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The Power of Vastu Pyramids


Sep 2, 2019

Do you ever wonder why some people follow Vastu? The answer is simple, it is to improve the flow of energy. The universe is filled with both negative and positive energies, so when you feel that things are not going right, there is no balance, it could be due to the presence of an excess of negative energy.

Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with religion. It is more about balancing energy and creating a positive environment to live in.

Correcting Negative Energy

There are many ways to attract positive energy, some people even incorporate these ways in the construction stages of their homes and offices. These are simple things like having your main door facing a particular direction, having your safe open to a particular direction, having your bathroom in a particular direction, avoiding construction on crossroads etc.

For those who are buying a ready-made apartment, there are certain things you can look for that will help you buy a house with good energy. There are also simple ways to correct Vastu dosh (things that go against Vastu principles). This could be as simple as placing a water pot at the right place, moving your bed away from a certain direction and so on. The most popular way, however, is by getting a Vastu pyramid.

Understanding a Vastu Pyramid

The shape of a pyramid is said to be the best shape to neutralize negative energy and increase positive energy. It creates harmony between the energies and is said to be good at removing or recycling stagnant energy. The pyramid is said to have powers that can elevate the mental, physical and emotional state of those who are exposed to its vibrations.

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There was even an experiment carried out using Kirlian photography (a way to capture the colours of aura). People were exposed to the Vastu Pyramid and the colour and size of their aura changed after they were exposed to the pyramid showing that it actually did have a positive impact on them.

This is why you will also notice the pyramid structure is used in many ancient cultures like the Egyptians and Indians. In Egypt, this structure was used to bury the dead. The structure was so sound that it still stands today, 1000’s of years after it was built. The sloping walls also protected the sacred sarcophagus inside by keeping away the negative energy.

In India, this shape was used in many temples. The pyramid shape of the domes was a very common feature of most temples and right under the domes is where they placed the main idol. This is why a visit to the temple makes one feel lighter and more energised.

The types of Vastu Pyramids

The type of pyramid you require is dependent on what it is being used for and where. The pyramid that you need to activate a brahmasthala is different from the one you would need to fix the energy in a multi-storied apartment. Even the material used to make the pyramid will vary based on where it is used. To get the best and most accurate suggestion, it is best to seek advice from a qualified Vastu consultant.

  • The Flat Max Pyramid
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For those looking for something subtle, yet powerful, the Flat Max Pyramid is the best choice. This is ideal for flats and apartments. It is said that it can even be placed under tiles when you are laying the floor, so before a builder sells you an apartment, this can be done. This is on HPM, Horizontal Power Method and has 9 Gold pyramids and 81 Pyra-grid. This is great are creating more positive energy and shows positive results fast.

Picture Courtesy – pyramidmart
  • Multier 9×9 pyramid

This is a stackable pyramid and has a Pyra Top, Pyra plate and nine Pyra chips. The pyra chips are placed (or glued) on the Pyra plate and then covered by the Pyra Top. This can be placed in the middle of the house or even stuck to the ceiling. Depending on the problem you are facing, the number of Multier can increase in multiples of 9 such as 27, 81 and 405.

Picture Courtesy – astromantra
  • Bemor 9×9 Pyramid

This type of pyramid is usually attached to the front door or main door of your house. This tool is not just effective for Vastu correction but in Feng Shui correct too. It is a 9×9 set that contains a Lotus power 9-hole plate, one PyraPlate and nine PyraChips. This is known to bring about good luck and even more powerful when 2 are placed beside the main door.

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Picture Courtesy – astrodevam
  • Super max pyramid

This super max pyramid is said to be more fine-tuned and is great at bringing positive energy in the forms of health and prosperity. The accurate dimensions, 9-layer energy grid, multi-action Pro Max top with a Mini Max at the top, the 4 side gold triangular interchanging plates on the top, and more. This is powerful and effective.

Picture Courtesy – flixcart

There are more pyramids, that are variations of the ones above and even some that you can wear like the Pyra cap. With the help of these pyramids and some other simple Vastu correction tricks, you can notice the cosmic energy field levels and the bioenergy levels in your home or office improve. The tension, instability, irritation and health problems faced by you will slowly vanish and you will have more peace and prosperity.

These problems are easy to fix with the right aids. There is no simple solution, but these pyramids are a step in the right direction. If you feel that the property is still not balanced, or you just need a change in your life, look for homes here. There is plenty to choose from and you will find a home that you and the family loves. The best part is, there is ZERO brokerage.


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  1. Oh nice, this article has cleared my doubts on why most Indians and many people see through the direction of homes before buying. Really Vastu affects a lot. The vibrations (positive energy) we get entering in a Vastu maintained property is very peaceful. I recommend everyone who is planning to buy homes Vastu maintained it will bring great prosperity and Happiness.

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