City life can get hectic, boring, stressful, tiresome and annoying, when you feel any or all of these things, you know it’s time for a break! But, where do you go when you have only a day or two to spare? We suggest some rather amazing places you can go to that are all within 200km of Hyderabad. These places will help to get you out of your boring routine and recharge your batteries.

These locations are perfect for weekend getaways in Hyderabad as well as day trips from Hyderabad. You can get to these locations by driving or even making use of local transport. If you want to go alone, with friends, or family, these locations are worth checking out.

Nelakondapalli – 194 km from Hyderabad

This is a slightly long road trip, but if you love history, or are into religious tourism, then this place is a must visit. Here you’ll find a mud wall that protects about 100 acres of this historic site. It’s important because when they carried out excavations here in 1977, they found plenty of ancient Buddhist artifacts that date back to the 3rd and 4th century. There are ancient viharas, cisterns, wells and a Mahastupa. While excavating they also found terracotta statues, a limestone carved miniature stupa and a bronze Buddha idol.

Virataraju Dibba and Keechaka Gundam are sites that claimed to have existed since the Mahabharata. The best part is, the relics found here can be traced back to that time, making this a strong possibility. The ancient temples here are also worth a visit, there are three Shiva temples and two Vaishnava temples.

The best time to visit is during Dusshera, and when you visit you can stay and find decent restaurants in Khammam, this is the nearest town.

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Mallela Theertham Waterfalls – 177km from Hyderabad

Ever envied those folks in the Liril ads, it looks like so much fun to dance under a waterfall, doesn’t it? Now, at Mallela Theertham Waterfalls you might get the opportunity to do the same. These waterfalls are really beautiful and because the path to the bottom is not easy, there are not many people thronging the place.

Visiting this fall is a bit tricky, if you go in the summer the stream is dry and you won’t get to see the waterfall. If you go during the monsoons the approach roads are terrible, the waterfall is at its peak and it’s also not safe. That’s why the best time would be from October to January or February.

For those who love photography as much as a refreshing dip in the waterfall’s pool, this place is not to be missed. The forest of Mallela Theethram is dense and has a rich collection of rare plants and wild animals as well. The waterfalls are even said to attract tigers in the summer, so be careful. You also need to look at for cheeky monkeys (they like grabbing things from visitors), snakes and insects.


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Karimnagar 163km from Hyderabad

This city is the fourth largest in the state and has been chosen as the next smart city under PM Narendra Modi’s flagship Smart Cities Mission. Apart from the bright future that this city has, it has a very colourful past that goes back to the Satavahana Kingdom in 230 BCE–220 CE.

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As it lies on the banks of the Manair River (a tributary of the Godavari River) it has a huge dam known as the Lower Manair Dam. This dam is serene and a great place to catch the sunrise and sunsets, they also have boating!

If you’re looking to visit places of history here do check out the Elgandal Fort, this fort is in great condition and also has a secret tunnel that connects it to Manakondur nearly 9 km away. The fort was built between 1083–1323 when the Kakatiya dynasty was ruling. This moat around the fort once had crocodiles. Now, it’s much easier to access and has 300 steps that lead you to the entrance. Inside the fort you’ll find Alamgir mosque that was built by Aurangzeb and the temples of temples of Nelakantha Swamy and Narasimha Swamy.

Elgandal Fort Picture Courtesy – mapinmypocket

Nagarjuna sagar 154km from Hyderabad

This is one of the largest man-made dams you’ll find in the world. This is a feat worth mentioning when it comes to architecture and engineering, it is so large that it has 26 flood gates and can hold 11.472 billion cubic metres (405.1×109 cu ft) of water and is 590 feet (180 m) tall.

Apart from the beauty of the dam and its lush green surroundings, there are also a lot of Buddhist monuments. Now submerged by the dam, this area was a Buddhist settlement called Nagarjunakonda. Not to worry though, before the dam was built, the ancient monasteries, artworks and inscriptions that were of great historical importance were carefully relocated.

The dam also feeds one of the state’s most beautiful waterfalls – Ethipothala Waterfall. This is a great Instagram worthy spot and you can even find a crocodile breeding centre here.

Nagarjuna sagar Picture courtesy – telanganatoday

Warangal – 146km from Hyderabad

This place is also called Orugallu or Ekashila Nagaram which means a city carved from a single stone. Warangal is a beautiful historic site, and to add to it, there is also plenty of natural beauty with the presence of Parkhal Lake and wildlife sanctuaries.

If you are interested in history, then note that this was once the capital of the Kakatiya dynasty that dates back to 1163. You can find many fortresses, temples, and gateways from this era still standing. Apart from this, the architecture of the ancient temples and the serenity of the location make you feel transported to another time and place.

There is plenty to do and see here, you must visit the Thousand Pillared temple, Warangal fort, Ramappa Temple and Lake, The Bhadrakali Temple dates back to 635 A.D.! There is also the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, Pakhal Lake boating experience which is worth trying. If you’re wondering why the place sounds familiar, it’s probably because there is a National Institute of Technology (NIT) here.

The best time to visit is when the Sammakka-Sarakka Jatra takes place here. The whole town comes alive as more than 5 million people from all over the state come to celebrate together.

Picture Courtesy – thehansindia

Bidar146km from Hyderabad

This small city actually belongs to the state of Karnataka but is more accessible from Hyderabad than Bangalore. This is a city that has a rich culture and heritage, this can be traced back to the third century B.C. when Bidar was part of the Mauryan Empire.

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Today, you can spot the fort in Bidar, this is said to be more than 500 years old and is still strong and imposing. Apart from the fort, you’ll find 30 tombs in and around Bidar city. This is also why the city is sometimes called “City of Whispering Monuments”.

The sites in Bidar are well maintained and now attract a lot of movie crowd. Hindi and Kannada films are shot here, and it’s also known as one of the cleanest cities in Karnataka. It is also the second largest Indian Air Force training centre in the country. They conduct advanced jet training for prospective fighter pilots on BAe Hawk aircrafts.

While there, do check out their unique handicraft products. The best time to visit is anytime apart from summer. The temperatures here can go very high and as it is a hill, it can get hard to escape from the heat.

Bidar Fort Picture Courtesy – OutlookIndia

Nalgonda 101km from Hyderabad

This city has been of significance since the rule of the Mauryas, Satavahanas, Ikshvakus, Chalukyas, and Kakatiryas. It plays an important part in Telangana and is known for many things, apart from its contribution to the GDP.

Here you’ll find a lot of forts, the ones you need to check out are Bhongir Fort, Devarakonda Fort, and Rachakonda Fort. The Bhongir Fort is spread across 400 acres of land and is 500 ft high. And was built in the 12th Century. Iconic rulers who used this fort include queen Rudramadevi and her grandson Pratapa Rudra. Like this, each fort here has an exciting story to tell.

The other places you must visit are the Panagal Chaya Someswara Temple, Nagarjunasagar, Kolanupaka (Kulpak), and so on. When a town has this much history, you can be sure that your weekend getaway from Hyderabad is going to be a fun one.

Bhongir Fort- Picture Courtesty – SIA Photography

Mahbubnagar 98km from Hyderabad

Like most of Telangana, Mahbubnagar too has a lot of historic significance. It was once called Palamoor and was the centre of the Satavahana dynasty and Chalukya dynasty. There is so much to see in this little city, when it comes to history, there is no dearth of what you can experience here.

Visit the Koilkonda Fort, an ancient fort that has 7 gates that protect the fort. Then there is also the Megalithic Burial Sites is very interesting place to see. It might just look like random rocks, but in reality it is burial markers and they also have art from the neolithic period.

If it’s a bit of nature you want, then check out Pillala Marri Tree is 700 year old banyan tree. This beautiful tree has covered over 3 acres of land and within its canopy you’ll find an aquarium, a Muslim saint’s tomb, an ancient Shiva temple, a small zoo, and an archaeological museum. There is so much more to see and do here, it’s certainly a place that you can make a road trip to, from Hyderabad.

Pillala marri picture courtesy – wikimedia

Medak 96km from Hyderabad

The town of Medak is pretty close by for a day trip from Hyderabad, but yet far enough to make it feel like a vacation. The town has a little something for everyone, from history to architecture and from wildlife to places of worship, this town has it all.

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The Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit. The forest and wildlife sanctuary was named after the Pocharam Lake that is nearby. The sanctuary has a lot of animals as it once was a hunting ground for the kings. You’ll find Panther, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Cheetal, Sambar, Nilgai, Chowsingha, Chinkara, Hyena and Jackals. Apart from this, the plants and flowers here are rare and also a must see.

The Medak fort is an example of architecture at its best as it seamlessly combines Hindu and Islamic styles of architecture and is spread over 100 acres. There are many sculptures and carvings you can find around the fort, so it is worth the 500 steps you climb to reach it.

The Medak church is also famous, you must note that this is the largest church in all of Asia and the second largest in the world after the Vatican. The church holds 5000 people and has a tower that is 15ft high.  Apart from this, do check out the Edupayala Vana Durga Bhavani Temple and the Wargal Saraswati Temple.

Medak Church Picture Courtesy – thehindu

Anantagiri Hills 82km from Hyderabad

If you really wish to reconnect with nature, maybe a trek is in order. The treks here are scenic and also require a fair bit of work. There are two popular trails here and they both involve walking through thick vegetation. You can trek to the famous Ananthagiri Temple on one trial and the other is 0.5 kilometres from the temple and goes towards Kerelli.

The  great thing about these trails is that you find fresh water streams, a small reservoir and can spot many birds and even a few animals. Apart from this you can spot Ancient caves and medieval fort structures too.

The hills are also the birthplace of the river Musi, this river eventually joins the river Krishna. You should also check out the Nagasamudram Lake or kotipally reservoir, here you get amazing views of the hills and the calming water.

Anantagiri Hills Picture Courtesy – Mouthshut

Ramoji Film City 31km from Hyderabad

This is  largest studio complex in the world and is spread over 166 acres of land. As you can imagine, this place is perfect for a day trip from Hyderabad and has something for everyone in the family. From going behind the scenes of Tollywood and Bollywood films being shot, to some adventure sports at sahas and even a luxury stay at their hotels.

There is actually so much to do here that you might need a weekend or more to explore all that this place has to offer. There are some special offers that happen as well as discounts, so watch out for those. The best part is that you can go here anytime of year, it’s always fun!

Picture Courtesy – Ramoji Film City

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