Best Home Cleaning Services in Delhi

Best Home Cleaning Services in Delhi

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House cleaning service - Delhi
The Importance of Professional House Cleaning Services in Delhi
Coming to a clean and tidy home after a hard day’s work is everyone’s dream! In Delhi, where life runs at a very fast pace you spend most time going from metros to buses and work to home. It is almost impossible to complete all responsibilities your home demands of you in a day. It could be a great decision to hire professional services to get your home cleaned! In a city like Delhi which is known for its pollution, you may try hard to keep your home clean, but there are dust and germs in the air at all times. You must try to clean your home at least once in 3 months, or even more frequently if you live in close proximity to the road, have pets in the house, children at home etc. Professional services for house cleaning in Delhi come to your rescue! NoBroker makes cleaning your house an easy experience. Local helpers are a traditional method to get help with the work you cannot keep up with. However, their reliability, cleanliness, trustworthiness are questionable.
Reasons to choose NoBroker cleaning services
NoBroker provides a wide range of cleaning facilities like cleaning homes, offices, commercial sites, and outdoor areas. We come with our equipment and cleaning products. If you are not sure what the services can be hired for, it is a good idea to give us a list and confirm. There are various advantages of hiring professional services:
  • Scheduled cleaning: You can call for a professional cleaning service from NoBroker as per your time and convenience. You can even schedule cleaning services for every week or month.
  • Cleaning equipment and products: NoBroker cleaners bring cleaning equipment which you do not have to invest in. We also use the right products for the right places to be cleaned. For e.g. different solutions are used for bathroom tiles versus those for toilet or kitchen tiles.
  • Impressive work: The work done by professional cleaning services gives your home an impressive clean look making you a proud host to guests.
  • Verified staff: The staff or team that comes to your home can be completely relied on as their identity and background have been checked by the police. NoBroker cleaning services make this a mandatory requirement in our hiring procedures.
  • Time to relax: With professional services to help you, you can relax and leave the work for us to complete. We will clean the corners of your house and let you relax with your family and friends.
  • Save Money: We also give you good deals for the services you need. We offer great discounts too.
  • You have the choice to call for the services only once or even for a regular or longer duration. House cleaning services include dusting, sweeping and mopping and vacuuming where required. We shall clean the bathrooms with mirrors, showers and baths. We are helpful when we clean the kitchen with the appliances, cabinets et all!
The cost of professional cleaners in Delhi
House cleaning companies not only provide relief from daily home keeping chores but also provide a wide variety of other services like glass cleaning, deep home cleaning, sofa cleaning, water tank cleaning and bathroom cleaning. The cost of hiring house cleaning services in Delhi are somewhere between INR 2500 to 10,000 depending on the number of rooms you need to get cleaned. Deep cleaning in Delhi costs approximately INR 3500 in Delhi.
Benefits of Hiring professional house cleaners
Hiring professional house cleaning services like NoBroker is definitely proven to be of benefit. Deep cleaning services gets the house rid of germs and pests even from the deepest corners and is more effective than regular cleaning. Residential cleaning includes basic level cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen, living room, furniture, shelves and cupboards. The time taken for cleaning your home depends on the type of cleaning, however, it could take approximately 5-6 hrs. This is with an average of 1 to 3 people cleaning your 1BHK home in Delhi. You might get fewer or more cleaners to clean your home depending on the size of your home and service chosen.
Professional cleaning for commercial properties
Commercially in Delhi, house cleaning services provide office, hotel, restaurant cleaning, chair cleaning, wood polishing, painting, pest control services. The cleanliness of a place increases its value and reputation. You may not look for great ambience and richness, but you definitely look for cleanliness in public places like restaurants and offices. It may not be easy to maintain the decorum at all times in places where there is a lot of footfall of people like in malls, theatres, hotels etc. There you will definitely find house cleaning services hired to do the job and give you an inviting and appealing environment for your visit. NoBroker in Delhi provide top class house cleaning services and are known for our efficiency and trustworthiness. Our charges are aligned with the market standards and we have well-trained staff and give you value for your money. You need to present your requirement with NoBroker and we will get back to you with a quotation. A well trained and verified team reaches your destination once the quote is approved. Home is where you and your family spend quality time together. If you spend most of your time bringing up the decor and cleanliness of your home, it may mean lesser time spent with loved ones. Hiring professional services for these works and having a relaxed weekend or a day well spent while work gets done as per your requirements and directions is all you need! So, the next time you choose to clean your home, think of hiring the services and find out how quick and easy and helpful we can be. Clean homes are happy homes!


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