Best Home Painters in Bangalore

Best Home Painters in Bangalore

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House painting service - Bangalore
Bangalore - Where nature meets a man in his daily routine. The garden city as it is called, where everything is beautiful. People here also keep their homes beautiful, to add to the beauty of the city. Painting is an activity that is always performed every year to keep the house glowing. This especially happens when it’s time for the festive season. The painting business is at its peak during these times and the rates are also marginally higher during these seasons. It is a quest for you to find the right painter to do the job. This is where professional painters step in and make a world of a difference for you.
Why hire professional painters?
Professional painters have their own, efficient style of working and ensure that they always give the best service possible. Their work is very planned and systematic. This also gives you the confidence that the work will be accomplished in the said time. They also clean-up the mess after the work is done while you relax. You can find plenty of painters in Bangalore, but, how many of them are professional house painters? Professional painters are reliable and trusted , they have experience and know the best practices of industry. The need for professional painters is higher for all those who value their money and time. If you dream to make, and keep your homes beautiful, then approach the professionals for this job in Bangalore. The benefit of having professional painters is that you don’t need to keep following up, they work as per a fixed schedule. There is always cost to paint a house however, another benefit of calling professionals is the budgeting done by them is the best and the materials used are long-lasting. Their work is always top-notch, and we know that you will get results that are amazing. You need not worry about the mess that happens post painting as professional painters always clean it up and give you a clean abode to reside in. Dealing with professionals is a lot easier as they cover all aspects and give you the most beneficial game plan. Painters in Bangalore are known for the way they treat their customers and hence people in Bangalore prefer to hire professional painters. The best, are found on NoBroker.
Why is painting required?
In Bangalore, house painting is done for multiple purposes – new construction, rental painting, and Re-painting. Let’s look at these aspects in brief: New Construction – This is the simplest form of painting job as it does not involve much effort. The reason, the effort is low as there are no materials in the home to move about before you start painting the rooms of the house. Its empty and the painters have their way to complete their work without any hassles. They just need to clean the walls, apply primer on the walls to be painted. Post this, wall putty coats are applied so that it becomes smooth and then start giving coats of the required color. In new constructions, we have painting contractors in Bangalore who complete the entire project.Rental painting – It’s very common today that IT professional and other working professionals do not reside in these houses, however they give them on rent to earn more. In Bangalore, this is very common and as per rules, the owner must always paint the house before the new tenant arrives. This is to ensure the new tenant is given the house in good condition. In rental painting, the process is just to give a top-up coat to refresh the color. This just ensures the house looks clean and in ready condition to be rented. Hence such types of painting processes are called rental painting. Like the name suggests it's just used when the owner desires to change tenants. This gets completed in a day or 2 depending on the size of the house. Re-painting – This is one of the most tedious jobs as re-painting means one must move all the furniture at home to get to the walls. The house becomes a mess and there is a lot of work for everyone. Rooms must be done one by one to ensure that everything is taken care of and does not disrupt normal life. In re-painting, you must first clean the wall, apply putty in cracks and ensure that the whole wall is polished to get a smooth and clean finish and then you give color coats depending on the color of your choice. Painting covers two aspects one is giving the same color and other giving a new shade. If the option is to give the same color its not much trouble however if you choose to re-color with a new shade, then the effort doubles and the cost of painting is 50% to 75% higher than normal painting. The cost of painting a new house generally depends on the square feet area. The bare minimum cost for painting interiors starts from 8 INR and goes up to 250 INR depending on the area, type of color, designs required. However external costs are higher as the risk also is higher, but the process is not like internal painting. To paint 2000 square feet house, it will be between 16000 INR to 5 lac INR. There are self-proclaimed professionals in need of business. However, there is no guarantee of after painting services from such painters. It’s always preferred in Bangalore that you approach a registered professional to get your job done. In Bangalore, you will find professional painters on NoBroker. NoBroker offers you good and reliable painters for any type of home painting requirement at excellent prices.


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