in the first instance, but it is not. It is vintage and gives a rich appearance to your home. Besides this, pink colour may strike some romance for you with its subtle tinge. You can have a theme for your home with a combination of either pink-brown or pink-golden or even pink-royal blue.
  4. Ice Blue
    What is the colour in the palette that gives you a cool and soothing look? It is soft blue, which gives wings to the imagination and leaves you fantasizing more and increasing the feel-good factor. Have plant at the side of your table. Follow an ice blue-white theme to turn your home into a peaceful escape getaway. If ice blue appears to be a little too plain, you can even choose a wall, a prominent one, for decorating it with wallpapers.
  5. Lemon Yellow
    Sunshine it is! Your home can be anything but boring. Use lemon yellow to reflect the energy in your nerves and guts. Have yellow beddings with grey covers and wooden artefacts. Overall, maintain a brown, grey, and yellow colour throughout your home. The colour will especially hold prominence during winters. We all know the winters in Ghaziabad and its extremities. So, lemon yellow may be the colour you are looking for.
  6. Soft Black
    From clothing to accessories, black has been THE COLOUR for most of us. So, why not leverage its charm when it comes to painting walls of our home? None other colour can look as luxurious and sexy as the soft black colour does for the walls of your home. The colour has a distinct aura as compared to the other colours from the palette. It makes you feel intimate and can do wonders to your love life.
  7. Cobalt Blue
    Your walls speak highly of your personality. So, if you are bold, why let your walls suffer from the serious currents of pale shades? Get your walls a glossy look by colouring them with cobalt blue. The colour looks rich and adds sheen to your bedroom. This colour may not be the colour of introverts; but for the extroverts, it speaks volume for your bedroom.
  8. Pale Beige
    Introverts, cobalt blue may not be your colour, but pale beige can be the best colour you can swear by for painting your home. It is one of the best colours in the palette and highly used to paint the walls of a home. It has enough crisp interiors offering warmth and comfort to you and your family. The colour is pale yet cheerful. It is windy yet relaxing. With this colour, you can feel the breeze of a seashore.
  9. Terracotta
    Feeling earthly? It is time that you paint your walls with terracotta. Imagine having large paintings on the walls with wooden frames melting into the exact same colour as your wall. How does it feel? Wonderful, isn’t it. Though brown may not be a trendy or the first choice when it comes to painting the walls, it is making inroads in the top 10 popular colours for home renovation given the aesthetics and charm of the colour. Choose terracotta-coated frames, artefacts, and decorative elements and you will see these elements blending into your wall.
  10. Bright White
    Plain, simple, elegant, and yet classy. These are the words that define the colour white in the best possible manner. However, you have to take ample care when you decide to paint your walls in a bright white colour. The colour is highly susceptible to stains, which may ultimately make your walls appear ugly. However, if you decide to maintain the walls of diligently, bright white can make quite a statement.
Addressing the Dilemma
Now that you have a palette of top colours, you now have the tough part standing right here in front of you—Who should paint your walls? While the thought of doing it yourself may seem interesting, you may not have the required skills and tools that can beat a professional painter. So, choose a professional painter and take a backseat.
How do professional painters help with painting a house in Ghaziabad?
They help you in many ways such as –
  • Timely work
  • Professional finish
  • They bring their own equipment
  • They know and have the right tools to use
  • They work faster
  • They cover any damage that could occur
  • They have fair and transparent pricing
  • They never disappoint
How to find professional painters in Ghaziabad?
If you are wondering where to find that kind of a professional painter, look no further. We, at NoBroker, have partnered with a number of professional painters who can do coating and painting, thereby protecting your walls from the adverse effects of water and sunlight. We offer professional painters at the right prices. So, if you wish to give your home a new look, you know we are eager to serve you. You only need to tell us the size of your home and we will give you an estimation to end your, “Cost of hiring a professional painter” dilemma.


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