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"I moved in a new place absolutely hassle free. I got an amazing deal and eminent service from SMS packers and movers, which was introduced to me by NoBroker customer helpline. Fabulous service guys!! Keep it up!!"
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Packers and Movers in Mumbai
Mumbai is a city that's known to be alive and awake 24/7, here the phrase time is money is truer than ever. So, how does one go about shifting their homes in Mumbai without stress and without wasting time? How do you choose Packers and Movers in Mumbai that won't rip you off? How can you trust those packers and movers? There are so many questions that need answers when it comes to choosing packers and movers in Mumbai for your move here is some helpful information that might help you find the answers you need.
There are many ways that you can find packers and movers in Mumbai. The most easy method is to go by referrals, if you have friends and family that have shifted homes recently, they will be able to guide and help you choose the right packers and movers for your move. If family and friends are not an option, then you’ll be able to find packers and movers from signboards, newspaper ads, flyers and more. Although this is not the best method as you might not know anything about them or their services. The most widely used method to choose packers and movers nowadays is through the internet. You can always Google Packers and Movers near me and you’ll instantly see 1000’s of results in your city. Here too, the issue is trust. Not every company out there is legitimate and there is a risk of going with the smaller packer and mover companies. The best way to choose is by going to websites that offer packing and moving services for various packers and movers in one place. These websites usually do a background check on the companies that they have, and it is a lot more trustworthy. Another added benefit is that you get to deal with only one point of contact and you will be saved the trouble of having to call many packers and movers in Mumbai. In these cases, the main company will take care of everything for you and you can relax.
The cost of packers and movers in Mumbai will vary greatly depending on the type of service and vehicles they provide you with. This is why cheaper movers and packers are not always a good idea. Cheap Packers and movers normally cut corners and provide service and materials that are of poor quality. If you choose these packers and movers you’ll be risking your precious household items that cost tens of thousands just to save a few hundred rupees. The best are more likely very expensive as they have invested time and money on their helpers and packing materials. It’s hard to choose the best when you compare their cost with that of much cheaper packers and movers in the Mumbai city. This is why you should focus on the factors that matter the most to you that do not revolve around cost.
The most important quality your packers and movers should have is trust. Trusted packers and movers in Mumbai will usually have a large number of good reviews on sites like Google. These reviews will give you a good idea of how the Packers and movers function. They will also help you choose the best packers and movers from all the options that are out there. The second is reliability, it’s always better to choose movers and packers that have been around for many years as compared to new unknown companies. The newer companies might not be on time, might not bring the right materials and might not have staff that are trained well enough. In this case, you could miss your moving date or waste time and money waiting for them to show up and waiting for them to show up with the right materials and manpower. Next is professionalism, you know the best thing to do is stay away from unprofessional service providers, these movers and packers in Mumbai are likely to leave you in the lurch at any time. Professional services are easy to spot, right from the time that you make your booking with them they will be able to provide you with the right details and guide you in the right way. They are also likely to offer you a fair price and be able to keep their promise. Insurance is also another key factor. Although it’s tempting to keep costs down by avoiding insurance, it’s always better to pay a few extra bucks so that your goods, no matter what, are safe. Professional companies will offer insurance and also see to it that you get what you pay for. Smaller, unprofessional movers and packers will likely make excuses and either avoid telling you about insurance, or neglect paying you if there is any damage done to your goods. The last quality that you need to keep an eye out for is their expertise. During the process of packing and shifting, there are various things that could go wrong, right from breaking things, to things being too hard to dismantle or even fixing minor damages cause, only experience will help in this area. If an inexperienced team is on the job they are likely to take twice as longer to do the same work that an experienced team might be able to do. Inexperienced packers and movers in Mumbai will also make wrong decisions when it comes to choosing the right packing materials for your household good. You might need to be present and watch them like a hawk to avoid costly mistakes. Whereas, an experienced team would have everything under control and they will be able to work smarter and faster. The other advantage is that you would not need to spend time monitoring them.
We all know that while shifting a home you need packers and movers, but did you know that these packers and movers can help you with more? Most companies even help you to transport vehicles from one city to another and other even help you move whole offices and companies. The two largest moves that require packers and movers are still inter-city moves and intra city moves.
Inter-City moves
Inter-city moves are when you move from one city to any other, for example shifting from Mumbai to Pune or relocating from Mumbai to Bangalore and so on. These moves are considered more complicated and also a lot more expensive. The expenses mount mainly because of the distance and time that the packers and movers need to help you with the move. A long-distance move like this will mean that you need a larger and sturdier vehicle, this adds to your overall cost. It also needs fuel to travel a longer distance and it would also require more time to reach your new destination. If the move is from Mumbai to Bangalore, the moving company would require a minimum of 16 to 20 hours on the road. This is not taking into account scheduled stops and traffic. Packers and movers in Mumbai charge based on time because this would mean they are losing out on other business while they dedicate their staff and services to help you with your needs. These moves also need to be done with more caution as your items need added protection for the long trip and there is no way that you can go back and transport forgotten items. These moves usually require much more planning and diligence than regular intracity moves or local moves.
Intracity moves or local moves
These are moves that happen on a much more regular basis on a much smaller scale. These moves happen within the same city but from one locality to another or even from one house to another in the same locality itself. For example, if you are moving from Powai to Bandra in Mumbai or Kandivali to Parel and so on. These moves, although much simpler than inter-city moves also require planning and choosing the right packers and movers. The benefit of these moves is that it takes much less time on the road as compared to an inter-city move. You can also always make more than one trip if you run out of space and since the man-power, fuel and time required is less, your costs for this type of relocation is also much lower.
When your shifting homes it’s at time tempting to just do the packing and moving on your own. It often looks like an easy task, especially if you are one of those people who live a clutter-free life and have very few items to move. What we neglect is the stress that it causes. When packing on your own, you need to buy the packing materials yourself, and here itself the problems begin. Do you know what materials are best for each item? Do you know how many boxes or how much bubble wrap you need? Are you aware of what items can go in the same box together? Do you know how to carefully dismantle your sizable items like beds and dining tables? If you don’t have the right answer to these questions you could end up making very costly mistakes. Let's say that the packing is done, now the next step is getting a vehicle to transport your goods. Do you know where to get a van, truck or good auto from? Are you aware of how much these vehicles cost to hire out? Do you know if they are charging you the right amount? How much do you tip the drivers? Will they help you load and unload your good? Is it part of their task? How much extra do you pay if you go beyond the time slot you booked? Where do you get a replacement vehicle from if your vehicle breaks down or doesn’t even show up? A packing and moving company usually will take care of all these issues and leave you with nothing to worry about. They will choose the right vehicle you require, they will help with the move from start to finish and not just loading and unloading. Another thing you don’t have to worry about is vehicle problems, if there is an issue with the vehicle they send, they will send you a replacement vehicle at no extra charge and at the earliest. These added benefits not only cut down costs, but they also reduce stress and running around to a great extent. Pre and post move assistance is also provided by packers and movers. This is an additional service that some packers and movers provide. This is very beneficial to those that are especially shifting to a new state. These services include cleaning the old house that you moved out of after all your household goods are packed into the truck. They will see to it that nothing is left behind, and your home is left clean for the next occupants. They will also assemble and arrange your items in the new house, everything from putting up your curtains and connecting your AC can be done by them. They will even clean your home so that it is spotless on your first day there. These additional services are a boon as they make you feel right at home without you having to lift a finger! When packers and movers in Mumbai are offering you so much, at reasonable rates, would you still choose to do this on your own? Make time for what’s important and leave the packing and moving to the experts.
Shifting homes in Mumbai can be considered one of the most stressful and expensive things to do. But, with some additional help, you can effectively reduce this cost by hiring Packers and Movers in Mumbai to assist you. They will bring a team of people who will take care of everything for you, they will carry packing materials, load your belonging into the van, unload as well as unpack for you. This might sound like hiring packers and movers in Mumbai is expensive, but it’s not when you hire them through NoBroker. We choose trusted packers and movers in Mumbai teams and offer you the best price possible for these services. Just check out these unbelievable rates. Check below Cost of Packers and Movers in Mumbai
  • 1 RK - Rs.4,000 to Rs.6,000
  • 1 BHK - Rs.5,000 to Rs.7,000
  • 2 BHK - Rs.7,000 to Rs.11,000
  • 3 BHK - Rs.9,000 to Rs.15,000


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