As an NRI, living away from your home in India is difficult for many reasons. Being away from family, friends, and also your house are a few of them. Modern technology has helped us bridge the communication gap, we can now call anyone at any time and feel connected. But, our houses? Is there any solution to that problem?

NoBroker has thought long and hard about how to combat this problem and has now designed a Property Management service that caters to NRIs. Now, you can stay updated about everything that is happening with your house in India. Be it a 1 BHK or a palatial villa, we have created a service that will help you extinguish any worries you might have about your house in India.

Here are the property management services NoBroker will help with–

  • Looking for a tenant

will look for a suitable tenant on your behalf, you can tell us your requirement in terms of how much rent you expect, what rules you wish to be followed, etc. and we put our experts on the job.

We will sort through 1000’s of potential tenants and only shortlist those that will be a good fit for your house.

  • Convenient scheduling

the tenant list is ready, we don’t bombard you with multiple alerts through the day and night. We note your schedule and update you based on that. You also don’t have to deal with calling and talking to each potential tenant, we do all that for you.

  • Verified tenants

There are so many horror stories about tenants subletting the house, tenants running illegal operations from rented establishments etc. This makes the process of renting so much scarier and risky, we remove this risk and fear by getting a CCV done. A CCV is a Criminal Court Verification. This will provide you with the person’s criminal history and tell you if there are any FIRs filed against them.

Once you decide who gets to rent your house, we will create a rental agreement for you on your behalf. We see to it that the Rental Agreement is made on stamp paper and we will take care of that expense too. We send the documents to you so that you don’t have to travel.

  • Security Deposit

When the Rental Agreement is done, we collect the security deposit that is agreed upon, and deposit it directly in your bank account. You don’t have to worry about following up with your tenant about when or how they will make that payment, we ensure that the money reaches your account with no hiccups.

  • Rent collection

Are you worried about what happens once the tenant moves in? Don’t be. We know there is a constant worry about if they will pay the rent regularly, how will they pay, and how you will monitor the whole thing. Again, NoBroker has you covered. We will collect the rent from your tenant monthly and deposit it in your account. You get your monthly rental without having to worry about collection or transfers.

  • Maintenance and Inspections

Once the tenant moves into your house in India our work is not done. NoBroker will continue to assist you by providing you with inspection reports every 6 months. This way you will be aware of what is happening in your home, no matter where you are.

  • Repair services

If your tenant is complaining about a broken tap, a jammed door or peeling paint, or if the Inspection report shows you some damage that needs to be fixed, we do it for you. You can alert us and let us know what needs to be done, we will happily fix it. We too like seeing your house in its best condition.

If you are still wondering what’s in it for you, or why you should choose NoBroker, this might help to convince you –

Faster Rent outs

it’s a proven fact that properties get 2x more views and calls if they have pictures, and even more views if the pictures are of good quality. We get photography professionals to take pictures of your house. They showcase your house in the best possible light so as to attract the right tenant, faster. The reach that NoBroker has also helps to attract a lot more tenants than if you go to other property management companies in Bangalore. Better pictures and the increased number of interested tenants lead to faster rent outs.

Right market rent

There are a lot of companies that either hike up the rentals to get a bigger share of the profit, or lower the rentals to attract more tenants. NoBroker does neither, using advanced technology and data science, you are able to find out the right Market Rent for your home in India. You can crosscheck and verify using the Rent-o-meter, you are assured the right amount of rent that your property deserves.

Rental Guarantee

Worried about having an empty house when your tenant leaves? NoBroker offers you a Rental Guarantee. This means that your house never stays empty when you are signed up for the Property Management service in Bangalore that NoBroker provides. If your tenant leaves, we find you another, if that takes time, we cover the rental amount you are supposed to receive.

Background verification

Not only will you get a tenant in time, but you’ll get one with clean records. You don’t have to worry about criminal activity or people skipping out on rent. There is a strict background verification process that all tenants have to pass, in order to be eligible to rent your house. Your house is always in safe hands with NoBroker Property Management services.

Paperwork Done from home

No matter where in the world you are, you don’t have to travel to India to sign any documents. We get everything signed here and then mail it to you for your signature. All you need to do is sit back and relax.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding this service, feel free to call or WhatsApp us on +91-92425-00-000. You can also visit