We all know that as a good and responsible citizen, we need to pay our taxes honestly and on time. Figuring out what to pay, how to pay and where to pay these taxes is not only confusing but also stressful. At NoBroker we’ve come up with a simple guide to help you figure out how to pay your Property Tax online in Bangalore.

Steps for Paying Property Tax Online Bangalore
Step 1- Know your property. If it’s your first time for paying property tax payment in Bangalore I’m sure you won’t know where to start and we suggest start with getting the details of your property. Check if you have all the required documents, check the size, built up area etc.
Step 2- Visit the BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike) property tax website. This site is comprehensive and has most of the information that you need, explained in a simple way. Go to: https://bbmptax.karnataka.gov.in/

BBMP home page

BBMP home page

Step 3- Go through the rules. The document on property tax rules is really helpful. It gives you a clear definition of terms that will make your property tax online payment easier. You’ll be able to find the rules here.
Step 4- Find your Zone, sub-division and ward. Each road has been put into zones and each zone has been given a value or Guidance Value bandwidth for residential and non-residential property. Check for your ward here. zones
Step 5- Find out your depreciation value from the table based on the age of your building. This can be found here.
Step 6- Follow the online help document. This has everything that you need to know about the BBMPproperty tax online filing process, follow it to the T and you should be fine. If you do need additional help the FAQ document is also there to assist you.
Step 7- Fill the form. Now that you have armed yourself with all the information you need to fill in the form, the process will be a breeze. The form is found on the home page of the website, or you can click here. bbmp-link-to-form-page
Pro Tip – Once you fill in your form take screen shots or print outs. This will serve as a cheat sheet for filling out your tax forms next year.
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Pictures have been taken from the BBMP website.

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