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NoBroker provides you a one-stop shop for all paperwork and documentation processing, relating to lease agreement registration, bank franking, police verification and society approvals.

We have a network of real-estate executives who will assist you in completing a hassle-free transaction at the cost of a small service fee. This service can be availed both by the owners or the lessee by dropping us a note at: hello@nobroker.in

We will do following on your behalf:

  1. Prepare draft of Leave & License agreement between both the parties as per legal requirements
  2. After approval from both parties, get the document stamped
  3. Execute the agreement between both parties
  4. Enter the agreement details online for registration
  5. Book an appointment on your behalf
  6. Complete the process on registration day with you.

Basically we will ensure that you get the rental agreement registered without any hassle

To create your rental agreement online in 5 minutes, click here