Best Home Cleaning Services in Faridabad

Best Home Cleaning Services in Faridabad

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House cleaning service - Faridabad
How Often Should You Clean Your House?
Being a millennial in this digital era in Faridabad is not easy. After all, you are required to divide your attention to numerous aspects in your routine life, spanning from personal life, professional life, social life, and digital life, among others. After running so many errands, when you come home exhausted, the last thing that you want to await your presence is dirt and dust in your home.
This brings us to the question—how often should you clean your home?
In order to maintain the status of your home as a living space, you should include a series of cleaning tasks in your daily routine such as sweeping, mopping, wiping, and sanitising the kitchen area. Once this is done, you can focus on other tasks such as changing your bedsheets and sofa covers twice a week.
Is that all the cleaning you need?
The cleaning glossary also includes deep cleaning, which ensures that all the nooks and corners of your house get the cleaning they deserve. This is required for your home to remain liveable for you and your family. If you are unaware of the term deep cleaning, it can be associated more with health than with cleaning. The presence of mould and layers of invisible microbes in your home can affect the ideal well-being of your family and increase susceptibility to infections. We, at NoBroker, therefore recommend deep cleaning your house once every four months to keep your home spick and span throughout the year.
How Different is Deep Cleaning from Basic Cleaning?
Below is a list of tasks that make deep cleaning different from basic cleaning:
Type of ServicesDeep CleaningBasic Cleaning
Floor Cleaning Servicesyesyes
Tile Cleaning Servicesyes
Room Cleaning Servicesyesyes
Sofa Cleaning Servicesyes
Window Cleaning Servicesyes
Bathroom Cleaning Servicesyesyes
Kitchen Appliances Cleaning Servicesyes
Ceiling Corners Cleaning Servicesyes
Door Frame Cleaning Servicesyes
Lighting Cleaning Servicesyes
Fixtures & Fittings Cleaning Servicesyes
Cupboards & Wardrobe Cleaning Servicesyesyes
Balcony Cleaning Servicesyes

The aforementioned table will bring in the required clarity to your home cleaning dilemma. You can choose basic cleaning on a weekly basis, while you need to deep clean your home at least thrice a year. You can undertake basic cleaning of your home on your own; however, deep house cleaning requires special disinfectants and tools. Thus, you should opt for professional home cleaning services in Faridabad. Here are a few questions we here often from our customers -
I am a Housewife in Faridabad. Why do I Need to Get Professional Cleaning Services?
Delhi is defamed for its pollution level and this level even affects Faridabad. It is relatively a small region as compared to Delhi and Gurgaon and is dustier. In such conditions, it is better that you opt for basic cleaning on daily basis; however, you will require professional deep cleaning to add years to your home’s life. Even if you are a housewife, you may not have the expertise or tools needed to reach to the most inaccessible areas such as ceilings, behind kitchen appliances, fans, bulbs, etc. Besides this, threat of electric current always prevails while cleaning electric appliances. On the other hand, when you choose professional house cleaning services, you get optimum value for the price you pay to be safe, in tandem with ensuring the health of your house.
What are the Crucial Parameters that You Should Look for in a Cleaning Professional?
Shortlisting a house cleaning professional in Faridabad can be a headache, especially when you are going to avail home cleaning service for the first time. Manually calling all your relatives and asking them for ‘contacts’ may not be that efficient for you. Next option is to look for ‘Best Cleaning Service Professionals in Faridabad’ on Google, where you will be overwhelmed by the pool of search results. In such case, it is always better to look for the following parameters that can help you get the right professional for your house:
    Schedule: We Indians tend to take time for granted but in this fast-paced era, scheduling becomes vital to accomplish more in less time. Demand a testimonial of professionals to understand their grade of professionalism and then select the one that has high ratings.
  • Use of Chemicals: Always inquire about the types of products that the cleaning professionals use. Check whether they use herbal or chemical-rich agents. Also, give a description of your home to make them understand the cleaning needs of your house. Once you are done with the inquiry, shortlist professionals who use natural products.
  • Total Time for Service: It is always better to ask for the total service time. Professionals tend to come in a group of 2-4 people to accomplish the task within 6-8 hours for deep cleaning services. Single cleaning tasks such as bathroom cleaning, tile cleaning, floor maintenance, sofa cleaning, etc. take single professional and typically an hour or two at max.
Once you are done qualifying the house cleaning professional, select a date and make the booking. Now comes the crucial part—costing.
What are the Charges of Hiring a Professional Cleaner?
The charges for different professional cleaning services are different. If you select a single service, the cost of hiring a cleaning professional will be lesser than that charged by professionals of deep cleaning services. Typical charges of professional cleaners range from 2 BHK to over 4 BHK and extend to even villas. Deep home cleaning services for 2 BHK begin from Rs. 3000 – Rs. 4000. The total time taken to complete the task is 6-7 hours. To cut down on the hassle and appoint trusted cleaning professionals in Faridabad, you can download the NoBroker app. It has 3 simple ways through which you can book for a background verified cleaning professional.
  • Select the size of your home (1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK, or a villa)
  • Select the type of services that you wish to avail (basic cleaning, deep cleaning, sofa cleaning, bathroom cleaning, etc.)
  • Select the time-slot that fits your schedule
Let the cleaning professionals of NoBroker take care of the dust and dirt to leave a spick and span home.


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